Power Finale | You Can't Fix This

TV | POWER Recap: In the end, it's the women who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Power Recap|Season 4, Episode 10: You Can't Fix This

"You dragged us back into the life."

Naturi Naughton produced anger, hurt, and sadness so well I wondered if this was filmed during her pregnancy. Tasha is sitting in the truck with her husband and son moments after identifying her daughter's body. Her innocent child was murdered and she's unsure why. Well, unsure until her husband tells her it's because he angered the Jiminez and Raina's death was street retribution. He sets off to get revenge and Tasha throws away the notion of going legit at the very time she was actually ready to change her life for the better. Now the mourning mother wants blood, and she wants Ghost to do it quickly and quietly because they have two children that need them. This is ironic not only because the youngest St. Patrick was sent to her room two seasons ago and only seen about twice since, but also because their son actually knows who killed Raina and is keeping the killer's identity a secret, even from his parents (as I predicted), sending Ghost on a murderous goose chase. Tasha knows Tariq is lying and notes that her husband doesn't see it because their son lies just like his punk ass daddy I mean Ghost.

What happened next is a little weird. They go into the house where Kesha greets them with a house full of people we assume they are close to. This is strange because Raina died hours ago and their house is full of people like it's a repast. If I had to guess, I'm thinking that this scene is to show the duality of the St. Patrick's, mourners and murders simultaneously. While each tries to cope with the loss, they are met with the well-intentioned but annoying phrases that people say to provide comfort, my favorites being "everything happens for a reason" and "I can't imagine losing a sibling, but especially not a twin". We know it is not long before Tariq turns to the lean, and for once, I'm not all that mad at him. Ghost has already gone to the place he goes before he commits every murder, his closet, and donned on his finest all black murder outfit. When Ghost pulls out the vest and gloves, somebody is dying. We just hope it is the right person. There's this moment when Ghost sees the Man of The Year program on the floor, picks it up, and crumbles it prophetically. I want to scream don't do it at my television but, it was his daughter, so...

Angela(Lela Loren)'s in charge.Photo Courtesy of Starz

We see Angela in her new role, she takes John Mak's case and gives it to the entire team in one fell swoop of a power move. The case seems to have a Jimenez tie (with the gold gun), so right away we know next season she will still be entwined with Ghost and sacrificing her job and her morality. Sax comes in and smugly breaks the news that Raina was killed outside of her school. He is inappropriate and insensitive, but he's also really good at making it known he doesn't agree with the fate of the case and Angela in charge. On her break Angela goes to send condolences to Ghost, tells him to let her handle it so he doesn't die, and then goes to visit Raina's real killer, Rar Ray. She asks RayRay why he was visiting Tariq at school, and Ray Ray seamlessly slipped into Officer Friendly mode, saying he was trying to scare Tariq straight. We later find out that he also told Angela he thinks Tariq killed Raina.

In the middle of this, Ghost and Tommy shoot it out with some Jiminez guys, and two important discoveries are made, Jiminez's don't kill kids and Julio was set up with Dre's assistance. They all die though because, killers. Ghost kills him before he spills the rest of Dre's plan to Tommy's dismay, but Tommy also let's it rock because his best friend's daughter is dead.Guess that marriage counseling Kanan recommended is no longer necessary.

Silver comes to see his mourning girlfriend and says he loves her. He notices Ghost is not at the house, and immediately knows that criminal workings are underway. It's in this moment that Tasha could not care less about going legit. She wants this handled swiftly in the streets according to street rules-blood in, blood out. She then tells Silver to leave. Their fairy tale is over, there is no happily ever after.

Ghost and Tasha come in to a house full of people after Raina's death.Photo Courtesy of Starz

Tommy goes to pay Dre a visit and sees him talking to an undercover cop. Unbeknownst to him, he's really seeing Dre with Raina's killer. Meanwhile Tariq is on his way to see Dre too, geeked up on lean and grief. It's here that I feel the need to talk about Kanan. Y'all know I love Kanan. Any episode he appears is a good one and here goes my murderous bae figuring out who killed Raina before anyone else, though Angela was close. While plotting on Dre, he connects the dots between her death and Tariq calling him looking for Ray Ray. He calls Tommy to let him know Ray Ray must die and to let him know that Tariq is probably looking for him. Meanwhile, Ghost is meeting up with Councilman Tate , who wants to exploit Raina's funeral to help his crooked pastor. I see I'm about to hate Larenz Tate's fine self like I hated Idris in the Wire. I also wondered how Ghost didn't punch Councilman Tate in his face when he told him that the funeral would be there, no matter what. The "Are we clear" took me out and Ghost should have taken Tate out but I guess that's for season five.

