This season of Rupaul’s Drag Race FLEW by! We’re already down to the final 4 queens and when the stakes get high the claws come out!

This week the girls had to learn choreography for Ru’s new music video “Born Naked” and they also had an acting challenge where they each had to portray 3 different characters.

Things got pretty catty even before the challenge began. As the girls were getting ready in the workroom, Ginger became annoyed with Violet and had no problem letting her know.

“Girl get over yourself, cuz I've been over you since the moment you walked in," Ginger told her.

That little spat might have been enough to rattle Violet because when it came time to do the music video, she couldn’t remember a damn step.

“I’m trying so hard that I forgot I’m supposed to do choreography,” Violet laughs. “Whooopsies!” Uh, yeah whoopsies girl. Get your wig on straight!

Speaking of wigs, was there some glue sabotage in the work room or something?! Both Ginger and Pearl had trouble keeping their wigs on while dancing in front of the wind machine. Not a cute look. And when it came to the acting challenge, everyone stunk up the room except Ginger.

When the girls were back in the workroom preparing for the final runway show, the claws came out and once again it was Ginger and Kennedy vs. Violet and Pearl.

“It’s the very last time that we’re entering the workroom and at this point in the competition we’re pretty much evenly divided right down the middle,” Ginger says. “On one end of the room you have Violet and Pearl, the ‘pretty girls,’ and on the other end of the room you’ve got Kennedy and myself representing the bitter old lady brigade.”

Then without skipping a beat, Kennedy and Ginger jumped down Violet’s throat about not being old enough or mature enough to be the next drag superstar. I think the real problem here is that Ginger and Kennedy are old school drag and they don’t like nor do they get modern drag.

Instead of snapping back, Violet actually sat there quietly took their criticism. That’s pretty mature, right? I can’t think of another queen who would’ve sat there and taken that shit.

All the queens rocked the runway challenge, because we are in the final 4. Nobody really sucked at all. But because Ru was narrowing it down to the 3 queens that are going to the finale, EVERYONE had to lip sync for their lives!

In the end, Ru decided to send Kennedy home. This was kind of shocking seeing as how she rocked the music video challenge and the lip sync, but Ru had to take in to consideration the entire season and who was ready to be the next drag superstar. Apparently that wasn’t Kennedy.

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This week on Rupaul's Drag Race, the girls were tasked with one of their most difficult challenges to date having to create a couture look using ALL Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Right off the bat everyone is losing their minds because no one can sew except Violet. Again, who competes in a drag competition without a basic fucking understanding of how to use a needle and thread?!

Violet is stoked because this challenge plays directly to her strengths.

"We have to create a couture look entirely out of Hello Kitty materials," she explains. "This is what I do, I'm all about having concepts and having them executed flawlessly. I'm so excited to do this fucking challenge."

Clearly not everyone shares Violet's excitement.

"All I want to do is crawl underneath this work station and fucking die," Ginger says.

To make matters worse for everyone, Ru announces that they have to create a second look of a character that Hello Kitty would call her bff...complete with massive Hello Kitty head.

"I'm not even finished with my first outfit, and now I have to create an entirely new second and outfit and character to go with it," Katya complains. "Fucking fuck!"

Ginger feels defeated too, as she's probably the queen with the least amount of knowledge of garment making and she knows she's in trouble.

"I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say 'It’s been real yall. Peace, I’ll see you at the reunion.'"

Eventually they all complete their looks, good or bad, and they make their way down the runway to be judged. Violet and Pearl are a big hit, which is no surprise to anyone. Ginger's look is so incredibly Ginger (complete with Hello Kitty fur coat) that she skates by simply because her look was hilarious.

But Michelle Visage hated Katya and Kennedy's looks, and lately Michelle has been heavily influencing Ru's decision as to who lip syncs for their lives.

Katya and Kennedy perform Katy Perry's "Roar" and it's a slaughter right from the beginning. Poor Katya never had a fucking chance! From the GET Kennedy was front flipping, back flipping, death dropping and just wiping the floor with stuffed Hello Kittys. It was actually kind of sad because literally everyone loves Katya. But in the end Ru had no choice but to send her home. Ouch. This one hurt.

Don't worry your pretty little head, Katya. You know your ass will be this year's Miss Congeniality! Just wait til the reunion girl, and you'll be walking away with some cash.

