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Believe Luisana Lopilato: Husband Michael Bublé Is Not an Abuser

Lopilato noted that the backlash was encouraged by the public's high-strung mindset during quarantine; people at home going stir-crazy are more likely to create false drama in order to entertain themselves.

Grammy-winning singer Michael Bublé has faced intense scrutiny since he appeared to "elbow" his wife "aggressively" in an Instagram Live feed.

His wife and Argentinian model and actress, 32, Luisana Lopilato took to Instagram to defend her husband after backlash flooded Twitter and Instagram. Bublé, 44, and his wife have been live streaming to their fans while quarantining together. Many viewers allege that Bublé has shown a pattern of abusive behavior in their livestreams, from "elbowing" his wife and grabbing her arm for speaking over him in a 2-second video clip to telling her "I'm going to kill you" when she fumbled the phone after a livestream.

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Ugh. America, you really messed up this time, when you allowed for an overlap of one of our most joyous holidays with a results show episode of The X Factor. How dare you? Now instead of celebrating Thanksgiving every year, we'll all be overwrought with sadness at the anniversary of when two X Factor contestants got voted off in 2013 and Demi Lovato gave a less-than-great performance of her new single, "Neon Lights." Ok, it isn't that Demi's performance was awful, and this new single is sure to get radio play and club play and all of that, but I dunno. I wouldn't be surprised if Ellona Santiago's response to that performance was "Dis bitch is my mentor?" But love ya Demi.

So two contestants are going home tonight, bringing the Top 8 down a Top 6 within an hour. PRESSURE AND DRAMA AND CRANBERRY SAUCE! The first contestant to be voted off tonight, Mario tells us, is Lillie McCloud, which is a big ol' bummer and a half but I kind of had a feeling this was coming when she snapped back at Simon last night after his neg comments being like "I THINK YOU HAVE ME CONFUSED" and then kind of explaining why but not really since it was mostly a ramble. Aw man, well goodbye Lillie.

As if Lillie McCloud going home isn't bad enough, we find out that the two acts with the second lowest votes tonight are Josh Levi and Rion Page, and these two qts are going to have to sing-fight (ON THANKSGIVING, THE CRUELTY) for survival. But not before Michael Buble's performance, which you can watch below and create your own opinions on, because I'm done talking about Michael Buble, cuz YOLO.

Rion Page is up first to sing for survival. She hurdles up to the front of the stage with the most determined expression I have ever seen on this little girl's face. She is s0o ready for war and sings P!nk's "Perfect" with lotz and lotz of heart. Vid is below.

Then it's time for Josh Levi to sing, and Paulina, in a moment of pure confusion for all that are watching, introduces Josh as "The Lover, The Suave, The Rico... CARLITO OLIVERO!" and Josh Levi walks on stage trying to pretend his identity and nerves are completely intact. But forreal, what was that about? It wasn't even like Paulina accidentally said the wrong name-- all those leadup descriptors (lover, suave, rico) were definitely for Carlito and not Josh. The entire introduction was wrong, which Mario so valiantly excused after Josh's performance. SPEAKING OF JOSH'S PERFORMANCE, I thought it was pretty fantastic. Just like Wednesday night, he performed a Bruno Mars song, only tonight's was "When I Was Your Man" which was a pretty sweet call from lil' Josh. However, it wasn't enough to let him stay. After a tie from the judges, Simon asks Mario to let the audience decide who goes home, based on who got the lowest amount of votes from last night. Mario opens up the envelope and... sadly, it's Josh. Goodbye, sweet prince! Til next week, peeps. Hope you're digesting well.

Welcome to Big Band Night! This week, in honor of the holidays, the producers of X Factor hired an entire 25 piece band, plus Michael Buble!, to really BRING THE THEME HOME. Meaning this week, we for sure will not be able to hear what song anyone sings. Jokes y’all.

So the theme tonight is BIG BAND, but also it’s Family Week, where every contestant dedicates a song to a loved one, which actually does a great job in rounding out the personalities of every contestant who we weren’t *sold* on (i.e. Jeff Gutt, Ellona Santiago). Since I’ve got some stuffing to prepare and a train to Jersey to catch tonight, without further ado! Let’s get to the recap.

Rion Page kicked off the night by moovin and groovin and swangin with “Swingin’” by John Anderson. Worked for the judges! Restless Road dressed up in matching suits and imitated Rascal Flatts with “Life is a Highway” which was kiiiinda schwerpy, not gonna lie, they’ve had better performances. Jeff Gutt, however, has not had a performance better than tonight’s, oh man. Also his dad is here tonight, an obviously great guy whom Jeff chose to dedicate his performance to. He sings Nina Simone/Muse/Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good” and it is sooooo good that Simon can’t shut up about it. Josh Levi (or “Levee,” as Paulina pronounces it) sings Bruno Mars’s “Treasure” and it’s a package that would prooooobably sell out stadiums.

