Nick Hissom Wants You To Twerk - But With Your Heart

The British pop prince of Miami breaks down modern pop music

Hissom has been making big waves since our last interview one year ago. With a new single featuring Zoey Dollaz and an album on the way, we had a lot to catch up on.

Nick is not what you expect. He's a pop R&B artist from London that has inexplicably climbed the ranks in Miami's music scene, and is now working with the likes of Rick Ross (the Bruce Springsteen of Miami). He dresses like a rockstar and moves with the swagger of a fashion model (which technically he was), but still manages to come across as incredibly humble. Nick might seem larger than life and too cool for school in videos like "He Ain't Better ft. Zoey Dollaz," but he will do anything to show appreciation to his fans.

He Ain't Better Ft. Zoey Dollaz

We recently got together on the eve of the single's release in the boardroom at Popdust headquarters. We talked for over an hour about everything from our love of string instruments, to fashion, and hurricanes. Maybe the full audio will get leaked one day, but until then, here are some of the highlights.

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