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New Today Show Cast is Already Performing Better Than Megyn Kelly Ratings

NBC must surely feel like a Megyn Kelly-size weight has been lifted from its shoulders: ratings for the 9am hour—and the rest of the "Today" broadcast—are up.

When NBC canceled "Megyn Kelly Today" roughly three weeks ago, there were no specific plans for how the network would fill the "Today" show's third hour.

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Once Again, Megyn Kelly Says the Wrong Thing

The TV host is reportedly leaving NBC after racist comments, but she has been dog-whistling her own tune since she first took over the 9am hour of the Today Show.

Megyn Kelly 'Today' TV show, NYC

Photo by Mediapunch (Shutterstock)

Megyn Kelly is reportedly out of a job at NBC. Kelly, who opened her eponymous talk show yesterday morning with an apology, has been receiving a steady flow of criticisms and coverage from her own network following her comments about blackface during Tuesday's broadcast.

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