From Kim Kardashian to Florida Man: 6 Bizarre True Crime TV Shows

Here's an overview of both the weirdest and most worthwhile true crime projects heading our way, so we can decide now if we're going to live tweet when they debut or just talk sh*t about them in public but stream them when we're alone.

Hope you had a happy 4th of July—now let's talk about murder.

The onslaught of true crime content from Netflix, Investigation Discovery, and Oxygen network will bring a summer line-up of gritty documentaries, cringey TV re-enactments, and exploitative celebrity producers. Kim Kardashian is getting a documentary about her new interest in prison, and Nancy Grace is unfortunately getting an entire new show to make wild accusations about whodunnit cases that she hopefully doesn't narrate herself.

Oxygen network's to blame. In 2017, the channel rebranded itself as a true-crime, all the time outlet. They hooked Law & Order creator Dick Wolf to produce Cold Justice, and they continue to expand their line-up with some of the most cringe-worthy gimmicks in the true crime genre—and we can't resist watching. Executive vice president of original programming and development, Rod Aissa, said, "Oxygen is tremendously excited to work with some of the biggest names in the industry on such important projects...This year we've increased our original hours by more than 30%, and we'll keep ramping up our programming efforts as more fans flock to the network to experience best in class content."

So as true crime heads, we're clearly to blame. Here's an overview of both the weirdest and most worthwhile true crime projects heading our way, so we can decide now if we're going to live tweet when they debut or just talk sh*t about them in public and stream them when we're alone.

1. WEIRD: Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project

Kim Kardashian loves prison, but not in a Kamala Harris-way, more in the sense of freeing falsely convicted inmates. Standing on the shoulders of prison reform advocates who have dedicated their careers and decades of experience to combating injustice within the U.S. legal system, the media mogul will star in a 2-hour documentary about how a reality TV personality can effect more change than hard-working activists who have never starred in a sex tape. The project has been greenlit and described: "Oxygen will capture Kardashian's efforts to secure freedom for Americans who she believes have been wronged by the justice system."

2. WEIRD: Injustice with Nancy Grace

The Intellectual Property Corporation is to blame for this one. This standalone true crime series will recap baffling stories in which murky motives, incompetent investigations, wrongful accusations, unfair sentencing, and excluded evidence result in unexpected resolutions. It sounds fascinating, until we're warned, "every episode will be told through the unique perspective of Nancy Grace." If we wanted to hear wild, unfounded theories and baseless accusations from Nancy Grace, then we would've been sad when 11 years of the Nancy Grace show ended in 2016. But we weren't.

3. WORTH IT: The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes

The superhero of true crime investigation, Paul Holes has signed multiple media deals this past year. After leading the arrest of the Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, the now-retired investigator has launched his own murder podcast and signed a comprehensive deal with Oxygen. The network says that "Paul embodies what Oxygen is all about. His story is of the highest stakes, a career journey with brilliant investigation work that resulted in justice for dozens of victims and their families. He's deservedly become a true crime icon among fans of the genre, and we're excited to develop future projects with him."

4. WORTH IT: Relentless with Kate Snow

Currently in development is a full season of this reality program in which "Emmy-winning journalist Kate Snow takes viewers on an emotional journey with suffering families as they go to incredible lengths to find answers about their loved ones' deaths." As an addition to the cold case genre, this could either be a thoughtful examination of unsolved cases that highlights the corruption and shortcomings of the legal justice system, or it could be a gross exploitation of grieving families by an attention-hungry Nancy-Grace-figure. In the spirit of goodwill, we'll base some hope in the series' focus on "ordinary heroes [who] embark on an endless pursuit to identify and catch suspects by going undercover, hunting evidence, and sometimes putting their own lives in jeopardy by chasing down drug dealers, gang members and other criminals in the hopes of finding justice."

5. WEIRD: Framed by the Killer

Ice-T will work with The Content Group to executive produce a series focusing on individuals who were elaborately framed for murder. Not much is known about the series, as it's still in-development, but after playing New York detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order for 19 years, Ice-T has become more outspoken about convicts' access to DNA testing. As someone who used to rap about killing cops, ICE-T involved in true crime will always be weird.

6. WORTH IT: Florida Man

Yes. The infamous trope about Florida's ability to produce the most bizarre criminals who consistently commit the most inane and nonsensical crimes is finally becoming a TV series. The network teases, "When the murder is so bizarre, the motive so far-fetched and the crime so outlandish that it sounds like something from a Hollywood screenplay—there's a good chance it was actually committed by a 'Florida Man.'" Sure, actual Florida investigators and prosecutors will be interviewed, but all I want is a re-enactment of the man who pretended to be a cop with fake police lights bought online, which he used to pull over an actual police officer.

billy bush nancy grace making murderer The BillyBush NancyGrace MakingAMurderer Fight Is Pretty Damn Glorious

The Billy Bush Nancy Grace Making a Murderer fight is pretty damn glorious—I mean, who knew Billy Bush had such a gigantic pair of balls?!!