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We're down to the final six queens on RuPaul's Drag Race, and this week they were tasked with performing choreographed dance routines in teams of two. We all know how much these girls loooove working together on shit.

The routines were actually mashups of popular dances, and the first team to rehearse was Kennedy and Pearl. They got the Charleston Twerk and they immediately hit a snag because Pearl can't dance AT ALL. We're talking zero rhythm, and you can forget about twerking. Pathetic.

Next was Violet and Katya who were Vogueing the Tango. Violet revealed that she's actually an aerial performer, so naturally she picked up the choreography in a hot second. Katya, not so much.

"With choreography, I can get it...if I have about 3 to 4 months," Katya says.

Even though they were both in different places with the choreography, Katya and Violet really had an emotional connection this week.

"Violet is way more likeable than I thought she was," Katya admits. "I admire her confidence. I’m 10 years older than the fucking bitch and I haven’t got that down yet!"

Last to rehearse was Ginger and Trixie who got stuck with the Country Robot. On a scale of 1-10, Trixie was about a 5. but poor Ginger was more like a 3. At first Trixie was terrified of being upstaged by ginger again this week, but after she saw Ginger attempt to dance she realized that that really wasn't going to be an issue.

“I just afraid I’m goin to look like Honey Boo Boo meets Rosie O’Donnell,” Ginger joked.

For the final runway show and dance performance, the girls had to dress as half dude/half queen. All three teams really rehearsed the hell out of their routines and did an amazing job. Even Pearl and Ginger pulled it together. But in the end, it was Katya and Violet who really impressed the judges and they won the challenge.

When it came to choosing the bottom two, the judges had to get really nit-picky because no one outright sucked. So when it came down to the small details, Trixie and Ginger had to lip sync for their lives.

Ginger hilariously pranced her padded, red-headed ass off and sent Trixie home for the second time. Totally the right decision on Ru's part. The level of talent just got knocked up a peg and Trixie was just out of her league.

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What do you get when you mix John Waters and an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race?? Gagtastic musical versions of the some of the most famous 'Divine' scenes from his films, that’s all!

The queens had to split themselves into three teams to tackle the musical numbers, so of course the bffs sort of gravitated to each other. That left Pearl, Violet, and Fame standing there with their dicks in their hands so they had to come together to form the only really shitty team.

Katya and Kennedy filmed their scene first, titled ‘Cha Cha Heels’ and killed it. They were funny as hell, and even though Kennedy struggled a bit with the lyrics, they pilled it off.

Next was Trixie and Ginger doing a scene titled ‘Eggs,’ though it should’ve been titled ‘Fat Grown Up Baby In A Playpen.’ That shit was weird. Ginger knocks it out of the park as the grown up baby (?!), leaving Trixie looking a bit lame. She wasn’t terrible, but it’s hard to hold a candle to Ginger when she’s on point.

Lastly was Pearl, Violet, and Miss Fame doing a scene titled ‘Poo.’ And that’s exactly what it was…complete shit. Violet was soooomewhat decent, but Pearl and Fame were beyond terrible. They played the angel and the devil, fighting with Violet who wanted to play with the poo. Classic John Waters, amirite?

Fame overacted, as is her way, and Pearl kept f*cking up her lines.

“It was hard to jump in with my lines when the bitch before me didn’t say her lines.” Really bitch? Try again.

When it came time for the runway show, John Waters and Demi Lovato were the guest judges. The theme was ‘Ugliest Dress,’ and that’s exactly what the queens brought. Damn were those dresses hideous!

When it came time to judge the scenes, all of the judges and especially John Waters loooved Ginger’s character and she won the challenge. That makes her the first one this season to win 3 challenges. Go girl!

You will be verrrrry unsurprised to learn that Snooze Button Pearl and Fame were in the bottom two. They lip synced to Demi Lovato’s I Really Don’t Care…and we really didn’t care. That lip sync is going down as the most boring lip sync of all time. Seriously, the judges barely clapped. In face, Michelle Visage didn’t!

In the end, Miss Fame went home. Sorry not sorry.

What did you think of this week’s Rupaul’s Drag Race?Did the right queen go home?

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This week’s Drag Race was one of the most entertaining episodes in the history of the series. And on top of the hilariousness, all of the eliminated queens were brought back for a chance to race again!

