This week's episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars was the season finale, and after two weeks of hell the reality stars had to decide if they were going to stick it out in their relationships or move on without their other half.

At the end of last week, the couples were separated for a night to really think about the state of their relationships and decide if they were going to give their spouse back their wedding ring at the ring ceremony. Well everyone except for Tyson, because that prick never gave Rachel a ring in the first place.

Tyson was literally still second guessing what to do with Rachel, and all the other guys were getting seriously pissed off at him because he's such a pig.

"If Tyson was my sister’s boyfriend, I definitely would’ve told him he needed to propose  or get lost a long time ago," Spencer said.

Back on the women's side of the house, Aviva was questioning whether or not slimy Reid would give her back her ring at the ceremony.

"I think Reid and I have a great relationship and he’s an amazing guy," Aviva confessed. "BUT if I have done something ever to piss Reid off, it’s not beneath Reid to get me up there and to not give me a ring." That sounds about right.

Spencer was freaking out a bit because until recently, he didn't realize how serious Heidi was about starting a family with him.

"I did not realize how serious this baby shit was," he said. "But now this is life or death type shit. I thought this was marriage boot camp, not baby boot camp."

When Spencer met with Jim before the ring ceremony, Jim told him flat out that he needed to man up and make the right decision.

"If you’re just playing her along and you’re never going to have kids with her, then you’re a horrible person and you need to let her go," Jim said.

"I’m definitely debating not giving Heidi the ring because I feel like I’ve not treated her right and I don’t deserve to be wearing a wedding ring that’s connected to her," Spencer confessed."

Finally came the ring ceremony, and what a flop that was! Literally every single couple did the respectable thing and gave their spouses their rings back!! Even Heidi and Spencer, who actually decided to start trying for a baby in September.

The only couple that was left was Tyson and Rachel...surely they'll give us some drama, right?! WRONG! Rachel had made up her mind that if Tyson didn't propose at the ring ceremony she was going to leave him for good, but the pig actually got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him. Boooooring.

So does this mean they live happily ever after? Yeah right!

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Aviva Drescher may have unceremoniously been dropped from The Real Housewives of New York City but fear not - the crazy train keeps chugging away!

The one-legged nutcase and her Stockholm Syndrome-suffering husband Reid are taking part in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars along with other A-listers like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.You may remember Aviva's infamous fake leg throw at the finale of RHONY, but now Reid is the one doing the throwing.

During a bonding exercise in the Shocktagon the couple had to roleplay as each other, and it got real cray-cray real quick:

"Aviva, you didn't need to throw your leg on national television," Aviva said (as Reid).

Reid then REMOVED THE FAKE LEG AND TOSSED IT AT HER saying "I'm sick of this shit, OK?"

"You didn't need to, like, make fun of me for doing a job…it was low. It wasn't funny," Aviva told him afterwards.

The best of this whole ridiculous thing?  They managed to shock Heidi and Spencer!NO ONE OUT-CRAZIES HEIDI AND SPENCER DAMMIT!

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays, 9 p.m. on WEtv. Don't even pretend you're not going to watch...