From Freud to Bella Thorne: What Is Pansexuality?

"I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys. I like sexy in general, you know?"

Sexuality is confusing, especially if you turn to the 21-year-old "wannabe mogul" Bella Thorne for explanations.

While appearing on Good Morning America to promote her new book, Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, she declared, "I'm actually pansexual and I didn't know that. Somebody explained to me very thoroughly what that is." The actress continued, "[Pansexuals] like beings. You like what you like. It doesn't have to be a girl or a guy or a he or she or they or that—it's literally, you like a personality. You just like a being."

The LGBTQ+ term has become more common since 2018, which was deemed "the year of the pansexual," with Merriam-Webster spotlighting the orientation on their Words of the Year list. It was thanks, in part, to singer Janelle Monáe coming out in a Rolling Stone interview in April, when she explained, "I read about pansexuality and was like, 'Oh, these are things that I identify with too.' I'm open to learning more about who I am." Soon afterwards, searches for the term spiked—and continue to do so, as we keep turning to Dr. Google to understand non-heternormative identities.

pansexuality is valid "Alexa: Are you pansexual?"Nexis Uni data

Merriam-Webster defines "pansexual" as "of, relating to, or characterized by sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation." As for Thorne, she simply says, "I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys. I like sexy in general, you know?

Well, that's not all there is to pansexuality. Despite being coined by Sigmund Freud in 1914, the word wasn't used to describe a sexual orientation until the 1980s. Of course, there have been individuals all throughout history who have loved regardless of "labels and boundaries." Then the sexual revolution and free love subculture created enough activism and visibility that pansexuality was given its own letter in the queer community's "alphabet soup": LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual).

And we get it: That's a lot of representation, a lot of separate politics, a lot of colorful banners, and an uneasy responsibility not to possibly offend anyone if you don't know the definition and history of each letter. Luckily, that's what the Internet is for.

The foremost questions that come to mind when discussing pansexuality are usually: "How is that different from bisexuality? Says who? And does it really matter? #LoveIsLove" While that's fair, as with most words attempting to describe the immeasurable gamut of human behavior, the meaning of the word is complicated and weird and constantly in flux. But it's mostly about intent. Generally speaking, that's how we end up with so many synonyms in the English language when they all mean the same thing. We mainly adapt new words to assimilate the history of that word into our culture. We can call someone "funny" or, let's say, "comical." But "comical" is a boring direct descendant from the Latin word comicus (a writer of comedy, a comic actor, or comedian), whereas "funny" is an odd colloquialism from the good old American South in the 1800s, which denoted anything from a "tingling sensation" to "mental hospital"—which makes the word not only more diverse but also hilarious.

The point is: "Bisexual" creates the clear distinction that someone is attracted to two genders (usually cisgenders, indicating individuals who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth). The problem is that excludes any non-cisgender individuals. Growing awareness of trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer identities and the discrimination they still face today (both legally and socially) gives the inclusivity of "alphabet soup" grave importance.

pansexual credit: "Jane"Pinterest

Rolling Stone points out that there's plenty of debate about the necessity of a pansexual orientation within the LGBTQ+ community itself. Some agree with the Bisexual Resource Center's Gabrielle Blonder, who says, "I personally like the historical aspect of it. It's the label we've fought for recognition under for decades, and it's the most widely-known label. Language isn't a static entity, and words can change meaning over time...I believe the term bisexual has morphed into a different meaning than it originally was." Similarly, Ethan Remillard, 22, who came out as bisexual in his early teens, bluntly stated, "I identify as bisexual because I like f**king dudes and romancing girls. But I don't claim pansexuality because trans[gender] girls and boys are the same as their cis[gender] counterparts."

While that's true, others acknowledge that they do respond differently to trans and genderqueer individuals as a form of respect for their separate expressions of gender. Daniel Saynt, founder of the private club NSFW, says, "I've definitely met attractive trans and non-conforming individuals, but the feelings I have [for them have] never been sexual in nature." Saynt adds, "It's more of an appreciation for who they are, what they represent, and just a desire for them to find happiness regardless of identity."


Ultimately, "pansexual" doesn't just include trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer individuals as valid subjects of sexual attraction; it signals that they're attractive because of their specific expression of gender(s), not despite it.

As RuPaul's Drag Race alum Courtney Act told Attitude, "It's important to acknowledge bisexual, pansexual. We have such a rigid idea of what heterosexuality is, and that's problematic. We have such a rigid idea of what gay is, and that's also problematic." So Bella Thorne may be the latest high profile figure to discuss pansexuality, but she joins a growing cohort including Janelle Monáe, Panic! At the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, Miley Cyrus, Orange is the New Black star Asia Kate Dillon (who also identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns "they/their"), and teenage trans-activist and reality star Jazz Jennings.

