Petticoat Transcends "Fantasy" on New Single

The Bay Area's latest release grapples with his frustrating search for a real intimacy.

Nas Bogado

Petticoat's latest single, "Fantasy," is an electro-dance surge, a pop white-knuckler—and a last-gasp plea for emotional authenticity.

Petticoat is the brainchild of Bay Area native David Halsey, a musical persona that combines an '80s-indebted earnestness with a modern electronica starkness. As Petticoat, Halsey pulls from New Wave, house, and anti-pop for a sound and style that's as mysterious as it is inviting. "Fantasy" is his newest foray into sonic contradictions, with distorted vocals and hairpin turn as he pleads for real intimacy."

On "Fantasy," looping claps and bassy drums sew themselves under a sparse machinery beat. Petticoat makes his way through a multitude of bodies in a dark and crowded room, both literally and metaphorically. There's no shortage of options for a quick hookup, given the sotto sensuality of the song's percussion, but Petticoat's looking for something more. It's a song about looking for a true moment with someone new and the disappointment that comes with another missed connection. The unforgiving tempo reflects that frustration well, as the synths feint and dodge between the staccato drums. "Tell me what you're thinking of," he insists, as "all the people start to look the same."

"Fantasy" is an appeal bordering on prayer. Halsey desires a new lover to make themselves known. The search is still ongoing by the track's end; but as a tantalizing glimpse into what's in store i Petticoat's career, it's a good start.