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Have You Seen Kate Middleton?

The Royal Family member hasn't been spotted since December and rumors are swirling...

WANTED: Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales, presumed kidnapped by King Charles and the Royal Family unless returned to our TV screens immediately.

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Interview: Flo Gallop Admits She Just "Can't Be Friends" in Revealing New Single

The new single from the London pop artist comes to terms with the reality of a doomed romance.

British Pop Artist Flo Gallop

London musician Flo Gallop, known for her bubbly energy and lyrical magic, is back with a new single.

"Can't Be Friends" exemplifies Gallop's charm and familiar warmth. Here, she sings about about the devilish pull to someone you should stay away from, and finding it difficult to do so. As Gallop details in "Can't Be Friends," it's easy to overlook the consequences of going down such rocky paths.

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London Singer Songwriter Ebony Buckle

London based singer/songwriter Ebony Buckle is set to release her debut album Disco Lasers in 2021, and kicking it all off is her latest single "Wonder."

Inspired by the world's loneliest whale, the song is an emporium of intergalactic feels located in a utopia of strings, piano and mind-blowing vocals.

"Wonder" is an anthem of encouragement about finding the wonder in the unknown and embracing it with every inch of your body. It also reminds us that if we're ever feeling lost or alone, the idea that whale songs can be heard even in the deepest depths of the ocean shows that during our most isolated times, someone is always listening.

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Originally from Brazil, London-based model, actress, and pop singer Bellsavvy releases "Queen of My Mind," a song about body image and self-esteem.

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Francesca Louise

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London-based folk-pop singer-songwriter Francesca Louise reveals her latest single, "Ride the Waters," from her forthcoming debut EP, Melancholic Antidote.

Francesca says of "Ride the Waters," "So many young girls feel that they need someone beside them to be able to progress and find success in their lives, but this song suggests the opposite. It is an encouraging anthem for independent and powerful young women." The song highlights Francesca's confident voice riding on an upbeat rhythm and buoyant melody.

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"Man Alive!" Showcases King Krule's Opposing Personas

On Archy Marshall's third album as King Krule, his misery clashes with new responsibility.

Hey World!

The music of King Krule feels plucked from some sort of abstruse underworld.

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