This Haunts Me: Justin Timberlake’s Diss Track About Prince

Justin Timberlake's outsized ego really made him think he had license to write a verse about … Prince

Left: Prince // Right: Justin Timberlake

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It wouldn't be hyperbolic to say that Prince is one of the most influential musicians of all time.

Beyonce credits Prince with taking her to the next level as an artist by recommending she learn to play piano. Lianne La Havas had tea parties with him. Frank Ocean — despite his own almost mythical status — was rendered starstruck just by the sight of him. And countless artists credit Prince's majestic performances and his iconic catalogue as major inspirations.

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The Top 20 Saddest Christmas Songs

Gather round the Christmas tree and get ready to cry!

Phoebe Bridgers - Christmas Song (Official Audio)

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, but sometimes you're not feeling the cheer.

Or maybe you just love sad music and want to get in the holiday spirit. Whatever your reason for listening to melancholy music, there are plenty of devastating Christmas songs to help you cozy up with a cup of spiked cider and the blues. From indie gems to old classics, are our favorites.

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New Releases

Tafari Anthony Talks Escaping Negative Patterns and Embracing Pop

Tafari Anthony's new single "No Good" is about starting over.

Tafari Anthony - Centerfold (Official Video)

"That's why I had to leave," sings Tafari Anthony in the chorus of his euphoric new single, "No Good." "Cause you're no good for me."

That realization—so simple, yet so difficult—is the beginning of a shift that so many of us need to undergo. After all, healing and change can't happen without leaving behind everything that holds us back.

"No Good" is ecstatic, a pop jam for the ages and for our moment. It feels like the perfect song to blast from our rooftops as we hopefully slide towards a 2021 that's better than 2020, or as we finally leave the unpleasant quarantine situation we've been stagnating in for...well, hopefully for another quarantine in a different place.

Hailing from Toronto, Anthony is known for his awe-inspiring vocals (his name, Tafari, means "He who inspires awe"). In 2020, he released two anthemic pop tracks—"Centerfold" and "Live In a Dream." Now he's lent his talents to yet another extraordinary single: the magnetic "No Good."

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Remembering a Legend of Rock and Roll: Little Richard Dead at 87

One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Little Richard passed away on Saturday

Little Richard - Lucille (1957) [Long Version, High Quality Sound]

It was reported on Saturday that rock legend Little Richard had died in Tennessee at the age of 87.

Born Richard Penniman, Little Richard became famous as a pioneer of rock music in the 1950s, with a series of hits from "Tutti Frutti" to "Long Tall Sally" and "Good Golly Miss Molly." His gospel-inflected singing with energetic piano and gibberish lyrics became emblematic of the era's music, and the iconic rasp of his versatile voice has been emulated by many, but never matched.

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Music Features

Remembering Prince, Who Dissolved Gender and Redefined Star Power

A Prince tribute airs tonight in honor of the four-year anniversary of the icon's death.

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By the time he died exactly four years ago today, he'd released 23 albums, redefined the color purple, and ingrained himself within the legacy of pop music forever.

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27 Things That Have Happened Since Rihanna's Last Album, 'ANTI'

It's been four grueling years of no new music from Rihanna.


Photo by Image Press Agency-NurPhoto-Shutterstock

The world's wealthiest female musician hasn't been making a lot of music lately.

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