Now here comes the ascension into climax (which is also a great name for a Maxwell CD or a band, just run me my money).

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Tasha sees Tariq stole her gun and goes to the only other person she know she can count on for information, Angela. Women are really saving the day here. I'd like to point that out again. Tariq is on his own quest. He figures out that Dre is the common link between all o f the criminals, gets Ray Ray's address from Dre, and meets goes to kill him. It is here that we need to point out again Dre ain't ish. With both Ray Ray and Tariq threatening to expose him, he probably hopes they kill each other.

Now the climax. Tariq goes to kill Ray Ray, Ghost goes to stop Tariq, Tommy goes to kill Ray Ray and Tasha goes to stop Tariq. Tariq kills Ray Ray, which I'm not sad about, except now Tariq's life is really changed. He always wanted to know the truth about his family and now he knows, and is a part of their dirty lives. He freezes as his father and uncle move the body and his mom instructs him to take off his bloody clothes. When he gets home, he follows the routine his father followed so many times- burn the clothes, go in the bathroom, clean his body and nails, and throw his clothes in the black trash bag. It's at this moment he transforms into his father. All of this time I thought it was Dre who was going to follow in Ghosts footsteps, but maybe when Ghost said he was grooming Tariq to be a better him, this is what he unknowingly predicted. There's this moment where Tariq looks at the picture of him and his sisters, his family, and then into the mirror, and it parallels the first time we saw Ghost after a kill in that same bathroom.

After Tommy and Ghost dispose of the body, they are planning to go see Dre. Tommy's phone rings and he answers, and passes it to an irritated Ghost. Y'ALL. It's my muh-effin boyfriend Kanan. The gang is back and about to play teachers versus the students gang style with Dre. Dre killed Father Callahan, and Julio so it is about time he sweats a little. He's been getting cocky and we all know that pride cometh before the fall.

As happy as that final scene is, there is another scene that isn't as nice and that is Tasha meeting with Silver. She tells Silver that she killed Tariq (remember, it was her gun, and a bullet was left in the wall that Angela discovered. Silver says that he can only be her lover or her lawyer, not both. Well Silver, she just confessed to a murder so which one do you think she's choosing? Tasha whips out that checkbook.

I have some theories about Season 5 ( which will be shot in two weeks):

  • The bullet was purposely left in the wall so Tasha could take the fall. It took the heat off of the already suspect Ghost, the career criminal Tommy, and Tariq. Who would blame a stressed and grieving mother who shot her daughter's killer less than 24 hours later. Also she went to Angela before so Angela knows she was distraught and there are witnesses.
  • Dre and Councilman Tate come for Ghost and Tommy's drug status. Dre needs protection and he's not dying immediately. He and Tate already have a bond.
  • Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost are about to have the best year ever, making money hand over fist and killing whoever gets in the way
  • Angela is going to cover more of Ghost's crimes and they will start dating again.
  • They are going to send Tariq away to Connecticut because he knows too much and no good parent wants their son in the game.

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If it's not you, who is it then?

TV RECAP | In Season 4, Episode 9 of POWER, the chickens have come to roost.

"The only good thing about the good old days is they're gone." -Dick Gregory

[Note: While I have a signature of weaving some of my favorite songs into everything I write, this recap uses Dick Gregory quotes as headers. On August 18, 2017, one of the most prolific, thought provoking, and hilarious men left this earth after 84 years of learning and teaching. Rest In Peace Dick Gregory.]

Season 4, Episode 9, "That Ain't Me"

"Love is man's natural endowment, but he doesn't know how to use it. He refuses to recognize the power of love because of his love of power."

So here we are. Tariq and Ghost basically have a second chance at life, maybe third for Tariq, and it looks like he has had enough of being a whiny, unappreciative teenager unable to grasp the concept of familial loyalty. He is finally ready to go to Connecticut and escape the thug life his parents sold all those drugs to keep him out of. With Ghost in the background teaching his son how to live a double life, Tariq passes an interview for Choate. Ghost tells him he is becoming the man he always wanted him to be, the best version of him. It's clear that Ghost had no idea how far, yet how close he was to really understanding Tariq in that one statement. In the car, Tariq uses this time with his father to get ahead of his own crime-filled life as an accomplice in a robbery turned murder. He does this "clever" teenage mind trick where he masks his situation with future co-conspirator Brains as curiosity for his Dad's situation with Kanan. He wants to know how to get a killer off his back, and his father reminds him that one can't go down without them all going down. This gives Tariq all the confidence he needs in dealing with Brains. Things are coming full circle, as Tariq is starting to be more like his father every day. It's funny, at this very moment the two have exactly what they want out of life, love of their family and a new start, yet there is this ominous feeling the peace is short lived.

