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MUSIC MONDAY | Max Frost’s ‘Gold Rush’ Glitters

Frost is focused on a fall tour and shares a playlist for "a kick ass day" starting now.

THE MIX | Top of the Mornin' to Ya

11.5.18 | "The morning is when I think our ears are at their most sensitive. The wrong song can set the whole day off on a bad foot. The right one gives you the glow of invincibility. Here are some songs to start off a kick ass day." - Max Frost

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INTERVIEW | Radio Friendly: A Conversation with Max Frost

Max Frost talks pop music, Quincy Jones, and his new album in this Pop Dust extended interview.

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Max Frost's music exists somewhere between the worlds of radio-friendly chart toppers and alternative-indie pop. When he writes, he bounces ephemerally from style to style, never riding a specific genre for very long. His influences are so wide-ranging, that it's impossible to categorize his tunes in any meaningful. He's a pop anomaly, pulling ideas from musicians on all ends of the spectrum, from Eminem to Ray Charles.

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