Each eliminated queen was paired with a current queen who had to make them up as their conjoined twin, and immediately problems arose for a few of the pairs.

Ginger Minj was paired with Sasha Belle. If you’re asking yourself ‘Who’s Sasha Belle?’…exactly. She was the first queen eliminated this season and Ginger was certain that she was going to have to lip sync for her life because of that wet blanket.

Jaidynn was paired with Tempest, but even though they got along well they both lacked creativity and came up with a lame disco queen concept.

When the main runway show was upon them, it was sink or swim time and Pearl and Trixie swam their little asses off, honey! They were child beauty queen attached at the hip, but Pearl was the pretty twin and Trixie was the ugly twin. Like for reals, Trixie’s shtick coming down the runway as the ugly twin is on of the funniest things ever in the history of Drag Race.

Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis were also hilarious as two old sisters from Atlantic City. You know, the kind you find drunk and smoking a cigarette at the penny slots in Vegas.

In the end only one team could win and it was deservedly Pearl and Trixie, so Trixie is now back on the show! Yay!

Ginger and Jaidynn had to lip sync for their lives while still attached to their partners, which was so small feat. Ginger and Sasha were conjoined at the boobs, so they basically gave themselves a double mastectomy during the lip sync in order to perform while Jaidynn and Tempest just did a stupid little side stepping jig. Not gonna cut it, sweethearts.

Ginger won the lip sync and lived to drag another day, but we sadly said goodbye to Jaidynn.

How do you feel about Trixie coming back on the show? Was she the right queen to bring back? Let us know in the comments below!


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It’s Snaaaaatch Gaaaaame bitchessssss!!!! Finally, the single most favorite episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race every single season is here, where the girls portray a specific celebrity and answer hilarious fill in the blank questions as that character. How could this not be good?!

Shit started off rocky when several of the queens didn’t know what character they wanted to portray for the game. On the flip side, Violet and Miss Fame had the opposite problem when they both wanted to be Donatella Versace!

When things got awkward, Fame bowed out and gave the character to Violet, but then Mama Ru walked in and stirred the damn pot big time! Not only did Fame decide to take back her original charter regardless of what Violet was doing, but then Violet changed her character to Alyssa Edwards after Ru wasn’t impressed with her Italian accent!

Kennedy was also having issues because she wanted to do Little Richard, but all the other queens gave her grief because Little Richard is a man…sort of.

By the time they played the game, the cast of characters was:

Max- Sharon Needles

Jaidynn- Raven Symone

Katya- Suze Orman

Violet- Alyssa Edwards

Pearl- Big Ang

Fame- Donatella Versace

Kennedy- Little Richard

Ginger- Adele

Katya, Ginger, Kennedy, and Pearl KILL IT with their characters, especially Ginger as Adele. Funniest shit we’ve seen in a loooong time on this show. Katya kicked ass too, but after the game was over, she was overcome with feelings of doubt and insecurity. She confided in Miss Fame, seeing as how both of them have been sober for quite some time.

“I’m so terrified of failure and my sense of humor has been like a smoke screen for that,” Katya cried. “I didn’t realize how badly I’ve never been able to love myself.”

“There’s a lot that I’m relating to Katya with on an emotional level,” Fame confessed. “So to connect and let go of the fears that we’re holding on to makes me feel stronger.”

At the final runway show, the theme is Leather and Lace and the celebrity guest judge is Tamar Braxton. All the girls had their outfits on point, except Jaidynn of course. That girls is such a hot mess and she’s not getting better form week to week, which is annoying.

For the first time in Snach Game history, there are two winners—Ginger Minj and Kennedy Davenport! Deservedly so because both those girls really took risks and went outside of their comfort zones with some really challenging characters.

Jaidynn is in the bottom two (woohoo!) with Max. Max stumbled this week as Sharon Needles, but overall is a far more talented and artistic queen. Ru didn’t see it that way though, because after the lip sync she sent Max home. However, at the end of the show Ru shocked everyone by saying that she thinks she made a mistake sending one of the queens home in past weeks…but she doesn’t say who it is!!! Somebody’s coming back next week, so let’s all keep our tucks tight and hope it’s someone decent!!!

Which Snatch Game character was your favorite on this week’s episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race?


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