As a former tabloid editor who has gone head-to-head with Grace on live TV, on more than one occasion, I can attest to what a truly formidable force of nature the 56-year-old HLN host can be.

A Juror Comes Forward In Steven Avery Case, Believes He Was Framed

However, Bush gives every bit as good as he gets, showing no fear as he steps into the Nancy Grace lion’s den to battle her head-to-head, for a segment that airs on tonight’s episode of Access Hollywood—you can watch sneak peek video right here on Popdust.

Bush was goaded into the on-camera confrontation by Grace, following a good-natured yet sometimes heated Twitter tiff between the two over the smash hit Netflix docu-drama, which culminated in Grace taunting Bush for being “too scared” to face-off against her on TV.

Kim Kardashian Works Harder Than Any Of You Losers—According To Kim Kardashian

Grace is at her glorious, insanely mad, indignant, take-no-goddamn-prisoners best throughout the debate—and, as ever, we love her all the more for it—during which, not surprisingly, she makes it crystal clear that she believes there’s no doubt Stephen Avery, the subject of Making a Murderer, is absolutely guilty as charged.

Meanwhile, Bush plays devil’s advocate—and deserves major props for the impassioned diatribe he busts out with, that results in Grace sitting silently for the longest period of time we have ever seen—a whopping 54 seconds no less.

Good job Mr. Bush!

BB kicks off:

Nancy, I’m gonna bet the farm that you take issue with the filmmakers claiming to have an objective view.

Oh, you betcha she does!

NG fires back:

People we have interviewed have told us that it was very clear during the interviews with the Netflix producers that they believed Avery to be innocent. And that that was their perspective.

Prompting BB’s impassioned diatribe

During which he draws comparison between the Making a Murderer filmmakers’ objectivity claim, (cue Nancy Grace busting out with the eye rolls) and Sean Penn’s claim that his truly dreadful and self-indulgent El Chapo interview was “misunderstood” by the stupid public, because they focused on the truly dreadful and self-indulgent content of the interview, instead of Penn’s intended message about the drugs war.

Bush goes on to present the argument that the filmmakers’ true intent was to expose the levels of injustice in the U.S. legal system, and how it is unfairly and grossly weighted in favor of rich defendants.

BB concludes:

This guy had a lawsuit for $36 million against Manitowoc County, and he had to settle it for $400,000, which was just enough, and just in time, to pay his lawyers.

Someone else who doesn’t have that 400 grand has no chance if Manitowoc or any other Sheriff’s department, or any other law enforcement thinks you’re guilty in America, you’re done, and you don’t have a prayer. That’s their point.

Did YOU miss it?

Oh shit son….now you've done it...and sure enough....


I was wondering when that question was going to come into that sermon you just gave me Billy, let me tell you something…..

No, I did NOT miss the point, and as a matter of fact, I actually agree with part of what you said.

Wait? Whaaat? Has hell frozen over?!!

No, normal Nancy Grace service resumes immediately....

Check out what she has to say on the matter, in the clip below—and tune in to Access Hollywood tonight to watch the entire glorious face-off, which culminates in Grace storming off set mid-interview—and Bush getting in the final word.

"I think I win..."

Hahahaha. Watch and learn cousin Jeb.... watch and learn....

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It's been a busy week for penises. Iggy Azalea, Tom Ford, Sony pictures, even Nancy Grace have penis on the brain.

As Popdust previously reported, Iggy Azalea made a quip about her penis in response to an idiotic rumor.

Nancy Grace did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about a character in Gone Girl who was clearly her fictional counterpart. Asked if she's seen Ben Affeck's appendage in the hit movie, Nancy replied:

I'm sorry, I was too focused on the blood to notice Ben Affleck's penis, so I apologize to the penis because I did not notice it.

Oh that Nancy Grace!

Getting in on the penis action this week is designer Tom Ford, who is offering some lovely penis-themed jewelry for Christmas. This pendant with a penissy crucifix has ticked off some penisphobes on Twitter, but that's their problem. At $795, it's an ideal stocking-stuffer.

Finally, the Sony email hack scandal has given us a producer confessing to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin that actor Michael Fassbender:

'makes you feel bad to have normal sized male genitalia'

I think that's it, at least so far.

I'm up for the necklace, but speaking for myself, I hope to God that Michael Fassbinder won't be climbing down my chimney.