Review | .Paak's 'Bubblin' Is a Satisfying Appetizer for What's to Come

"Bubblin," His Latest Single, is a Satisfying Appetizer

.Paak's 'Bubblin'

Now that's he made it, it'll be interesting to see how .Paak musically indulges his newfound currency as an artist, fur coats and all.

It all started with Breezy LoveJoy. Anderson .Paak looks unrecognizable from his earlier days, when the singer/multi-instrumentalist/proud Aquarius dropped music under a name he infamously created for being particularly larger and gassy…. Not the most romantic of name concepts, then, but .Paak would later graduate from his mixtape efforts, which often felt like miscellaneous parts of a larger project more methodical in its curation and production.

Then came Venice, SoCal soul, paired with funky jazz instrumentals he'd amplify in his critically acclaimed album, Malibu. On the album cover of Malibu, .Paak sits in his underwear, underdressed and overwhelmed, flooded with musical inspirations. Listening to .Paak is a similar experience, a wild immersion into his world that is at once sublime, disruptive, soulful, sardonic, and above all, cinematic. It's like being on a raft in the ocean, except the raft is a piano and .Paak is shifting his weight for kicks. He's spontaneous, but he thrives when he's at the fore, his voice registering a type of anguished wisdom only gained through life experience—and he has plenty.

A late bloomer to his own success, .Paak returns in 2018, set to release two new albums, one of which is another solo album, the other with his band The Free Nationals, consisting of Jose Rios, Ron Tnava Avant, Kelsey Gonzales, Callum Connor. "Bubblin," the latest release from the iconoclastic artist, shows .Paak's strengths as a rapper, something he's always excelled in, gaining the attention of Dr. Dre who eventually signed him.

His bars are quick, playful, and are pumped with his frenetic charm. The accompanying music video is directed by Calmatic, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and also stars .Paak's adorable son, Soul. They both sport fur jackets as Soul gives us a taste of his burgeoning talents as a dancer and performer. Not to mention the hilarious imagery of the video, where .Paak courts an ATM that dispenses money when it's complemented, with .Paak furiously protecting it from everyone he encounters. The symbolism infers the challenges of new success, of course, but it's also fitting that .Paak describes his own relationship with money and fame at this moment in his career.

He's since established himself as a household name. In 2017, it seemed as though he was over-featured, working with artists like Kaytranada, GoldLink, The Game, Rapsody, Domo Genesis, Mac Miller, and was featured on Dr. Dre's long-awaited Compton album.

.Paak collaborates with Dre once more on his follow-up to Malibu and his fans are eagerly anticipating what soul-crunching verses he's prepared on his hiatus. What will the funnyman/loverboy spit for us this time? If "Bubblin" is any indicator, Anderson is done struggling, comfortable in his skin, confident, and hella funky. Now that he has made it, it'll be interesting to see how .Paak musically indulges his newfound currency as an artist, fur coats and all.

Shaun Harris is a poet, freelance writer, and editor published in avant-garde, feminist journals. Lover of warm-toned makeup palettes, psych-rock, and Hilton Als. Her work has allowed her to copyedit and curate content for various poetry organizations in the NYC area.

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TOP FIVE | What are the hottest tracks by .Anderson Paak?

MUSIC | An appreciation of Paak's journey to the top

The 31 year old rapper from the west coast wasn't always a Grammy award nominee. Brandon Paak Anderson was born in Oxnard, California and has been producing music since he was a teenager. He released his first album 'O.B.E. Vol. 1' under the name Breezy Lovejoy, but didn't garner any attraction until his fourth album, 'Malibu,' which he released under his current name, Anderson .Paak.

His sound includes a mixture of hip hop and R&B with bits of funk and soul while his lyrics reference his popularity and swagger.

1. Am I Wrong

Not to be confused with the pop anthem by Nico & Vinz, 'Am I Wrong' is the funky child of Anderson .Paak and ScHoolboy Q on the album 'Malibu.' It's got a beat you can dance to and a catchy tune you can sing to.

The song is about how life is "precious" and that Paak hates having his time wasted. There's a very "seize the day" kind of vibe and Paak believes that everything happens as they should and you should just dance through life.

