Behind the Meme: The Coffin Dance Meme Is Surprisingly Wholesome

Death doesn't necessarily need to be a morbid affair.


During this unprecedented era of modern human history wherein daily life has become characterized by quarantine and fear of death, one meme has risen to confront our mortality head on: the Coffin Dance.

Much like the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-inspired "To Be Continued" meme, "Coffin Dance" functions as a punchline for FAIL video edits.

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Music Lists

12 Black Indie Musicians to Support on Bandcamp Today

Bandcamp is waiving revenue shares today, and you should support POC artists.

Today is another Bandcamp Friday, meaning until midnight tonight, the platform will be waiving revenue shares and letting artists take 100 percent of profits.

Now more than ever, as Black Lives Matter protests occur around the world, it's extremely important to lift marginalized voices. The music industry has repeatedly erased Black voices throughout history, despite the fact that most mainstream genres were invented by Black people.

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Film Reviews

On the "TFW NO GF" Documentary: The Intersectionality of White Men

When it comes to white men, intersectionality oftentimes seems forgotten.

The most popular modern documentaries oftentimes feel like a bastardization of reality TV.

Netflix's wildly successful Tiger King, for instance, crafts a spiraling narrative around the subculture of American big cat collectors, turning two of the community's most prominent players—Joe Exotic and "That B*tch" Carole Baskin—into larger than life characters. It's incredibly entertaining, but the obvious directorial influence on the subjects makes it hard to categorize as entirely truthful or non-sensationalist. Then again, Tiger King's goal isn't to inform. It's to entertain.

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