Eddie Murphy to Be a Dad Again… for the TENTH Time!

Expecting 2nd Child with Girlfriend Paige Butcher

Those boys sure can swim!

A heartfelt congrats are in order for funnyman Eddie Murphy, who at 57 is expecting his…count 'em…10th child! Reportedly due in December, this will be his 2nd child with current girlfriend, 39-year-old Aussie actress Paige Butcher. The couple has been together since '12 and have a 2-year-old daughter.

Being a dad seems to come naturally to Murphy, who has children ranging in age from "in utero" to 29. As per USA Today, "Murphy has five children with his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy: Bria: 28, Miles Mitchell: 25, Shayne Audra: 23, Zola Ivy: 18, and Bella Zahra: 16. Murphy is also the father to 29-year-old son, Eric, whose mother is Paulette McNeely; 27-year-old Christian, whose mother is Tamara Hood; and 11-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown, whose mother is former Spice Girl and current America's Got Talent judge Mel B." Mel B has been in the news recently due to her announcement that she will be entering rehab for sex and alcohol addiction as well as PTSD from a former abusive relationship (not with Murphy).

Ten children and a handful of mothers to juggle must keep Murphy busy, but it seems like the actor/comedian is happy with his many blessings. Today's families come in many forms – perhaps not as large as Murphy's – but intricate and involved in many cases nonetheless. Surely Murphy has the money to support his ever-growing group, but does he have the time to tend to each and every member? Then again, family reunions must be tons of fun, but birthday parties better have plenty of cake!

When it comes to his kids, Murphy is over-the-moon with Papa Pride. As People posted, "None of my kids are like me, and I'm sure parents say this all of the time, they are all totally different from each other. None of them are chips off the old block. They all have their own thing, they're good kids." Murphy added, "I really got lucky with my kids. There really isn't a bad one in the bunch, everyone turned out to be really good people."

So, here's to another Murphy-in-the-making. May he or she be another "good kid" who will join the colossal crew by the end of the year. And who knows this baby may just have another sibling to play with soon if Murphy keeps his "new daddy" streak going. The Murphys may very well take over the planet!

Best wishes to Murphy and Butcher and their extended (and elaborate) family!

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