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Premiere: Hidden Beams Drops “Reveal”

Progressive psych-rock with trippy energy.

Hidden Beams

Press Photo

Hidden Beams, the Brooklyn alt-electronic project of Carlos Argon, introduces his new single, "Reveal."

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PREMIERE: Leo Lauren Feels “Lovesick”

Cathartic new music.

Leo Lauren

Photo: Evan Mulling

Southern California new wave artist Leo Lauren introduces his new single, "Lovesick," a track from his forthcoming EP.

Describing the song as "Paradise Goth," Leo infuses "Lovesick" with xylophones, retro guitar riffs, and rippling texture. With a voice full of yearning, Leo sings about his distant lover: "Lovesick! / The moment I step out my door / Lovesick! / Every breath's such a chore to take / You make or break, my heart."

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Nyiko Premieres “Like the Movies”

Heartfelt slice of synthwave.


Photo: Niles Gregory

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Nyiko debuts their latest single, "Like The Movies," via Trailing Twelve Records.

Nyiko shares, "It's a song about growing up and believing everything we're fed about love in teenage romance films and TV shows, only to realize that in reality, love is much deeper, much more complex, and ultimately more rewarding." "Like the Movies" merges surging new wave energy with elegant synths, as Nyiko's heady vocals lay over a galloping rhythm. "Take my hand / We're dancing in the street / We don't need no music / Keeping rhythm with our heartbeats."

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