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Dear Viral McMuffin Cop: 5 Reasons to Quit Your Awful Job

You don't have to deal with this unbearable strain anymore, Officer Karen.

On Tuesday night a concerned woman named Ann tweeted a video of a Georgia police officer having a breakdown over the service she received at a rest stop McDonald's.

Ann insisted that America is "better than this" before returning to her usual schedule of sharing every instance she can find of Black men being violent. By Wednesday morning the clip had been retweeted by both critics and defenders—including Donald Trump Jr. who deemed the situation "disgusting"—and had officially gone viral with the phrases "Officer Karen" and "Egg McMuffin" trending.

The police officer, a woman named Stacey, is a 15-year veteran of a police force somewhere in the area of Savannah, Georgia (though the Police Department of Richmond Hill, Georgia—where that McDonald's is located—wants you to know she doesn't work there). In the clip she is visibly and audibly choking back tears as she recounts the harrowing details of what she experienced:

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