Carlito Olivero is BACK TONIGHT with his Ricky Martin medley— haven’t heard that “Maria” in years and guess what’s on my traveling playlist for tomorrow. Alex and Sierra did a doowop cover of my girl Taytay’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” which almost caused me to drop to my knees in overwhelming confusion but actually, as Simon put it, it was “pretty clever.” And since Kelly totally made Sierra feel like shit last week for saying her vocals weren’t up to par with Alex’s, she righted herself by showering Sierra with praise this week.

Lillie McCloud gets really real in her promo clip by revealing she is a survivor of physical (and emotional abuse) from a past relationship, and dedicates her performance to her now-fiancee, Terry. Kelly gives her “Summertime” to sing, and it’s a solid performance that ends on a high note, literally and figuratively, HEH HEH.

Ellona Santiago stole the show, though, with her crazy thunder and lightning performance of Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best.” LIl’ girl can sing, and it prob didn’t hurt that her beautiful, shining older sister who is battling cancer was there in person tonight.

DAMN! Thanksgiving really brings out the divo/diva in these contestants! Also, did anybody catch when Michael Buble said “BIATCH”? *Tryptophan coma before even eating any turkey*

Have a happy thanksgiving guys.

For the first time in hundreds of years, the papal conclave will assemble to select a new pope while a former pope is still alive. Could this bizarre set of circumstances lead to the College of Cardinals going with a wildcard choice ... like, say, a pop star? Probably not, but it's technically possible. (The best kind of possible.) After all, there aren't many requirements to be pope. Practically anyone can do it, if they play their cards right. Why should pop stars be excluded? They're charismatic, they have tons of public speaking experience and—most importantly for the modern Pontiff—they bring to the table millions of Twitter followers.

Which pop stars would we endorse to be the next Bishop of Rome? Find out below! For the purposes of this exercise, though, we're going to be a little bit loose with those Church's specifications; any pop star who has been a Catholic at any point in their life is eligible. For a job this big, you've got to cast the widest net possible.

(All pop-star religious information provided by the remarkably dogged reporters of

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Justin Bieber

Why He'd Make a Good Pope: As arguably the most popular pop star in the Western world, Pope Justin I might single-handedly stem the tide of secularization in the US and Europe. Plus, he has a Christmas album. Can you imagine what the Latin version of "Drummer Boy" would sound like?

Why He Wouldn't: The Vatican thinks the old pope was better at Twitter.


Why He'd Make a Good Pope: Rumors say this papal conclave is looking for a pope who will appeal to the increasingly influential Latin American community. Who better for that purpose than Mr. Worldwide? (Also he may be a virgin.)

Why He Wouldn't: His controversial 2011 address "Give Me Everything (Tonight)" directly contradicts Catholic dogma.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images


Why She'd Make a Good Pope: Among pop stars, her knowledge of Catholic iconography is second to none. And, if chosen, she'd already have an awesome pope name.

Why She Wouldn't: See Prayer, Like A.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images


Why He'd Make a Good Pope: After the elderly Benedict XVI's term was cut short by illness, choosing a 16-year-old YouTube star as his replacement would certainly be a step in the opposite direction.

Why He Wouldn't: Mahone's business arrangement with controversial rapper Lil Wayne may make him too scandalous a choice for bishops looking for a safe choice in the wake of Benedict's surprise resignation.

Stefano Carofei-Pool/Getty Images


Why She'd Make a Good Pope: Selena checks off a lot of boxes: young, Latin, uncontroversial.

Why She Wouldn't: Except she's a woman. That much change may be too much for the more conservative bishops to handle.

Stefano Carofei-Pool/Getty Images


Why He'd Make a Good Pope: He's no stranger to religious devotion: He goes to Mass more than anyone else on this list, and even recorded a song called "But For the Grace of God."

Why He Wouldn't: He's married with kids. Sure, popes have fathered children before, but never with anyone as high-profile as Nicole Kidman.

Johannes Simon/Getty Images


Why He'd Make a Good Pope: As a Catholic who sings alongside Anglicans and a Muslim, he certainly knows something about religious harmony. (Get it???)

Why He Wouldn't: While skilled observers of the Catholic Church report that the College of Cardinals is not averse to choosing a member of One Direction to be the next pope, sources say that if they did, it would not be "the silly one."

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Christina Aguilera

Why She'd Make a Good Pope: Xtina's got the pipes to take on all of the pope's liturgical duties—in song! Plus, she has a lot of experience sitting on extravagant chairs.

Why She Wouldn't: Besides the whole "woman" thing, her Mormon heritage may prove too controversial.

Eric Vandeville/Getty Images


Why He'd Make a Good Pope: Buble has been open about his devout Catholic upbringing, which is generally a plus if you want to be pope. Plus, his relaxed adult contemporary music would appeal to the bishops in the way that, say, Skrillex wouldn't.

Why He Wouldn't: If you ignore his wife and kid, there is no reason Michael Buble would not make a good pope. He's our choice!

