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Did the Tampa Police Department Even Watch "Minority Report"?

The New Tampa PD initiative is startlingly similar to the dystopian film.

Turns out we're in the "Minority Report" timeline!

via 20th Century Fox

So what was it all for?

Why did we all have to squint through the dimly lit cinematography of Minority Report , watching Tom Cruise get his eyes gouged out and being forced to root for a cop, if we, as a society, weren't going to learn the one lesson it was trying to teach us: that you can't predict crime.

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Culture News

Cops Using Taylor Swift to Undermine Your Civil Rights

Police are trying out a new tactic to prevent videos of misconduct from going viral.

Do you get nervous around police?

Is it because they carry guns and are rarely held accountable when they harass, harm, assault, or even kill people?

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Image by Andy Feliciotti | Unsplash

"President Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon...Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they always made me glad." -Malcolm X.

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Well, At Least Lana Del Rey's New Fiancé Isn't a Cop

The singer capped off a year full of social media blunders with a new engagement ring.

Lana Del Rey and her Fiance Clayton Johnson

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Amid mask mandates, Black Lives Matter protests, and one mess of a presidential election, 2020 has shown many people's true colors: the recently-engaged Lana Del Rey among them.

It really wasn't that long ago when Miss Del Rey, our contralto patron saint of Americana fetishism, came under fire for dating Sean Larkin—an L.A. police officer who apparently has some clout in the cop world. Sighs of relief were uttered by reformed Tumblr girls everywhere when Larkin revealed that the pair had evidently broken up earlier in March .

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Culture News

A Message for Police: Now Is Not the Time to Make Food-Tampering Claims

NYPD officers falsely claimed that their Shake Shack milkshakes had been poisoned.

Shake Shack

Photo by Subhaan Saleem Unsplash

According to a statement that has since been deleted, three NYPD officers were hospitalized after an ill-fated trip to Shake Shack.

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TV Features

How TV's "Good Cops" Promote Dangerous Narratives About Real-Life Police

Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine make cops seem harmless, an illusion tainted with centuries of racism.

Dirk Blocker, Joe Lo Truglio, Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Joel McKinnon Miller of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Photo by Eugene Powers (Shutterstock)

Two summers ago, during one of the darkest periods in my personal life, I found solace in Brooklyn Nine-Nine .

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