Silver and Angela have more in common than they think in this newest episode of Power.Photo Courtesy of Starz

Speaking of family, it seems Angela's sister, Paz, heart softened a little this episode. As they stand over a bloodstained couch, Paz says she's glad Mike is dead and does not care about the money anymore, she just wants Angela to live her best life. Angela pretends to admonish her sister, meanwhile, we all know that Sandoval's death was orchestrated by Angela. Still, it seems that Angela has everything she always desired, peace, her sister's support, and her job back. We know this won't be enough. We know that she wants more than her previous position, she wants a promotion as Head of Criminal. It looks like the job will go to Mak, but you never know what they are thinking in the Power writer's room.

Tommy talks to Teresi, thanking him for handling the Sandoval problem. As payment, Teresi says he wants to meet his son. Tommy points out the fact that he is a felon and can't visit him and Teresi drops the bombshell that Kate has evidence that Teresi is his biological son. Tommy can get the evidence, Teresi can get the visit. From the very first episode of the series Tommy has shown how important family is to him, so much so that he made a psuedo-family to fill the void. It will be interesting to see how the two families fare if he ever has to choose between the St. Patricks and Teresi.

Tasha (Naturi Naughton) telling Tommy (Joseph Sikora) that she's ready to go legit in Power Episode 409Photo Courtesy of Starz

Political promises are much like marriage vows. They are made at the beginning of the relationship between candidate and voter, but are quickly forgotten."- Dick Gregory

While Ghost is running the streets of Queens trying to bring reality to the man he portrays to be on camera, we learn that Ghost also wanted to go to Choate. He felt like the lack of opportunity is what kept him in Queens, and is grateful that even though another young girl in the neighborhood was afforded the opportunity while he was not, they both ended up successful. We know right away this young girl is Angela, and the skeptic in me feels like this is code for "I miss you". Councilman Tate leaves the interview to service the community, stopping to talk to corner boys, and I can't help but think he's dirty. I know I said this in the episode 7 recap, but you can't clean the streets without getting dirty, especially in politics. There's some connection he has to the streets that I've been impatiently waiting to get revealed for weeks now. In the meantime we watch him get Ghost more stakes in Stern's company. Now, I like money, but I know it's never free. Hopefully Ghost is not so caught up in the facade of being Robin Hood that he forgets this lesson as a businessman.

Remember when Tasha was still pretty immature and didn't understand the purpose of Ghost going legit. Well, one affair, jail time, a kidnapping, and a lawyer who does karaoke later, she wants to get out of the game herself. She says her reasons are purely for her well being, but you can't help but think it's mainly because of her love for Silver, who she still keeps kissing in her house like her two kids, imaginary third, imaginary mother, and estranged husband do not live there. While Silver comes over to drop off some of Ghost's things from evidence, Tasha let's him know she is thinking of expanding the hair business. As soon as she says the words invest Silver lets out an emphatic, "Not it!" and Tasha ensures him that she plans to use Ghost's alimony check from the divorce she has yet to file. Is it just me, or is everybody counting their chickens before they hatch? Except Silver. He said he doesn't have any chickens so don't ask.

Tommy (Joseph Sikora) loses his last dealer, and later Dre (Rotimi), all according to Dre's plan.Photo Courtesy of Starz

"When you have a good mother and no father, God kind of sits in. It's not enough, but it helps."- Dick Gregory

Tommy wants his birth certificate and Kate keeps playing like he hasn't killed a redhead he loved for betraying him before. He starts breaking her dolls when she refuses to tell him w here to find the documents. Kate thinks this is her same son she will be able to give a weird mouth kiss to, ask for coke and then go on her way. Nah. Tommy let's her know he killed Holly, and she instantly shows him the document which reveals a little more than any of us were prepared for. Teresi was not only at the hospital, but Tommy is a junior, and Teresi wanted to take Tommy to live with him. All of this time Tommy has been creating family in the streets and what he really wanted he had a possibility to experience. Pissed is an understatement. Instead of killing his mom, he opts for that other white girl, cocaine, and takes his car back from his mother. The same car that has a tracking device on it. Yup. Tommy is a mess, his mother is a liar, and Dre and Cristobal set fire to a million dollars in drugs to kick mission "Everybody Leave Tommy" into gear. Coked up Tommy quells his band of drug dealers for the time being and fires Cristobal, while telling Dre that he will kill his "David Blaine looking" self. Obviously I enjoyed that line, because it's kind of true, and I need to know if that was improvised.