When Manti Te'o's inexplicably odd Internet scandal broke in January, the whole world joined in a collective Kevin McCallister. Not since Tiger Woods' mistresses emerged after he wrecked his car in his own driveway had pop culture seemed like such a beautiful soap opera. In brief, the highly-touted Notre Dame linebacker's Internet girlfriend, whose tragic death inspired Te'o to play a Heisman-worthy season, was found to be, well, not real.

The big winner in all of this was MTV, whose docudrama Catfish: The TV Show, which is literally about discovering fake Internet identities, went from no ratings to Ratings City. Hence, "catfishing" is o-fish-ally (hold for laughs) a meme.

We realize that we're not Nev, but that doesn't mean we don't intend to do the best we can to uncover catfishes. As it turns out, the world of music is chalk-full of catfishery. Take heed before you cast your line.

Potential Catfish Victims

1. Michael Buble - "Haven't Met You Yet"

Catfish Alert: Oh, you know it'll all turn out/And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out/And I promise you kid to give so much more than I get/Yeah, I just haven't met you yet.

Our Advice: Michael, first of all, you need to chill a sec. "Being in your life is gonna change me?" As Gandhi once sort of said, you need to be the change you want to see. All that aside, as you yourself once sort of said, you literally have yet to confirm that she is indeed a woman. Work on yourself. Step one—stop calling a woman "kid."

2. Aaron Carter - "My Internet Girl"  

Catfish Alert: Ain't no doubt about it/I can't wait to get home to you/Connected with my baby/Just jammin online with you.

Our Advice: Aaron, who have you become? Is this what you resort to whilst grounded? As soon as your dad lifts the punishment, you need to get out there. You can electronically jam to your heart's content after you confirm your baby's identity.

3. She Loves Me - "Tonight at 8"

Catfish Alert: I'm nervous and upset/Because this girl I've never met/I'm going to meet tonight at eight.

Our Advice: Listen to your gut. You're "nervous and upset" because you haven't done the proper research to assure yourself this woman is not a catfish. Stalk her on Facebook. Does she have > 100 friends? Good. Does she have > 100 pictures? Good. Stalk a few of her friends and put them through the aforementioned test. Did they pass? Good. Do your research.

4. Leo DeSafo - "Judy"

Catfish Alert: I know I haven't met you/But I know I won't forget you...I know I feel something/I smile when you text...I need help Judy

Our Advice: See Michael Buble.

5. Fievel - "Somewhere Out There"

Catfish Alert: Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight/Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight.

Our Advice: Fievel, we're glad we caught you now, because you're one step away from turning to the Internet to find this person. Go on a journey and meet real mice. Might we suggest heading west?


Potential Catfishes


1. Brad Paisley - "Online"

Catfish Alert: I'm a Sci-Fi fanatic/Mild asthmatic/Never been to 2nd base/But there's a whole 'nother me...Go check out my Myspace/'Cause online I'm in Hollwood/I'm 6'5" and I look damn good.

Our Advice: Accept what you've got. Have you seen Transformers? Rent it. Shia LaBeouf's character does sci-fi stuff, all the while looking like Shia LaBeouf, and manages to land Megan Fox. Get an inhaler, save the planet, and enjoy 2nd base.


2. Bangs - "Meet Me on Facebook"

Catfish Alert: Meet me on Facebook/Give me your email address...We can make love through Facebook.

Our Advice: A lot of people prefer making love offline. By suggesting you do so via the Internet, you come off as a total catfish. What you save in the cost of condoms, you lose in the cost of appearing normal.

A Catfish Success Story

1. Savage Garden - "I Knew I Loved You"

Occasionally, but rarely, it all works out. Lead singer Darren Hayes confesses to developing feelings pre-face-to-face-interaction, but the object of his affections ended up being his "best friend" who "a hundred angels dance around."

We can only hope that potential catfish victims won't cling to this one example...


Now they're just rubbing it in. American Idol is in crisis mode with its judging panel, with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez confirming that they will not return, while Randy Jackson likely seems due for at least a demotion as well, and the show producers reportedly looking to slash budget for the upcoming season. Yet over at NBC, the prosperity appears boundless—The Voice already has a stable quartet of coaches (assuming Christina and Adam can play nice), and they keep adding to their supporting cast of assistant coaches, or "mentors" as the show calls them.

Today, the show announced two new adds to their mentorship program: Mary J. Blige and Michael Bublé. Blige will be assisting with Adam Levine's team ("I've always been a huge fan of Mary J. Blige," Adam said to Rolling Stone, "So it's been great having her on The Voice as an adviser to my team") while Bublé will be helping out on Team Blake. Can't wait to see the footage of those two going vest shopping together!

Pretty good gets—the Queen of R&B and the pre-eminent standard crooner of the 2010s, two of the most respected singers in the business right now. American Idol would probably love to have either of them to fill their judging chairs full-time—assuming the price tag wasn't too steep—but The Voice can afford to pick them up as bit players on their roster. Yet another piece of evidence that the changing of the guard in the reality TV market is a real thing, and that Idol is gonna have a ton of catching up to do to remain relevant when the off-season is over.