Thanksgiving has always been about food.

We suffer through the awkward small talk and often anti-climactic football games for the sake of the meal that awaits us at the end of the day, and even then that "meal" is representative of ethnic cleansing and genocide. But there are a few other pros that lay outside of gorging yourself on mashed potatoes. The holiday always falls on a Thursday, which means you always have a four day weekend. Black Friday is also the following day, so despite whatever infuriating experiences you may have on Thanksgiving with your family, you can at least rest easy knowing you can go out and buy enough stuff to numb the pain.

These reasons alone are enough to warrant celebration. So while you clench your jaw through what is almost guaranteed to be a painfully long afternoon, why not curate some music to help elevate your mood and remind yourself that a four day weekend of relaxation awaits?

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TV Reviews

"Naked Attraction" Is Shockingly Progressive

The contestant picks a date based solely on potential dates' naked bodies.

Despite what Game of Thrones might suggest, America is still pretty conservative when it comes to nudity on TV.

Ever since the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show scandal when Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast on live TV, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has imposed strict rules about "indecency" on American television. The moral panic that ensued from the 2004 Super Bowl even led several major networks to edit nudity out of their previously aired shows.

Of course, cable television is not affected by FCC guidelines and can show whatever they decide is appropriate. Most of the nudity on American TV is shown on premium cable channels such as Showtime, HBO and Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

In contrast, the United Kingdom has quite a different outlook on nudity on TV. Basically, they abide by "watershed" rules. In broadcasting, the watershed is the time of day after which programming aimed towards adult audiences is allowed to air. In the United Kingdom, 18-rated content must not air until 10:00 PM, but after that, essentially, anything goes. And, according to Channel 4, that can even mean plenty of up close shots of real people's genitalia.

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