Few things are more entertaining that watching models wipe-out at runway shows, and the Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 collection was a feast of pratfalls.

Perhaps there was something about the floor that caused three models to lose their balance in exactly the same place, but whatever the reason, it was a delight for viewers like me (and you).

The clothes and hair somehow lent themselves especially well to the slapstick effect. So did the models' courageous efforts to get up and continue shakily down the runway.

Their expressions are a perfect mixture of horror and determination.



It's hard to watch just once, isn't it? Falling models are like salted peanuts.

Don't feel bad, models! Even Naomi Campbell famously fell on her ass back in 1993, and look at her now! It was an epic fall that could have broken her neck, but it turned out to be a huge boost to her career.

Fashion is one of life's joy's, and fashion models falling are like Easter eggs (in both senses.)

Thank you ladies, and thank you Marc Jacobs, you always bring it!



Designer Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a naked selfie on his Instagram last night.

It was meant to be sent as a direct message along with the text "It's yours to try"—presumably referring to his butt, but he posted it for the world to see instead.

Realizing his error, Jacobs, 52, quickly deleted the shot but wasn't quite in time before someone screen grabbed it and dropped it into Gawker's tip box.

Speaking of tips.....Marc gave the object of his desire a teeny weeny little peek!

For those querying whether it's actually Marc—check out this comparison pic.   The ring's the same, the hand's the same and the phone is the same.

Yep it's definitely him.

Not everyone is a Miley Cyrus fan….

Especially Marc Jacobs’ go-to photographer, who, it’s just been revealed, refused to shoot the 21-year-old for the designer’s Spring 2014 ad campaign—Popdust has the 411.

Jacobs opens up in a new interview with WWD, sharing the news that his collections campaign photog, Juergen Teller, is anything but a Miley fan.

“I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist,” Jacobs says. “He just didn’t want to shoot her.”

Jacobs however IS a fan, and he tells WWD why he chose Miley as his model, explaining he believes she fits the campaign’s vibe.

“We all just love her and her entire being, her energy, her talent, her intelligence, everything,” Jacob says. “There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural.”

If you happen to be out for a late night stroll this Tuesday in NYC and find yourself walking past Cipriani Wall Street, you may wonder what you’re witnessing, as the hoards of seemingly endless red-soled heels make contact with the black city concrete, and a medley of shadows from the glistening diamond-clad crowd make their way from town cars, taxis, and limousines to the door of the upscale downtown restaurant.

All of fashion’s biggest players will come out to play that night, as Fashion Group International is holding their Night of Stars – a “Galaxy” themed affair, honoring the industry’s most successful visionaries of the year. The event promises to live up to its aptly contrived theme name, with a guest list that rivals Anna Wintour’s rolodex.

In spite of the plethora of famous attendees, such as Alexander Wang, Alexa Chung, Hamish Bowles, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christopher Kane, and Kate Upton, it would appear that Miley Cyrus is stealing the show once again. All the attention seems to be focused on the fact that Marc Jacobs & Robert Duffy will be receiving the night’s greatest honor, the Superstar Award, presented by none other than Ms. Cyrus. It should be quite the scene, especially at Marc Jacobs’ table, where WWD reports that he will be seated along with Cyrus, Duffy, & Aretha Franklin.

Miley and Marc have recently worked together in Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In” T-shirt campaign. However, according to Miley’s recent interview with HungerTV, Jacobs has been in her life since she was sixteen and he was the one who introduced her to the fabulous world of fashion, teaching her everything he knew. So in a way, Marc Jacobs is kind of responsible for the new and notorious Miley. Thanks, Mark!

Lady Gaga's parents are going to be soooo mad at her: Not only did she get a totally inappropriate haircut earlier this week, but Thursday night she went to a party and let herself get peer-pressured into getting a tattoo.

Gaga, who had already shaved a portion of her head to memorialize her friend Terry's mom (so it's so stupid that you guys are freaking out about this—it was for a good cause!), attended a wild party for her new perfume at the popular teen hangout The Guggenheim Museum, and Lord knows who was involved or what was being passed around, but somehow she ended up literally getting a tattoo, right there in front of everyone!

The guy who inked Gaga, that older dude Mark, told people afterward he gave her a cherub as "a nod to her Italian heritage," but yeah right, like that's gonna fly with her folks.

We're not sure whose idea the whole thing was, but everyone's saying that the Paris-Lindsay-and-Marc gang were all there, so let's face it, it was probably one of them who made her do it.

Still, though, you gotta admit it was pretty ballsy of her to post the whole thing on her blog. She knows her parents totally read that, right?

More pictures of the crazy night popped up online the next morning. People better untag themselves quick.