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PREMIERE | Satya Releases Debut Single, 'Maybe We Should'

'Maybe We Should' exudes wicked, erotic electricity

"Maybe We Should," the debut single from Montreal's Satya, is "a personal love story of love at first sight." Co-written by Satya, JT Roach, and David Brook, the music video was directed by Olivier Picard for Parce Que Films.

Abandoned at birth in Morocco, Satya was adopted and moved halfway across the world to Canada, where as a young child she fell in love with music. Bullied in school because of her skin color, Satya, desperate for acceptance, turned to alcohol. When she was 18-years-old, Satya hit rock bottom. Her family stepped in and she began rehab at the age of 20. Love, music, and perseverance proved to be her salvation.

Opening with emerging synths, followed by a deeply thrumming bassline, "Maybe We Should" blends hefty doses of R&B with contagious electronic dance flavors. Insistent synths ride atop a Jovian rhythmic pulse, giving the tune a dark, simmering sensuality. Luminous, glowing synths hover in the backdrop, enhanced by oozing vocal harmonies.

Satya's dulcet voice, cool, sultry, and opulent with voluptuous timbres, infuses the music with nuances of palpable carnality. Full of lush, erotic tones, Satya's voice infects the song with erogenous tension that's inescapable.

The combination of fluid R&B hues and tight dance vibes imbues the tune with wicked hormonal energy, as well as turbulent yearnings that increase rather than subside, resulting in a powerfully suggestive sensation.

"Maybe We Should" exudes a sonic aura of lethal sensuality. The pulse of the rhythm, dark shimmering synths, and Satya's hunger-drenched tones make "Maybe We Should" a definite triumph.

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