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Kylie Jenner Thinks You Need Another Leather Jacket

Another Kar-Jenner Brand Emerges…But What Makes It Great?

When you think of the Kardashian fashion, your mind may wander to the color black. Seriously, whenever I throw on an all black fit, I say I feel like a Kardashian. When a family’s style makes you think of them when you wear a color, you could assume they’re pretty powerful in the fashion world.

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Another Paris fashion week rolls around and up pops up another viral celebrity outfit. There are the understated…and the outlandish. Think Kylie Jenner’s lion and Doja Cat’s literal head-to-toe Swarovski look...but that's sooo yesterday's news.

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Trash as a word can define many things. Items you’d throw out, trash. An adjective that describes a person or things that are no longer of use to you, trash.

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Is runway modeling a skill? If you're a model, you might think the answer is yes.

You'd be wrong, though. Walking while also having good genes isn't so much a skill as it is just luck that you're attractive enough for people to convince you that it is.

Enter the runway crasher at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week. This brave woman sought to prove that even normal people with regular genetics could walk forward on a stage. So she bounded onto the runway like a force of nature, joining the line of slowly moving ladies in expensive clothes.

And as she walked into the distance, she blended in with the other ladies, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes, literally anyone could be a runway model. In doing so, the Chanel catwalk crasher (known as "Marie S'infiltre" on her YouTube channel) walked for all of us, like a hero for the common folk.

But every folk tale must have a villain, and so the Chanel catwalk lady was confronted by international fashion superstar Gigi Hadid. As one of the top gatekeepers of the fashion world, Gigi Hadid can practically sniff out smaller, less angular people on her runways. "How dare someone not born into luxury, wealth, and beauty attempt to walk on a tiny stage!" Gigi probably thought.

So while the security guards floundered to do anything due to the crasher being literally indistinguishable from the "trained professional models" to the naked eye, Gigi took it upon herself to restore hegemony to the Chanel show.

Gigi physically grabs her, but not before our brave hero strikes one last pose, as if to tell Gigi Hadid and the entire world, "You may stop my catwalk, but you can never stop my spirit."

Thank you, Chanel catwalk crasher lady (who's apparently a French YouTube comedienne). Thank you for holding a mirror up to the absurdity of the fashion world and its absurd standards. You may not be the hero the fashion industry wants, but you're certainly the hero it needs.