An Ode to the PlayStation 2

Great games are not limited to great graphics.

Older video games rarely hold up in retrospect—at least graphically.

While plenty of older video games feature phenomenal gameplay that continues to stay relevant decades later, technology has moved quickly enough that older graphics look borderline ridiculous in comparison to the modern stuff. Of course, there are exceptions—8-bit and 16-bit era aesthetics will always remain popular within certain niches—but as soon as video games began aiming for more realistic graphics, the medium cursed itself with the never-ending whims of technological advancement

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An Old Gamer Recommends Classic Video Games to Gen-Z

Allow an elder millennial gamer to show you young'uns the ropes.


2020 marks the expected release for both Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Even better, both companies have promised potential buyers backwards compatibility with games from past console generations. So when Pandora's Box of old school video games is opened for the masses, what games should Gen Z prioritize to dust off the digital cobwebs? Allow an elder millennial to show you young'uns the ropes.

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