The 3 Least Factual Things Ben Shapiro Has Said This Week

As usual, no one's asked for his opinion, and these facts don't care about his feelings.

Ben Shapiro Protest at UC Berkeley


Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro really wants to know what Brett Kavanaugh's genitalia look like.

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In "Paper Tiger," Bill Burr Proves He's No Dave Chappelle

The difference between Paper Tiger and Sticks and Stones is that Chappelle's content actually has bite. Burr's material, on the other hand, feels toothless.

Bill Burr at the 'Blonde' film premiere, Los Angeles

Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

No doubt about it, Bill Burr is a very talented comedian.

Burr knows how to set up a joke and land a punchline. He knows how to shift a story to keep a joke running. And when an audience member heckles him, he knows how to shut them down. Love it or hate it, Bill Burr's new Netflix special, Paper Tiger, is certainly a well-crafted hour of stand-up comedy. But is well-crafted comedy necessarily funny? That's debatable.

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