Recently, a lot of people are trying out vegan diets, even people who would have laughed at the thought of trying it a few years ago. It's become more than just a trend, but an aspirational lifestyle change.

This is not just because of the many health and environmental benefits, but also because it's become more accessible for people to cut meat out, thanks to plant-based meal delivery services.

We've looked into it, and we discovered that the two most popular plant-based delivery services are Splendid Spoon and Revive Superfoods.

Our editors tried both to find out which was the ultimate vegan, superfood meal delivery service, here's what we found:

Key Similarities

  • Both are plant-based food delivery services
  • Both deliver foods right to your doorstep
  • Both have meals that contain lots of superfoods
  • Both offer smoothies, soups, and meals
  • Both are preservative-free
  • Both meals are heated in a microwave

Key Differences

  • Splendid Spoon smoothies arrive ready to drink, Revive's smoothies have to be blended
  • Splendid Spoon offers 60 meals altogether, Revive offers only 29 meals
  • Splendid Spoon offers extra Wellness Shots, Revive offers no extras
  • Splendid Spoon offers Noodle bowls, Revive doesn't
Splendid Spoon Overview

Splendid Spoon has 3 different plans, a Breakfast plan; a Breakfast, Lunch + 1-Day Soup Reset plan; and a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 1-Day Soup Reset plan.

I signed up for the weekly Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 1 Day Reset, which means I get 5 smoothies, 5 soup & grain bowls, 5 noodles, and 5 light soups. I chose the meals I wanted, which was tough because there are 60 delicious and nutritious meals to choose from.

Looking at the ingredients, they were all packed with superfoods, some of which I'd never even heard of! (That's how I know it's healthy.) The delivery arrived in a few days and I placed all the meals in my fridge knowing that they would be good for a week.

I started the week off with the Raspberry Cacao Smoothie which was delicious and curbed my morning sweet tooth. I just grabbed it from the fridge, it came ready to drink, so no prep was needed. I was surprised at how filling it was. The Red Beet Buddha Bowl for lunch was delicious, it only needed a few minutes in the microwave, and it was ready.

The Creamy Butternut Squash Noodles for dinner were so tasty, I had to remind myself that I was eating healthy food! Overall the meals were all very satisfying, and the convenience of zero prep made eating plant-based meals a breeze. Some of my other fave meals were the Strawberry Goji smoothie, the Red Curry Noodles, and the Vegetable Bolognese Bowl, to name a few.

Revive Superfoods Overview

Revive Superfoods offer three plans; 9 cups a week, 12 cups a week, or 24 cups a week. I went with the 24 cups a week plan and selected the cups (meals) I wanted.

Again, for breakfast I choose smoothies. For lunch and dinner, I chose from their "Supermeals" (similar to Splendid Spoons grain bowls) and soups. They offer a wide selection of smoothies (16) but between their Super meals and soups there are only 9 cups, so I ended up adding the Artisan Bean & Tomato soup twice.

The box arrived in a few days and I was excited to see if it measured up to Splendid Spoon's deliciousness. First up I had the Heart Beet smoothie, the cup came with all the ingredients, which I had to blend in the blender myself. It was yummy and kept me satisfied for a while.

For lunch, I had the Carrot Ginger soup which was really good, then I had the Cauliflower Couscous SuperMeal for dinner. I'll be honest, at the end of the first day I was left a bit unsatisfied. Their SuperMeals and soups are perfect lunches, but for dinner, I crave something more substantial.

I continued for the rest of the week and found myself switching back to my old sugary cereal for breakfast because I didn't have the energy to make the smoothie and wash the blender afterward (I'm not a morning person).

Final Thoughts

At the end of trying both Splendid Spoon and Revive Superfoods, I'm sticking with Splendid Spoon.

If I'm going to be adding plant-based meals into my diet, it needs to be as easy and substantial as possible. In the morning I barely have the energy to get dressed, so blending the Revive smoothies and then washing the blender feels like a hassle (yes I am that lazy in the mornings). Drinking my Splendid Spoon smoothies as soon as I take them out of the fridge is the perfect way to start my day.

Splendid Spoon offers 15 smoothies, 30-grain bowls and soups, 8 noodle bowls, and 7 reset soups to choose from. Revive offers 16 smoothies, 6 SuperMeals (grain bowls), and 3 soups. I can see myself getting sick of having the same grain bowls and soups every week with Revive. Variety is important to me, and Splendid Spoon is constantly adding new meals to their menu so I'll never get bored.

Lastly, as I mentioned, Revive's meals fall short of what I feel are appropriate for dinnertime (I find myself needing a midnight snack or dessert). Splendid Spoons noodle bowls are wholesome and very satisfying dinners, I could see myself eating plant-based meals all week with Splendid Spoon. Plus I felt satisfied and energized all day every day.

