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Delacey Drops Debut Album "Black Coffee"

Intoxicating vocals and anthems of independence.


Photo: Aysia Marotta

Los Angeles indie-pop singer-songwriter Delacey recently unleashed her debut album, Black Coffee, via HITCO/Delicate Flower.

Known for co-writing Halsey's "Without You," Delacey offers highlights on Black Coffee like the anthemic "Damn" and the wickedly sensual "Chapel." Other entry points include "Actress," vaguely reminiscent of The Animals' "House of The Rising Sun" and the potently seductive "Cruel Intentions," featuring G-Eazy, with its undeniable eroticism: "I like sex, I like flowers, I like attention / Don't ever put me second."

Black Coffee

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Charly Jordan

Press Photo

Meet Charly Jordan: model, social influencer, and singer-songwriter, who recently released her debut single, "Blackstrap Molasses."

From Las Vegas, the former track and field star puts her vocal talent on display on "Blackstrap Molasses," a track blending a pulsing bass line with sensuous vocals, creating a sizzling house treasure that delivers dance heat. "Blackstrap molasses / Slipping down your tongue / With your lips like sugar / Make my body come undone."

Blackstrap Molasses

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