PBS Online Film Festival Tackles Important Topics

From Immigration Policy to Gender Transition and More

A film festival you can enjoy without leaving the comfort of your couch.

The glitz and glamour of film festivals is lovely, but it is often the message and purpose behind the films that matter more. There is nothing short of that happening in this year's PBS Online Film Festival. The festival is dedicated to showcasing new talent on a platform that is accessible to a large audience. For the past six years, the festival has been a place where a diverse group of filmmakers and talent are able to share their work. So far throughout its existence, over 6 million people have viewed the films participating in the festivals.

With a great selection, it is likely the streaming numbers will surpass those numbers this year. Check out some of our picks from the festival below, and watch all the films between now and July 27 to vote for your favorite ones to win one of the festival's top prizes. Complete rules can be found here.

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Is Wayfair Using Furniture for Child Trafficking?

About a year after being accused of selling furniture to ICE detention centers, e-commerce site Wayfair is in another controversy.

Wayfair, the e-commerce website beloved by millennials on a budget who don't want their apartments to look just like IKEA showrooms, is no stranger to controversy.

Last summer, employees of the company organized a protest after allegations surfaced that Wayfair had sold $200,000 worth of furniture to border detention facilities. Now, Wayfair is being suspected of trafficking missing children in their furniture.

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