The bridge is a bit cheekier as Paak sings, "Am I wrong to assume if she can't dance, then she can't ooh?" Obviously, he's referencing how this woman he's dancing with may be bad in bed if she's bad on the dancefloor.


'GLOWED UP' has a weird alien sound in the beginning — according to me, of course — but mellows out into a slower beat. The song is actually produced by KAYTRANADA on his album '99.9%' and only features Anderson .Paak.

Basically, Anderson .Paak has "glowed up" which means he's gotten more attractive, more successful and more wealthy. Paak raps to ignore the haters and make money — the track is basically a pump-up anthem about how awesome he is. Amazingly enough, it works — I listen to it during my workouts to get that extra mile.

3. Come Down

Ironically, I listen to 'Come Down' when I'm feeling up. Being the thirteenth track on 'Malibu,' it's got the best bassline I've ever heard and the song basically just makes you want to dance. The lyrics are also easy enough that you can shout them and it still sounds good.

The song seems to be about how he's so popular and high up on the totem pole now that he doesn't want to come back down. Paak's feeling so fearless and confident about his music and all the money he's making that nobody can put him down. Some of the lyrics also seem to take a stab at his critics like 'GLOWED UP' does.

4. Miss Right

'Miss Right' is the fifth track on 'Venice' and has a slower, more melodic sound, but still a medium paced beat. Here, Paak talks about his perfect woman — Miss Right — and how much he needs love.

I'm not sure why, but the first song I thought of was Nas' 'Cherry Wine' — they both have the same "this is what I want in a woman" vibe. 'Miss Right' is the perfect song to listen to if you've been feeling lovesick lately.

5. Link Up

'Link Up' is a funky track coming off of the album, 'Yes Lawd!' by Knxwledge — which Paak is a part of. The lyrics talk about how this woman's boyfriend isn't doing it and Paak should basically replace him. The other man is rude and can't dance while Paak has the best moves and can take your girlfriend whenever he wants.

It's another really good ego boosting song for when you're feeling a bit down — like most of Paak's other songs. I highly suggest listening to him when you're working out or trying to pump yourself up. And if you like Paak, be sure to check out Knxwledge and Kaytranada.

Miley Cyrus just snapped up a $2.5 million mansion in Malibu right next to Liam Hemsworth's $6.814 million multi-acre mini-compound.

But, as Popdust previously reported, wasn't she just moving her stuff into his house via U-Haul a few weeks ago?

House Tour Tuesday—Scott Disick Bachelor Pad

The purchase triggered rumors that the pair had spilt, but that's simply not the case.

Miley Cyrus Malibu mansion

The house is officially 0.2 miles from Liam's, and their driveways practically touch!

House Tour Tuesday—The Playboy Mansion Can Be Yours!

According to Trulia, the Party In The USA singer bought the four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath Ramirez Canyon 1,384-square-footer, which comes complete with a Jacuzzi, a little boy's bedroom decorated in Cars wallpaper and a Spider-Man themed bathroom, and is but a mere stone's throw from Paradise Cove Beach.

Other features include a 'seasonal stream' with a bridge, a sprawling garden, heated floors, and electric car charging station.

House Tour Tuesday—Kim Zolciak's Atlanta Mansion

Sadly, in the 'Bu, $2.5 million will not get you a swimming pool, but $6.8 million will and from what we hear, Liam's is pretty frickin' sweet.

The 23-year-old pop culture phenom, who just signed on to be an adviser on the next season of The Voice, will call her new pad base camp… but rumor has it she and Liam are planning on expanding into one giant day, filled with musically and theatrically inclined little Cyrus-Hemsworths.

House Tour Tuesday—Bethenny Frankel's Swanky SoHo Digs

For now, Liam's 3 bedroom home, which he bought in 2014 from Matthew Wilder, who co-wrote Miley's Hannah Montana jam, Girls Night Out, has turned into something of an Aussie frat house, filled to capacity with his old buddies from down under.

Miley real estate mogul

So while Liam and his mates are playing beer pong, Miley can add 'real estate mogul' to her resume.

