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Premiere: Kate Klein Returns Filled with "Rage"

Klein has risen from the ashes with a new pop-punk infused track simply titled "Rage," a feeling that we're all too familiar with.

Kate Klein

Kate Klein has returned to express what we all are feeling.

After watching the world seemingly crumble around her this past year, Klein has risen from the ashes with a new pop-punk infused track simply titled "Rage," a feeling that we're all too familiar with. On the gritty 2-minute anthem, Klein abandons her pop sensibilities in favor of crunching guitars, driving drums, and unprecedented angst.

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Jessie Antonick fronts the New Orleans "cosmic folk" band Pony Hunt.

Courtesy of Pony Huny

Rigid gender norms suck. Pony Hunt's cosmic doo-wop rules.

Today, the New Orleans indie folk outfit shares a new track called "Stardust" — premiering below — which finds bandleader Jessie Antonick turning her own gender journey into something tender and heartfelt and uplifting.

"I'm a sunset ocean haze / sinking into the floor," Antonick coos in the song, a wide-eyed, doo-wop-tinged folk number. "As I lose my mind again / it rides through an open door / singing stories of a girl / who dream speaks 'I am a boy.'" The final refrain is especially affirming: "Rise from the water as you are," Antonick sings, her voice swelling as she repeats the line.

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Exclusive Premiere: The Dumes' "Everything Is Horrible" EP Is a Tribute to Real-Life Gloom

The Los Angeles rock quintet dance through the fire on their latest release.

Emily Cole

The Dumes couldn't have begun recording their new EP, Everything Is Horrible, at a more appropriate time.

The Los Angeles quintet's first day in the legendary Sunset Sound Studios coincided with the first day their city went on lockdown back in March 2020. "We didn't know if the world was ending or if we had just stepped into a time machine that transported us back to the '70s," vocalist Elodie Tomlinson said in a statement accompanying the release of Everything Is Horrible. Premiering exclusively at Popdust today and available to stream everywhere tomorrow (April 23), the EP is a timely tribute to real-life gloom.

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Rafael Paiva

After the South-Floridian's silky dance single "Self Control" went #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, pop singer Kendra Erika surprised everyone with the release of a piano-driven ballad.

"Song of Hope," which is now one of Kendra's biggest singles, is anything but a club-ready dance track – it's actually more fitting for a good cry – but with "Pure Love," Kendra Erika's new single which premieres today exclusively on Popdust, the pop singer brings the vibe back up to cruise control just in time for summer.

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Miranda Joan releases "Home"

Canadian singer/songwriter Miranda Joan has spent her time during the pandemic reflecting on her life and reconnecting with her roots.

She then put pen to paper and crafted the beautifully contemplative "Home." Premiering today on Popdust, Joan displays her stunning soulful vocals, which float delicately atop soft, glowing piano melodies and soaring harmonies, building into a toe-tapping, head-bopping beat. Her heart-wrenching lyrics narrate her longing for her family and fear of isolation, afraid of not being able to find a comforting place she can call home now that she has flown the nest.

Miranda Joan - Home (Official Music Video)

The accompanying music video features dreamy, hazy visuals showing the singer wandering around nature, discovering her new surroundings and trying to find peace in her new home. Joan wraps us up in her golden tones and celestial soundscapes. Singing, "Where will I go and what will I see? Where will I find home and where will it find me?" Joan ponders if she'll ever find her safe space again. Yet despite her concerns, she somehow manages to provide comfort for listeners, showing us that wherever we go, we can make a home for ourselves.

Born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, Joan is influenced by the likes of Carole King, Erykah Badu and Emily King to name a few. The songwriter transports the listener to a glistening neo-soul world, where everything just feels a little bit better. So get lost in her sweet tones and find your "Home" with Miranda Joan.

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Premiere: Sweet Crude Reaches Their "Ultimatum"

The bilingual pop group's latest single is an examination of self-worth

Sweet Crude


The bilingual pop sextet of Sweet Crude gracefully balances their complex pop melodies with a cacophonous whirl of drums and electro synths.

It's nearly impossible to box the band's labyrinthine sound into a single genre; perhaps that's why the band was chosen to soundtrack an episode of American Horror Story back in its third season. Their sound is all-consuming and inextricably authentic to them. Sweet Crude presents themselves as they are, and doesn't try to conform to anything other than what suits them. That actualization is also the theme of the ensembles sophomore effort, Officiel//Artificiel.

"The whole record is about trying to find your authentic self," vocalist Alexis Marceaux said in a statement. "Stripping yourself down and realizing what other people and society tell you to be, and what you actually are. And each song tells that story in its own little way."

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