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Matt Lauer vs. Ronan Farrow, and the Pushback Against the MeToo Movement

The former "Today Show" host seems to think nitpicking Ronan Farrow's book will relaunch his career

In a new opinion piece published in Mediaite, former Today Show host and alleged rapist Matt Lauer claims that Ronan Farrow abandoned journalistic integrity in pursuit of book sales.

Farrow's book Catch and Kill, which came out last October, details allegations of sexual misconduct against Matt Lauer in two of its nearly sixty chapters—the rest being devoted to Harvey Weinstein and other prominent sexual predators—and the particular challenges involved in reporting on these crimes.

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Blanche Premieres Magnetic “Empire” LP

A dazzling voice with magnetic appeal.

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Alt-pop singer-songwriter Blanche unveils her debut LP, Empire, a delicious fusion of electronica, indie, and pop via PIAS Recordings.

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Miley Cyrus sure has a knack for creating awkward sexual tension with men old enough to be her father, doesn't she?

On this morning's TODAY, Matt Lauer interviewed the lady of the hour about, duh, the VMAs—which he referred to as a "strategic hot mess"—and Miley's provocative behavior in general. What ensued was the sort of flirting anyone hopes for after a couple drinks. Here are some snippets.


MATT: I'm never going to go to a sporting game and see a foam finger--

MILEY: Without doing getting up and doing this to it (mimes a sexual grind)?

MATT: Well, I'll be thinking about it.

The both giggle.


MATT: The naked shot on the wrecking ball for the video, it's very clear you are navigating--"

MILEY: That also you can't help but every time you go by a wrecking ball you just wanna get naked and hop on top of it?

MATT: Luckily I don't pass wrecking balls very often.

They both giggle.


MATT asks how long she plans to keep up the sexy act.

MILEY: Well I heard when you turn 40, things start to get less sexual. I heard that's when you don't have sex anymore.

MATT: Do you know how old I am?

MILEY: I'm gonna guess 40.

MATT: I love you.



You've gotta watch the video to get a full sense of just how uncomfortably flirty it was.