More importantly, up to 25 percent of Americans identify as not "completely heterosexual," and at least 4.5 percent of U.S. adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. It's true that the mouthful of acronyms in the LGBTQ+ community is clumsy, always changing, and difficult to grasp, but so is human behavior. Language is still trying to catch up with today's enlightened reality that gender is a social construct, sexuality is fluid, and everybody can get it on with anybody (or no one, if that's what they prefer), as long as it's between two (or three, or five, or ten) consenting adults.

A picture of Calvin Harris 'holding his erect penis' is said to be on the market, according to Radar online. Further, it may be a picture Harris 'sexted' to Taylor Swift prior to their recent break-up.

Taylor has that longstanding reputation as a mean girl, but is she THAT mean?

I think it depends on the size of Calvin's penis, and I say that with all due respect to his penis and everyone else's, whether gay or straight, Christian or Muslim.

The alleged picture, according to Radar, was sent to a female music executive in Los Angeles.

So is she the one trying to sell it or is she the 'source' reporting to Radar?

Never mind, here's the good part.

The alleged photo shows a 'shirtless man sprawled on a bed, holding his erect penis.' The bottom half of the man’s face in this alleged photo is visible and the 'facial hair matches [Calvin’s] usual scruff.'

Plus! According to Hollywoodlife,

A mole supposedly matching the mark Calvin has on his lower right waistband can be seen, and there’s a 'hint' of a large tattoo, reportedly similar to Calvin’s, on the right forearm of this mystery man.

Now we're talking. Does Calvin have a mole on his waistband? How can you have a mole on your waistband? This is some sloppy reporting, people. I'm just saying.

We'll have to look at some of Calvin's beefcake modeling pics to verify this mole and tattoo business.

While Tay and Calvin earlier maintained that the break-up was amicable, we knew something was afoot (or a-penis) when Harris deleted his post-break-up tweet about his love and respect for Taylor. Tay then deleted all history of Calvin from her Instagram, and he not only unfollowed her but blocked Swifties from seeing his Tweets.

On Wednesday, Harris posted an ominous tweet and then deleted it.

What do we think he meant? 'Here comes my penis'? Or 'Help, I'm scared of her!'?

I think a nice picture of Calvin's erect penis would go a long way towards cleansing our memory banks of those sickening, posed, romantic photos of Swift with her new publicity stunt, I mean boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston.

Normally, I'm a bit of a prude, but in this case I say Bring On The Penis!










Kim Kardashian has finally nabbed her first cover of U.S. GQ, revealing the same nude body parts we all know so well.

For its tenth annual Love, Sex and Madness issue, the magazine promises 'Kim as you've never see her,' but that would require colonoscopy photos at this point so I'm afraid they are exaggerating a teeny bit.

Kim has been teasing her followers about a 'special project' with provocative photos on Instagram.

Shot by acclaimed fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, at least the spread will be visually striking, despite featuring the body we now know better than our own.

Kim is featured posing in leather, fur, and lingerie, the better to connote luxury and sophistication. Do not think 'tawdry.' Think 'elegant.' I know it's hard, but try.

Whereas once Kim complained that she had been duped into 'pornography' when she appeared on the cover of W wearing only silver paint, times have changed.

Kim has deliberately broken the Internet, and she has made it clear in a heartfelt open letter that she will not be body-shamed. No sir.

She is a feminist who is merely expressing her sexuality, so stop being mean to her.

Just sit back and enjoy the landscape that is Kim Kardashian - the fleshy wonder of her body, the parted lips, the vacant expression, the successful electrolysis, it's all there to enjoy.

Some day, when historians delve into the genesis of Kim Kardashian, they will see that it was an odd trifecta of circumstances that created her: Her dad was the best friend of O.J Simpson. She herself was the sidekick of Paris Hilton. And a sex tape she made found its way online.


Now she is Ours, forever and ever.

Give in to her. Buy the magazine. Or watch this promo from GQ, below.










Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guaranteed—actually, extreme thirst guaranteed.

This ManCrushMonday we are celebrating the fineness that is Idrissa Akuna Elba.

And, you'll be happy to know Popdust readers, our gallery carries with it an Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guarantee.

Because, Idris Goddamn Elba, duh!

There's a reason there's Tumblr after Tumblr page, and countless Pinterest boards dedicated to the 43-year-old British-born actor.

Because, whether it's posing in a sharp suit for the pages of a fashion mag—or, getting semi-nekkid and sweaty down at the gym—Elba brings the sexy, and then some, each and every time.

Moody, brooding black and white photoshoot or video?

Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Color-filled, vibrant and action-packed style fashion photoshoot?

Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Relaxed, at-home style, personal and candid photoshoot?

