Are the Penguins in the Shedd Aquarium Videos Okay?

The aquarium has over 130,000 Twitter followers, and its inhabitants are perhaps experiencing an existential crisis not unlike our own.

If you're finding a weird, almost religious solace in watching Chicago's Shedd Aquarium's animal videos, then you're not alone.

Since the coronavirus started taking over New York City, life here has been a series of endless questions, fear, and uncertainties, but one thing that's glowed like a beacon in the distance during this entire mad week is a short video of a penguin named Wellington waddling around and seeing otters for the first time.

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THE OPTION | Lil B and the Reverse Curse

The BasedGod is a jealous and vengeful god.

Lil B, also known as The BasedGod, is a rapper known for his strange, arrhythmic style and deconstructed beats.

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