Splendid Spoons plans are completely flexible, you can pause or cancel at any time. If you're looking for an easy way to eat more healthy and plant-based meals, check out Splendid Spoon.

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Is it just us, or do you roll your eyes any time anyone talks about healthy eating? We totally get it. Trying to eat a well-balanced diet in today's world is no easy feat!

In the past, when we thought about eating healthily, our minds went to boring meals with little to no flavor. Luckily, it's 2021 and anything is possible! Turns out, there is a way to eat nutritious meals that won't take forever to prepare and that taste truly delicious.

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery subscription that sends you ready-to-eat superfood-packed smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and more meals according to your schedule.

Let us tell you, so many people are absolutely raving about this service, so naturally our curiosity piqued.

How good can plant-based, nutritionally balanced meals really be? Will they really help us keep our eating habits on track?

We decided to investigate to see what all the fuss was about. Keep reading to see if Splendid Spoon really lives up to the hype.

No Prep: There are no recipes or cooking, everything is cooked and delivered right to your door - all you need to do is open it up or heat it up.

"I very much enjoy the shakes and bowls. There is a wide variety and pretty much every flavor I have tried has been yummy! The best part is that they are delivered weekly to my door and all I have to do is heat them up!" - Dawn

Convenience: The breakfast, lunch, dinner +1 day soup reset plan is the most popular. You can choose how often you want to receive your delivery (weekly, every other week, or once a month). Their plans are flexible and can be tweaked, paused, or canceled at any time. Splendid Spoon offers a quick and easy solution to improve your eating habits without having to spend hours grocery shopping and cooking.

"I appreciate not having to think about breakfast and lunch five days a week. With Splendid Spoon, I get good, healthy food and can keep going with my busy schedule" - Abraham

​Nutritious And Packed Full Of Superfoods: Their soups, smoothies, and bowls are made of natural ingredients that are vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Everything is packed full of superfood ingredients like hibiscus which is an antioxidant, matcha can help ignite metabolism, and Cacao improves blood flow to your brain.

"I have been using Splendid Spoon for about five months now, ever since I decided to go vegan. This makes being a vegan SO easy -- with the added benefit of knowing how many calories you're consuming. As a result, I've lost 25 pounds pretty effortlessly!! I really like the meal variety and often eat a Splendid Spoon meal for lunch as well as dinner. Defrost, heat up, and eat! Love it." - Catherine

​Wide Range of Recipes & International Cuisine: Splendid Spoon has over 40 delicious worldly recipes to choose from (15 smoothies, 31 soups & grain bowls, 8 noodles, and 5 resets - light soups). The Brown Rice Taco Bowl and Dragon Fruit and Chocolate Cherry Smoothies are some of our favorites.

"Flavorful foods and quite a variety of vegetables. Fell in love with Indian food from the various bowls. Very convenient to prepare. Packaged for shipping keeps items safe and cool." - Debbie

Delicious And Filling: Customers are raving about how amazing Splendid Spoon is. Not only is it delicious, but all their meals are filling, meaning they don't leave you hungry or in need of mid-day snacks.

"Appreciate the environmentally-friendly packaging that comes each week. I love the food and the health benefits." - Adrienne

"Delicious soups and bowls. Incredible smoothies! Ingredients are very healthy with a wide variety to suit every palate. I love the automatic portion control, and the ability to grab and go delicious meals to suit my busy lifestyle" - Charlene

"I have enjoyed every meal I have tried from Splendid Spoon. I love the smoothies and appreciate that all of the food is nutritious, ready to drink / easy to heat up, and comes in recyclable containers...I don't have the time to cook at home, so Splendid Spoon is convenient and I can feel good about the food I'm eating to nourish my body." - Kathleen

After trying it for ourselves, we now understand why so many people are raving about Splendid Spoon. They deliver on their promise of making mealtimes easier and more nutritionally balanced, and we were pleasantly surprised by how great everything tasted!

If you're someone who struggles to make healthy meals at home or are looking for a quick and easy mealtime solution, look no further than Splendid Spoon.

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It's that time of the year again when flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping and all we want to do is be out in the sun. I wish it were that easy- I was so lazy last year, my eating became unhealthy, I didn't spend time on myself and I definitely did not enjoy the spring.

This year I have made it my mission to enjoy the warmer weather and actually go out again. There is so much I need to do before that. I decided to make a list and see how much I could change before the nicer weather came around. Here are my top three things on my spring wellness checklist:

✅ Spend More Time Outdoors

I started off slow and just tried to get a little 15-minute walk in. Two days later and my feet were killing me- but I pushed through. After a month I could walk around 5 km a day and I slowly transferred it into getting two walks - one first thing in the morning and one after work to clear my mind.

