There are three types of people when it comes to weight loss: some burn their calories by working out, others balance exercise and eating healthy, and then there are people like me who think having the proper diet is enough.

Between work, tedious errands, and all other responsibilities that come with being an adult, a healthy diet or workout plan took the backseat. I try to get some fruits and vegetables into my diet, but I have yet to find a way to turn down my morning pastry — no wonder my energy dips during the day, and I have trouble focusing.

I couldn’t put my health, weight, or sugar cravings on the backburner any longer. I knew I needed to switch things up, but did I really want to try another fad diet? Many people talk about the benefits of intermittent fasting, including weight loss, accelerated cell repair, stress reduction, increased lifespan, and more.* But how can I do that on my own when I can’t even resist a butter croissant?

It wasn’t until I saw ProLon popping up on all my socials that I got excited.

Usually I’m a little skeptical when it comes to resets, but the people talking about ProLon were completely transparent about their 5-day experience. ProLon is based on over 20 years of scientific research, and their nutrition program is a revolutionary meal program designed to nourish your body and support cellular rejuvenation and metabolic balance.

ProLon's 5-Day Nutrition Program allows you to stay on track. Dr. Longo, at The Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, developed the program to unlock the deepest level of fasting and trigger "autophagy," which is when the cells naturally clean out old and worn-out cellular components to help cellular rejuvenation throughout the entire body.

ProLon's meals are designed to give you perfectly balanced levels of micro and macronutrients to keep you feeling full. You can enjoy three meals + one snack a day for five days. The meals arrive in five small boxes – one for each day – that include nut bars for breakfast, soups for lunch and dinner (including their new Michelin chef-inspired soup flavors), and snacks like olives and crackers.

The 5-Day nutrition program also includes herbal teas, supplements, and an L-Drink (a proprietary glycerol mix designed to fuel and protect muscles throughout the fast). Everything is gluten-free and formulated without GMOs, additives, or preservatives.

Each day of the 5-day reset pushes your body to a new state of transformation:

  • Day 1: Your body starts the transitions into a fat-burning mode
  • Day 2: Your body ramps up the fat-burning process and initiation of ketogenesis
  • Day 3: Cellular clean-up begins
  • Day 4: Your body continues to burn fat and remain in ketogenesis
  • Day 5: Fast is complete, and your body continues cellular renewal

ProLon puts science at the forefront of their methods and suggests completing the 5-Day nutrition program for five consecutive days once a month for 3 straight months to match clinical studies and achieve best results. The subscription model is designed precisely for this, allowing you to save and order in bulk for multiple fasts.

With so much science and excellent 5-star reviews, especially from my favorite influencers, I knew it was time to try ProLon. I placed my order and cannot wait for it to arrive so I can kick-start my journey and see incredible results.

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Weight loss programs are everywhere these days from your Instagram feed to TV commercials, all claiming to work. With the field so crowded how do we separate the true winners from the fakes?

Our editors decided to start by exploring a program that's rising to the top fast: ProLon®.

ProLon's Fasting Mimicking Diet is redefining the way we approach weight loss with a 5-day meal program. With countless reviews and ample scientific research, there are some facts to clear up when it comes to ProLon®.

We've done some research of our own and are prepared to clear up what's true and what's false:

You have to completely cut out food.

FALSE. ProLon is a Fasting Mimicking Diet, which allows you to experience many of the benefits of a prolonged 5-day fast while still getting to eat real food. Plus, all the food is provided along with easy-to-follow instructions on what to eat and when.

The food tastes great.

TRUE. ProLon's menu is designed by Michelin star chefs so you'll get delicious meals. ProLon uses healthy, mostly plant-based ingredients including olives, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and herbal teas. Each day, you'll look forward to a variety of tasty soups and snacks, including the delicious Choco Crisp bar.

Fasting is just for weight loss.

FALSE. Fasting has so many benefits beyond weight loss. Multiple cycles of ProLon can support metabolic health, and promote cellular rejuvenation for healthy aging. Users surveyed also reported greater focus, mental clarity, and energy.

People lose up to 5 lbs in a week.

TRUE. Studies indicate an average loss of 5 pounds in 5 days using ProLon once. In one clinical study, ProLon was shown over three cycles to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 lbs and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference*! It's recommended to complete the 5-day program once a month for 3 months to yield the best results.

*Benefits seen in a clinical study of the 5-day ProLon cycle once a month for three months.

You have to change your everyday routine.

FALSE. ProLon is just 5 days. You can then go about your day-to-day without making any major changes. They provide everything you need so there's no need to prep either. As for exercise, activities like walking, stretching or a leisurely bike ride are okay during your fast, however, ProLon advises that more strenuous activity should be avoided until the fast is completed.

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is a great option to consider when trying to lose weight. With 20+ years of scientific research from the USC Longevity Institute as funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, you can be sure that the science behind ProLon is sound and the results are real.

No matter where you are in your health journey, ProLon can help you achieve your fasting goals.

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