Yep, you got it—Check! Elba brings the sexy.

Damn, Elba even managed to inject the sexy into an A-moral, money laundering, double dealing, murderous, woman-beating Baltimore low-life-turned-drug king pin.

And, the ever awesome The Wire was all the more amazing because of it.

Actor, model, DJ, musician, television presenter… is there no end to Idris Elba's talent?

Actually, you know what? Scrap that....because, who cares?

Let's just get straight to the sexual objectification.

The rock hard abs… the bulging biceps…. the bulging other bulging, they managed to fill the world's social media feeds even more than Elba's pants.

The sparkling white toothy grin…. the manly square jaw covered in rough, tough, stubble.

The lips… the eyes…. the tattoos…. the swagger…

Oh yeah, the swagger.


Praise the Lord for the fineness that is Idrissa Akuna Elba.

But first, check out Popdust's gallery of Idris Elba hot sexy photos thirst guaranteed—you can thank us later.

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usher nude selfie accidentally reveals all

The Usher nude selfie that he posted today on Snapchat, shows just a little bit more than he intended it to we think.

Let's just say, Oh My God….

Size really does matter.

Oh come on!! Get your minds out of the gutter!!

When we talk about size mattering, we're talking about the size of the emoji you pick to "cover-up" your dick in the totally nude selfie you post on Snapchat.

Because, as you can see below, Ush picked an emoji that was just a teeny tiny little too small.

Which is definitely something that can't be said about the junk it was supposed to be covering.

The Usher nude selfie came at the end (no pun intended) of a series of Snapchats (that didn't include his dick).

The previous pics were basically Usher giving the world a tour of his home.

Kicking off in the living room, he then progressed to the bedroom, onto the bathroom.

Then into the steam room, to "blow off some steam" and create some serious thirst all around the interweb.

And, once that was done, he went and brushed his teeth.

Because, he's Usher Terry Raymond IV bitches, and that's how he rolls.

Meanwhile, we're clearly going to have to make an addition to our Biggest Dicks in Hollywood gallery.

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Justin Bieber yummy sexy shirtless photos are perfect ManCrush Monday material

It's that time of the week again—and what better way to celebrate ManCrush Monday than with the Biebs?

Popdust has scoured the interweb for all the best, hot, yummy photos that prove Justin Bieber is just too sexy for his shirt.

The 22-year-old has no issue with freeing the nipple—and we're not mad at him.

Whether it's social media, Calvin Klein modeling, performing on stage, working out at the gym, getting buck nekkid on vacation—Justin loves to flash those rock hard abs.

He has a tough time of it in the media, and people just love to hate on Bieber.

Justin is always being called a punk ass, and getting criticized for his behavior.

But, say what you want about him, he's always been devoted to his fans, and he does a ton of good things when out of the media glare.

In fact, there's a seemingly never-ending list of causes and charities Justin supports:

Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Civil Rights, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Education, Family/Parent Support, Grief Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, LGBT Support, Literacy, Miscellaneous, Philanthropy, Physical Challenges, Poverty, Sports

On Valentine's Day, back in 2011, Bieber surprised a 6-year-old fan with brain cancer—treating her to the best day of her tragically short life.

He flew Avalanna Routh and her family from Boston to New York, where he spent the afternoon playing board games and eating cupcakes with her.

He even "married" the little girl in a fun, play wedding ceremony, and let her style his famous thick locks.

When she died a few months later, the Biebs tweeted out his condolences to Avalanna's family, and drew attention to a charity that is working hard to find a cure for ATRT, the cancer she succumbed to:

Just got the worst news ever. One of the greatest spirits I have ever known is gone. Please pray for her family and for her. Please show respect to her and her family. say a prayer for her and for them. i miss her.
My angel, RIP Avalanna. I love you.

You've got to give him props for that alone—and forgive him some egg throwing, weed smoking, drinking, grafittying, and such like.

Plus, c'mon now, the Biebs is only 22!

We don't know about you, but we're grateful to hell we weren't under constant public scrutiny for the things we did at that age.

And, we didn't have an estimated fortune of $200 million to fund our fuck ups with!

Growing up in the limelight is tough for everyone—Hello, Lindsay Lohan? Amanda Bynes?

Hell, growing up NOT in the limelight is tough for everyone.

Sure, he's made a number of embarrassing, stupid mistakes—and, been accused of embarrassing stupid mistakes he didn't even make.

But show us any 22-year-old, with $200 million in the bank, and the freedom to run wild, with no parental control or guidance, and pretty much no-one around them to reign them in and give them a reality check.

Oh not to mention a bunch of high profile rappers as “close friends"…

We think he's doing pretty damn well, all things considered.

Yep, we're #TeamBiebs….and we're proud of it... deal with it haters.

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