I went from just walks to cycling to the shop and spending long hours in my back garden.

✅ Eat Less Meat

My next task - and this was the most important - eat less meat and focus more on fresh produce; vegetables and fruits are in season after all. I had no idea where to start with this. Cooking is not me, I know the basics and even then most of the recipes I know are meat-oriented.

I was looking at different options and that's when I saw an ad about Splendid Spoon - a plant-based meal delivery service. It seemed too good to be true but I decided to look at it. After signing up, I could pick a plan, customize my meals and have them cooked and delivered right to my door.

This opened so many doors, I didn't need to cook or think of new recipes. I picked the breakfast, lunch, dinner + reset plan (5 smoothies, 5 soup & grain bowls, 5 noodles, 5 light soups (reset day) which costs $9.25 per meal or $185 total.

Splendid Spoon
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I could even control my delivery according to my lifestyle and skip a week if I needed to. I loved everything I tried so far but the Cuban Black Bean Bowl Sweet & savory rice bowl filled with plantains & black beans, Red Curry Noodles Coconut-rich curry simmered with sweet potatoes and a squeeze of lime, and the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie have to be my favorites.

Splendid Spoon also has soups and wellness shots. I never knew eating healthy could be that easy and tasty! I feel so much more energized every day and with fresh ingredients, I feel so ready for spring. I guess that's another thing done on my list!

✅Take Care Of My Skin

It was time to actually stick to a skincare routine. I ditched the cheap skincare stuff that I could pick up from the drug store and went with an all-natural brand.

I started using products with hydraulic acid and vitamin E. Within a month my skin felt so much better, it was not splotchy and breaking out anymore. I'm not talking about new makeup sets but just a few basic things like moisturizer and using face masks more. My skin felt so different and felt like a whole new me.

What do I say, I feel incredible and I am actually excited for the good weather again. I can't wait to add more things to my spring list but for now, the biggest change I am excited about is sticking to my healthy eating routine which Splendid Spoon has helped me so much with already. It's given me the energy to make other changes in my routine overall.

If you are looking for fresh ingredients and thinking of eating less meat then definitely try Splendid Spoon it is the greatest change I made for myself.

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We Asked Three Of Our Editors To Try Splendid Spoon

What do a workaholic, a takeout junkie, and a vegetarian have in common? They Love Splendid Spoon

We've all been taught to get 8 hours of sleep a night and 3 meals a day plus snacks, but even with spending more time at home, it can be impossible to get into those routines.

Unless you spend time every day preparing and cooking your own meals, it's likely to stray off course from a healthy schedule. And that's okay!

Sometimes we wish we could check out and have our meals delivered….so, we actually looked into it.

For easy, healthy meals, our editors looked into a few different meal delivery subscriptions, and settled on Splendid Spoon as the ultimate one to try.

Splendid Spoon Overview

They specialize in plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls, noodle bowls, and even immunity shots delivered right to your door. Everything is ready-to-eat and they have really positive reviews.

Our staff is pretty diverse, so everyone found something different to enjoy.

Here's what we each liked about it and why:

The Workaholic

Eating Schedule: I like to get up early to get work in before I'm drowning in Slack messages, and I tend to eat lunch whenever I remember or have 20 minutes free between meetings.

Favorite Splendid Spoon Feature: No Prep

Experience: Should I be taking more regular breaks? My eyes say yes, but my inbox says no. I'm juggling a project at work right now that is my baby, so everything else gets reprioritized, including my lunch schedule.

Pre- Splendid Spoon, lunch was peanut butter on toast or boxed mac'n'cheese. Now? I love having access to fast, healthy options. Everything lasts for 2 weeks in the fridge or 1 month in the freezer, so I don't have to do extra planning on what to eat when. A quick defrost in the microwave is now all that stands between me and a really tasty and amazingly filling bowl of Veggie Bolognese or Cumin Sweet Potato Soap.

The Takeout Junkie

Eating Schedule: I cook maybe once a week and I'm on a first-name basis with the employees at my local deli, Chinese, sushi, pizza, and Thai spots.

Favorite Splendid Spoon Feature: Range of Foods

Experience: I grew up never eating takeout, so I'm a little rebellious and eat it constantly. It's always been so convenient and I hate eating the same thing all week.

I was convinced I wouldn't like Splendid Spoon, but they have such an incredible range of recipes and cuisines, I haven't been bored.

