A New Way To Access Mental Healthcare

We found a platform that's here for you.

2020 has been a rough year all around and everybody has been struggling in their own way.

Our editors were looking for mental health care that takes the next step, and we found Talkspace: an online platform for 24/7 counseling and therapy.

While some people find therapy to be their solution, we noticed that others were looking for a little more help (and there's nothing wrong with that).

Talkspace Psychiatry lets users grow their personal mental health journey in a safe, comfortable way.

The key difference between therapy and psychiatry is that therapists focus on "talk therapy" while psychiatrists can prescribe medication to treat mental health conditions. Both are great resources and thankfully Talkspace provides both.

Talkspace has created the digital environment for you to receive expert medical care without leaving the comfort of your home. As an online platform, their professionals are not only licensed but also trained by Talkspace on how to communicate with patients in the digital landscape.

All of the sessions are live video and super convenient thanks to their app. It's easy to prioritize your mental health when you don't have to worry about rearranging your busy days to get to a doctor's office.

Sometimes the hardest step is getting out the door to see a prescriber but now you can do it right from your couch. We loved speaking with a Matching Agent, which relieved the stress of reading reviews and reaching out to a prescriber on our own. Being matched with a licensed psychiatric prescriber took so much weight off our shoulders.

After the initial call, your prescriber provides personalized treatment which varies and could include medication and follow-ups. However, if you don't click with your first match, Talkspacecan easily connect you with a different prescriber without setting you back in your treatment.

Whenever we think of healthcare, cost is a major concern. Talkspace charges on a per session basis. The initial evaluation is $199 and follow-ups are $125 which is significantly cheaper than a typical in-person appointment. They currently only accept Premera and Cigna insurance (Optum will also be accepted by November) but those with other benefits can submit claims and receive 50-90% of the cost of Talkspace back.

Talkspace is now more than just a space to talk; Talkspace Psychiatry is here to help those that want to move forward with their mental health, but on a different path. There's no one way to take care of yourself and Talkspace recognizes that, so you're not alone.

We love Talkspace Psychiatry for creating a judgment-free zone where we can get the help we need and still feel in control.