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Meanwhile another pair of fatherless men are about to have their heads blown off because Ray Ray heard about the robbery gone wrong. Ray Ray kills Brains and Big Country but not before finding out Tariq was also at the scene of the crime. He goes to Tariq's school the next day dressed as officer friendly and Raina tells him Tariq is absent. She then goes home and warns Tariq. This is where I get frustrated. While Tommy and everyone else never had fathers to protect them, Tariq has three killers willing to die for him in Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan. But Tariq is an idiot, and tells Raina to keep it a secret and she obliges. I'm not sure who is the older twin, I'm assuming Tariq, but he's also immature and a coward. Both come out in full force by the end of the episode.

"The most difficult thing to get people to do is to accept the obvious." -Dick Gregory

Tasha tells Tommy she's going legit. Another heartbreak and betrayal for the quickly unraveling Tommy. He then asks Lakeisha for help cleaning money. I was proud of Lakeisha this episode. She told Tasha earlier she was going to stop this pattern of dating men that did not put in effort (is she moving out of New York?) and instead focus on taking responsibility in who and how she chooses men. And here comes Tommy, with a sob story about his liar mom and needing clean money and thus, needing her. Y'all, our girl Keisha finally did something right and pure for herself and told Tommy she wasn't built like that. "I ain't even built like that. It's not me." I felt it in my soul. Tommy then went on to find someone else he could convince to give him the money, Ghost.

There's a scene of peace in the St. Patrick household. Hope they enjoyed it. Tommy comes in high, telling Tariq to protect his sister from boys at the dance. Foreshadowing at its finest. Tariq def doesn't listen. Then he basically tells Ghost that he needs money for what he and Kanan stole previously. Tommy is an emotional and high mess, gets physical with Ghost, and blamed Ghost for messing up his life. This is ironic because we find out that Ghost didn't go to Choate because he didn't want to leave Tommy. Here they part ways to live their two separate lives, Tommy as a failing drug king pin and Ghost as the recipient of a wrongfully accused award, or something like that. It is here we find out that Ghost and Angela probably aren't through, Angela receives the promotion, and Tate is not as clean as Ghost wanted to believe (because, duh).

"The world is fed by greed." -Dick Gregory

Now for my favorite part of the episode. Mother-loving Kanan is back, my favorite anti-hero since Neegan in The Walking Dead. Y'all know my love for Kanan goes deep and he looks a little thick so I'm ready. He is too, just not for me. Kanan has been betrayed by a young boy trying to be a drug lord before so he is prepared for the hit and sees all the signs. He kills the two would-be assassins and you have to wonder if he knows it was Dre or if he thinks it was Ghost trying to settle the score. He lives so we will find out next episode.

Tommy visits his father and tells him he wants to meet the family. It's Tommy so it's probable the family here is criminal and not his cousins. I think this means the mob, which is strange because Tommy has everything he needs to re-up but he does need fire power for his war with the Jimenez. Teresi wants something out of Tommy, we aren't sure just what yet, but we know he will oblige to make his son happy. The very thing that Kate tried to prevent, losing her son to the Teresis may have just happened.

Now for the scene you all have been waiting for, the school dance. Tariq and Raina attend the dance, his schoolmates are saying goodbye, and Tariq, now a codeine addict is meeting up with his girlfriend to get some more lean, or so he thinks. Turns out the girlfriend is Ray Ray's cousin and Ray Ray is waiting to kill Tariq so that all loose ends are clipped in the candy robbery turned murder case. Question,when did Ray Ray become a cop or a real player in this street thing? Tariq is a true dummy until the end, and instead of running into the school, runs into a locked fence. No worries, Raina is here to protect him as usual, and loses her life standing up for her brother as he cowers in the background. For what is sure to be a pivotal scene in the series, it was actually underwhelming. This could also be because no matter how much you tried to avoid it, the spoiler was all over social media. Because Tariq is an idiot, I wonder will he even tell who killed his sister, or let Ghost think it was Kanan. Ideally, Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan cleaning up all the mess that was made is what I want to see.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.