My favorites so far have been the Coconut Curry Rice Bowl, the Moroccan Lentil Soup, and the Mint Chip Smoothie, but they add new items all the time.

Plus, I know that their focus on superfoods and lower sugar and sodium counteracts all the sugar and salt in my diet from takeout, so I'm a big fan.

The Wannabe Vegetarian

Eating Schedule: I eat 3 meals a day and snack a bit in the afternoon, but whenever I try a new vegetarian recipe, I feel like I always need a snack later.

Favorite Splendid Spoon Feature: How Filling Everything Is

Experience: I've been trying to cut down on my meat and dairy intake, but what makes it difficult for me is getting enough protein in my diet without doing too much extra work.

With Splendid Spoon, I can get easy plant-based meals covered, that are actually filling. When I order vegan meals at restaurants, I usually need an entree and a side to leave full, but Splendid Spoon focuses on filling ingredients and delicious recipes so I'm not hungry or bored.

I don't miss meat at all with their Vegan Meatballs & Marinara Noodles or Mexican Tomato Chili. They also cover my entire day with smoothies for breakfast (the Mango Guava is incredible) or even dessert (hello, Chocolate Cherry). There are also so many superfoods like acai or quinoa for a balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

Splendid Spoon makes eating healthier so easy. Access to filling, plant-based meals can really change your day; you don't feel heavy, but you do feel energized enough to tackle those big projects.

Splendid Spoon has over 50 different recipes to choose from each week for their 4 plans. The lightest is just Lunch and the most robust provides Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner + a 1-Day Reset. It's super flexible for anyone's schedule.

If your eating routine is stressing you out? You need to try Splendid Spoon to get some of your time and energy back. With tasty and filling meals delivered right to your door, you can stay focused on every other part of your day.

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The last few months I've felt constantly bloated with intense sugar cravings and generally low energy. No matter how much water I drank, my eyes and lower abdomen always seemed a little puffy and I felt so sluggish in the mornings. Had I always felt this way and it was just getting worse with age?

Searching the internet obsessively for what was happening, and asking friends, the truth slowly began to dawn on me: my metabolism was slowing down.

I was bummed; I missed my stomach from a few years ago along with that energy that always seemed to course through me. I felt like seltzer that'd lost its bubbles.

I needed a metabolism reboot. I've been drinking green tea all my life and I definitely didn't need more caffeine, but I needed something.

The bloggers make it seem so easy sometimes. Beautiful house, kids, body….there was one I was following who posted photos with a red box from Sakara Life. She was already a big fan of their plant-based nutrition program and now she was praising their Metabolism Super Powder (!!!).

Most supplements out there contain harsh additives, synthetics, and caffeine that make me feel so jittery. I went to Sakara's site to learn more about the ingredients of Metabolism Powder.

Sakara's Metabolism Powder is an organic raw cacao powder with celery seed, gymnema sylvestre, L-glutamine, fucoxanthin, and black pepper piperine. My first thoughts were that some of these were pretty big words, and probably sneakier versions of the same toxic stuff in “flat tummy" products.

Turns out all of them are nontoxic and completely natural! Celery seed is a natural diuretic to eliminate bloat, Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that regulates blood sugar and cortisol, L-Glutamine is an amino acid that supports digestion and controls cravings, Fucoxanthin is an antioxidant that lowers body fat, and Black Pepper Piperine revs metabolism and controls inflammation.

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There are no negative side effects as all ingredients are from whole-food, plant-based sources.I was excited to feel the results.

After reading all the rave reviews, I ordered 10 sachets of Metabolism Powder to try a reset for myself. When they arrived, I added the powder to my morning smoothie, mixed with hot coffee, or mixed it with some warm almond milk to create a delicious afternoon drink. I also found it mixed well with almond butter for a chocolate-y morning toast spread.

Sakara Life has recipes on their blog for how to consume Metabolism Powder like chocolate mousse, cinnamon mocha latte, and cacao-chia pudding. One evening I chose to mix it with warm almond milk for a nighttime treat and it was rich and tasty. I followed it up with a 10-minute nighttime meditation and went to bed.

The next morning, I thought I felt better than usual and noticed I felt less bloated, but figured it was probably the placebo effect. However, after just one week, I felt so much lighter. I'd lost a pound maybe, but my stomach wasn't as bloated and the layer of salty puffiness around my cheekbones and eyes had gone down. My sugar cravings had also dramatically decreased. This really was a great way to help me restart my metabolism and counteract some of my body's natural digestive slow down.

Getting older can just mean getting wiser when I've got Sakara's Metabolism Super Powder to keep me feeling amazing. I recommend this powder to everyone now - it's yummy and can help you feel like the best version of yourself.

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