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MUSIC MONDAY | Max Frost’s ‘Gold Rush’ Glitters

Frost is focused on a fall tour and shares a playlist for "a kick ass day" starting now.

THE MIX | Top of the Mornin' to Ya

11.5.18 | "The morning is when I think our ears are at their most sensitive. The wrong song can set the whole day off on a bad foot. The right one gives you the glow of invincibility. Here are some songs to start off a kick ass day." - Max Frost

About Max Frost

With his recently released album, Gold Rush, executive produced by Fitz and The Tantrums founder Michael Fitzpatrick, and a fall tour with Twenty One Pilots, Max Frost is closing out 2018 on a high note. The Austin, Texas native grew up strumming his guitar with a bluesy influence, gigging with vintage-rock bands.

When he discovered hip-hop, Frost found a way to incorporate his soulful sound into catchy hooks for rap songs. Experimenting with a fabricated "sample" sound, Frost created something unique – and his distortion and reverbs sent shock waves through the music industry. It wasn't long before Frost was sought after for his signature sound and incredible "one-man-band" performances.

"Sonically, I was inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse and Raphael Saadiq, who breathed fresh life into the classic '60s soul sound. Their vintage songs have a modern edge to the production. My process is the reverse. I try to write songs that, if played on an acoustic guitar, are very modern. But my execution of the singing, instrumentation, and production is vintage," explains Frost.

Named by both NPR and Rolling Stone as one of "10 Artists You Need To Know," Frost has garnered acclaim with his sublime sonic blend - merging soul, funk, hip-hop, pop, and electronica.

Listen to Frost's "Good Morning" below:

Max Frost - Good Morning [Music Video]


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INTERVIEW | Radio Friendly: A Conversation with Max Frost

Max Frost talks pop music, Quincy Jones, and his new album in this Pop Dust extended interview.

Max Frost's music exists somewhere between the worlds of radio-friendly chart toppers and alternative-indie pop. When he writes, he bounces ephemerally from style to style, never riding a specific genre for very long. His influences are so wide-ranging, that it's impossible to categorize his tunes in any meaningful. He's is a pop anomaly, pulling ideas from musicians on all ends of the spectrum, from Eminem to Ray Charles.

Frost's first taste of success came from his indie hit, White Lies, which was released in early 2013. Now, five years and several projects later, he's finally releasing his debut album, executive produced by Fitz and The Tantrums founder Michael Fitzpatrick. On top of this, in a real-life example of his eclectic taste, Frost has projects coming out with Elton John, DJ Mustard, and Whetan this spring. Considering the fact that he just released Good Morning, the first single off his new album, we figured this would be a perfect time to talk to him about his songwriting process and the state of modern pop music.

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