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Elisabeth Moss Plumbs New Depths of Darkness as Shirley Jackson in "Shirley" Trailer

The film's portrayal of the acclaimed horror author is based on a work fiction but draws heavily from her troubled life.

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You may not know much about author Shirley Jackson, but you're almost certainly familiar with some of her work

Her novel The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best and most influential ghost stories of all time and has seen numerous adaptations, including the 2018 hit Netflix series of the same name. Her short story "The Lottery" has been taught to generations of high school students as a quintessential parable on the dangers of conformity and tradition. But if you can believe Elisabeth Moss' (The Handmaid's Tale, The Invisible Man) portrayal of the author in the new trailer for Shirley, her writing was far from the most frightening aspect of her life.

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OSCARS 2018 | Big Predictions for the 90th Academy Awards

A Few of the Possible Winners in the Major Categories

2017 was a good year for moving pictures. With few clear winners to choose from in any of this year's major categories, here are some predictions for who Popdust might expect up on stage to deliver an acceptance speech come March 4th.

Best Picture:

Candidates: Get Out, The Phantom Thread, Dunkirk, Call Me By Your Name, The Post, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Shape of Water, Lady Bird

Winner: Lady Bird

Lady Bird is not Oscar bait, it is not historic nor complex, but it is universally adored. Since arguably every film on this list (sans The Post, and if you ask me, The Shape of Water) deserves to compete with every other, it'll come down to what little, sticky memories of films gone by will compel Oscar voters to check off one box instead of the next. The character of Lady Bird might just be that stick.

Or: Call Me By Your Name

Don't sleep on this one. Did you know that Call Me By Your Name received the longest ever standing ovation at New York Film Festival? 10 minutes, straight clapping. Call Me would be one of the smaller pictures to ever win, but I wouldn't underestimate the Academy's aversion to choosing Golden Globes winners. In a field without a clear favorite, it may well be possible for many of the strong competitors with broad appeal to split the vote, leaving room for a focused, niche film to rise to the top.

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