Kevin Kolk Releases Dance-Inducing Debut Single "Deep End"

The Nashville native continues the mental health conversation with his debut single.

Kevin Kolk

16-year-old pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Kolk fuels the conversation on mental health in his debut single "Deep End."

Inspired by a diverse range of artists from Post Malone and Khalid to Alec Benjamin and Ed Sheeran, Kolk's bold and unique sound expresses a maturity that is well beyond his years. It's clear that the single was made with passion and the utmost care. "I was involved with the writing, producing, and obviously the singing, and when everything came together it just all fell into place," shared Kolk. "Luckily, I had a great team around me...for the writing, which is probably my favorite part, that kinda came together when I came up with the hook and we wrote from there and based the sound off of the lyrics that we created."

"Deep End" begins with an entrancing sound collage of infectious and well-layered beats that set the scene for the rest of the track. Listeners are then soon drawn in by Kolk's smooth and clear vocals that serve as a guide through the track's relatable message. "'Deep End' is about dealing with anxiety and wondering if it gets better. It's about keeping hope in hard situations," says Kolk. The singer's vulnerable voice is attention-grabbing, especially on poignant lyrics like, "the voices in my head are getting louder than my friends/and it's getting harder and harder to play pretend/and I'm stuck in the deep end," and "you can't drown in a puddle."

"I wanted to take risks with my music," says Kolk. "I worked to create a style that is unique to me, both lyrically and musically." "Deep End" is a dance-inducing song perfect for the summer, but the deeper meaning is what makes Kolk someone special and worthy of keeping an eye on as he progresses with his career.

As for what Kolk is going to be doing in the future, the singer shared that there will be a music video for "Deep End" coming out soon and that he will be releasing his EP Hearts this fall, which will further dive into themes like anxiety, trust, and hope. "I think I really created a sound that is unique to me and each song is different, but each one speaks to me and I'm excited to share it with people very soon!"

Be sure to check out Kevin Kolk's debut single "Deep End" below.

Deep End


Kat Capone Spills the Tea in Music Video for "Choke"

The pop singer-songwriter holds nothing back and keeps it real in her latest music video.

Kat Capone

The New York native pop singer/songwriter Kat Capone continues to shows off her dynamic and candid personality in her latest music video for her song "Choke."

Drawing from her musical influences like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Missy Elliot, Capone skillful combines honest and direct songwriting mixed with fun, impactful pop beats to create music that can be enjoyed by the masses.

The video begins with fast cut scenes of a decadent living room, panning over luxurious decor and glittering gold furniture. The camera then cuts to Capone, dressed stylishly in all black and wearing matching berets with two other women. The trio begins to sip their tea when Capone launches into the song's opening lyric, "I heard what you said/ And you seem a little obsessed/ We coulda been friends/ This song coulda been a duet" with her sensual and raspy voice.

According to Capone, "Choke" is a high energy rhythmic jam full of attitude and confidence inspired by gossipers who secretly follow everything you do. This theme and Capone deep cutting swagger is especially obvious in the track's infectious chorus. With lines like, "You ain't gotta like me I got enough friends/ You ain't gotta lie to me or pretend/ No time for the he said she said/ We could smell the hate on your breath," and "Been hearing that my name's in your mouth/ When you see me you don't even make a sound/ Guess the cat got your tongue tied now/ Don't choke on my name spit it out," the singer makes a stance that she isn't here to waste time and energy on people who are less than authentic.

The quirky track is produced by MultiPlatinum producer KQuick (Alessia Cara, J Cole, Queen Naija) and its infectious flute melody is supported by deep 808s and clocklike percussion. The chorus serves elementary school playground taunting vibes paired with a classic reggae sample from Major Cat.

Check out Kat Capone's music video for "Choke" below!

Choke - Kat Capone (Official Video)


Andy Grammer Talks New Album, Fresh Sound and Keeping Positive Vibes

"I wanted to make a collection of songs for people who believe in seeing the good, even in the bad," Grammer says in a Q&A.

It's been about a year and a half since American singer-songwriter Andy Grammer released his third album, The Good Parts. And now, he's back once more—this time exchanging shimmery, stadium-pop production for a more organic sound.

His change in swagger can be heard clearly on his latest single, the gospel-tinged anthem, "My Own Hero." Steeped in optimism and silver linings, Grammer's forthcoming album, Naive, is due out July 26th. He sat down with Popdust to talk more about his legacy, his relentless positivity, and his upcoming album.

Your music tends to be as catchy as it is heartfelt. When a song comes to you, does it seem to more frequently show up in the form of a melody or a lyric first? What is your writing process like? Has it changed or evolved at all over the years? How so?

I think it's really hard to do heartfelt, catchy, and uplifting without being cheesy. My process is that I chase these topics that are real to me a lot. I spend the majority of my writing hunting for them and then only keep the top 10%. There are a lot of songs that get left on the cutting room floor.

You've been creating music for quite some time now. In your opinion, what should a successful song accomplish? What does a great song do for the listener?

Fundamentally, I think songs are supposed to make you feel not alone. We are all alone in our heads with our experiences, but good songs remind us that we're all feeling a lot of the same things.

Who would you cite as having the largest influence on your music? Who do you have on regular rotation these days?

For this last album I was listening to, a lot of the great story tellers: Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder. I love artists who can be light and deep at the same time.

I understand that you have a new album coming out soon. What can fans expect from the new material? Do you see it as deviating much from your previous work? If so, in what ways?

My new album is titled Naive. I find that when your natural state is smiling and shiny, sometimes people misconstrue that as daft or stupid. I wanted to make a collection of songs for people who believe in seeing the good, even in the bad. It's probably my most organic sounding record to date.


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