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Premiere: Aaron Taos Falls in Love With His Ex on New Song

The Brooklyn pop singer's latest song premieres today on Popdust.

Brooklyn pop savant Aaron Taos has been on a modest but steady grind since 2015.

His first EP GUITS garnered positive reception from Consequence of Sound, Pigeons & Plans, and Stereogum. Taos' lead single, "Hands," also featured Meryl Streep's daughter Louisa Gummer and was an unassuming hit online. Taos has since been featured in various high-profile magazines including The Fader and Complex, and since the EP was made completely by Taos himself, it only further established him as a buzzing new voice out of New York City.

As time has gone on, his following has only grown. He has accumulated over a million streams since 2015, and most recently he had a single featured on the NBA2k20 soundtrack. Now well into the new year, Taos isn't slowing down. His latest single, "I just fell in love with my ex," which premieres exclusively on Popdust today, is infectious. It playfully reminds us how ridiculous Valentine's Day can be, and how absurd love is. Check out Aaron Taos latest video below.

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Everyone who knew Cameron Boyce during his life described him as unfailingly kind.

The actor died unexpectedly on July 6th 2019 after suffering a seizure in his sleep. Since then, co-stars, friends, and fans alike have been grieving his loss.

At just nine years old, Boyce made his acting debut in a Panic! at the Disco music video. He soon became a household name among a certain age group thanks to his role in Jessie, a Disney Channel show that ran from 2011 to 2015. His movie credits include Mirrors, Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf and Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 with Adam Sandler.

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iskwē Leaves an Abusive Relationship for the Butterfly Realm in Her New Video

The electro-pop artist's newest video is a neon-lit metamorphosis.

iskwē's newest video for her song "Breaking Down" is about leaving an abusive relationship—but it's also about what you find after leaving a dark space, be it the space to create a new version of yourself, or possibilities and other worlds you never imagined.

"This video is about me finding my way back to my clan, the butterfly clan, which represents my family in the spirit world," said the artist. "I wanted to show the emergence of self, by shedding layers of the past while discovering strength in being true to who I am."

Image via Mikwchyan

The visual features a variety of diverse dancers, all at first struggling to escape gauzy, cocoon-like prisons. Eventually, they break out and find a way to fit into their own skin; at last, their bodies are illuminated by rainbow paint and Christmas lights. It's a surreal, campy, and dazzling performance that will leave you blinking away the glitter.

"Breaking Down" is the second single off iskwē's upcoming LP, achakosuk. A member of Canada's indigenous Cree community, her music has always strived to overcome Western expectations, prioritizing ancient communal and mystical traditions while bringing attention to indigenous voices and contemporary social issues.

"Our vision was to be as inclusive as possible, with each of the dancers representing different communities," iskwē said of the "Breaking Down" video. "Indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ, as a way to honour our various stages of emergence and growth in finding comfort in who we are."

The video feels like it's about more than just finding oneself. It seems to be about tapping into hidden spiritual forces, using them to metamorphose into a higher version of oneself, and finding communities that support and uplift those forces.

Watch "Breaking Down" below:

iskwē - "Breaking Down" (Official Video)