House Tour Tuesday—Take A Peek Inside NeNe Leakes' Mediterranean Coastal Villa

The pouty provocateur still owns the $4 million California ranch in the hills above Studio City, and in mid-April 2015 she sold the Cyrus family mansion in Toluca Lake for $6 million.

A few weeks later she plunked down a cool $5 million for a seven-bedroom and six-bathroom house in the guard-gated, horse-loving , Hidden Hills hood where some of her neighbors include Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Drake.

miley cyrus malibu mansion

Veteran tabloid journalist Liz Crokin has the skinny on everyone in Hollywood.

Her scoops have been published in US Weekly, People, Star Magazine, The National Enquirer and In Touch, amongst other popular weeklies.

Malice, Crokin's hot new political romantic thriller, is inspired by true events and follows the trials and tribulations of Lana Burke—a tabloid journalist who breaks an explosive story involving the Republican Presidential Nominee’s tawdry affair with a prostitute.

To celebrate the arrival of her debut novel, Liz dishes up five real life celeb secrets:

1. One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite dive bars is Goal in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been to Goal on more than one occasion when Leo has been there. The place could have ten people in there and there’s Leo in the corner on the mic singing karaoke or beat boxing. I was even there one night when a drunken female admirer flashed him her huge boobs! It was pretty funny.”

2. Gavin Rossdale really did hook up with a dude.

“When I worked for one of the celebrity magazines years ago we got a tip that Gavin Rossdale hooked up with a man. I didn’t believe it at first, but then he came out and actually admitted to a fling with the cross-dresser. I learned in Hollywood real quick that the lines of sexuality are very blurred.”

3. Nobu in Malibu is one of the best restaurants in California to spot celebrities.

“I write in my book that George Clooney, Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick all dined at the Malibu Nobu at the same time. All of these celebrities frequent the hot spot in real life. I’ve never gone to the restaurant and not spotted a celebrity.”

4. The first story the heroine in my book covers for the tabloid she's just started working for involves an alleged sexual assault between two male actors. In real life, Jeff Conaway has publicly claimed John Travolta groped him.

“I covered a story detailing how Jeff claimed via diary entries that John Travolta made unwanted sexual advances toward him one night. I saw Jeff’s notarized diary entries (after he had already passed away) with my own eyes and my story published in 2012.

5. Malice's fictional rock star, Viper, is based off of a real person.

“I know a few rock stars but Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd is the most entertaining one. He recently got arrested for riding a baggage carousel at an airport into a restricted area. He’s often misunderstood, but he’s actually a really nice guy and a total goofball! He’ll be rocking out at the El Rey in L.A. on April 4 if he’s not stuck in a luggage carousel.”

Check out Liz Crokin’s book for even more thinly veiled dirt, now! You can buy a copy of Malice on Amazon.

There are claims that Gary Busey hit a female pedestrian in a parking lot on Friday making him yet another celebrity involved in a vehicle accident in Malibu.

The 70 year old was backing out of a shopping center parking lot when he allegedly struck the woman who had her back to him walking past the parking space.

Paramedics attended and treated the woman for minor injuries after she was knocked to the ground. However she was able to leave the scene on her own after receiving treatment.

Oscar winning Busey, the eccentric star of The Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon and Point Break, suffered brain damage in 1988 after crashing his motorbike whilst riding without a helmet. He has since raised money for The Center For Head Injury Services including his winnings during the 2011 season of Celebrity Apprentice (before he was axed for being aggressive).

He has a history of drug abuse, and in 1995 suffered a near deadly overdose and was arrested for possession of cocaine (charges were later dropped).

After seeing the light, Busey turned to God and is now an active minister as well as a prolific recovering addict. He appeared on the 2008 season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew where he bizarrely claimed he was only there to help Dr Drew with the other addicts.

In 2014 he won the UK Celebrity Big Brother (clearly the British public find his eccentricity endearing). That series was not without controversy with accusations of bullying and gay slurs flying (much like the last series).

Busey is the latest star to be questioned by law enforcement officers regarding a vehicle incident.  As previously reported by Popdust, Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal smash last Saturday, and was subsequently cleared of being under the influence.