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The 10 Best Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements

Nicki Minaj just announced she's pregnant with her first child.

Nicki Minaj just announced via Instagram that she's expecting her first child with husband Kenneth Petty.

The rapper shared the news by posting a photo of herself in a yellow wig and high-heels sporting a significant baby bump with the caption "#Preggers."

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Stop Putting Jared Leto in Movies

Morbius is going to suck.


There's a big problem with the trailer for Morbius, Sony's upcoming Marvel outing that is definitely not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though it has Michael Keaton reprising his role as Vulture (please let us keep our license, Disney!).

See if you can spot it.

MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer

If you answered, "Sampling Beethoven's 'Für Elise' to line up with blue-tinted action shots is the absolute lowest effort, brain-dead attempt to signify 'gothic vampire movie' in the entire history of movie trailers," you're correct, but that's still not the biggest problem with Morbius. No, the biggest problem is that Morbius is played by Jared Leto.

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Arrests Have Been Made in the Case of Pop Smoke's Murder: Remembering a Rising Star

The budding 19-year-old "Brooklyn Drill" rapper was killed during a home robbery at his L.A. home in February.

Arrests have finally been made in the case of budding Brooklyn drill rapper Pop Smoke, who was killed during a home invasion in February.

The Los Angeles police responded to an emergency call at 4:20 AM on February 19th at a home in the Hollywood Hills after "masked gunmen" broke into the house the rapper was renting. Pop Smoke had been out the night of the break in and his subsequent murder, and he returned late to the rented home where he was staying with friends and members of his entourage. Pop Smoke was the only person shot at, which originally caused the police to wonder if the rapper had been specifically targeted.

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