Meet Myka Stauffer, the YouTuber Who Abused an Autistic Child for Clicks

Amidst all her birth vlog footage, Myka Stauffer didn't even tell her viewers that she had given her autistic child away like an unwanted pet.

Myka Stauffer

Mommy blogging and child abuse are not as unrelated as you may think.

By nature, mommy blogging is an invasion of a child's privacy, and regardless of what any mommy blogger might try to argue, children are not capable of consenting to growing up in front of an audience. Sure, posting about your kid's personal life might not be as cut-and-dry as physically beating them, but abuse is a complex spectrum. Enough children of mommy bloggers express discomfort with their situations as they hit their teenage years that it's impossible to deny the potential for lasting psychological damage.

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Is Wayfair Using Furniture for Child Trafficking?

About a year after being accused of selling furniture to ICE detention centers, e-commerce site Wayfair is in another controversy.

Wayfair, the e-commerce website beloved by millennials on a budget who don't want their apartments to look just like IKEA showrooms, is no stranger to controversy.

Last summer, employees of the company organized a protest after allegations surfaced that Wayfair had sold $200,000 worth of furniture to border detention facilities. Now, Wayfair is being suspected of trafficking missing children in their furniture.

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