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Falun Gong: The Cult Behind "The Epoch Times" and the Weirdest Ads on Youtube

The ads promising "no hidden agendas" and "pure American journalism" are brought to you by a pro-Trump, Chinese cult

Have you seen the weirdest ads on YouTube?

No, not those awful soap commercials, where the guy gets gakked with green goo, or even the "What does it take to be a Shen Yun dancer?" ads (though we'll get there…). No, the weirdest, most upsetting ads on Youtube are the ads for the Epoch Times promoting conspiracy theories and conservative propaganda.

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Is Carole Baskin Inheriting a Haunted "Indian" Burial Ground with Tiger King Zoo?

Current owner Jeff Lowe claims there are bodies, including "a young American Indian boy," buried on the property

It was recently reported that Carole Baskin had been awarded the property of the Tiger King Zoo—formerly the G.W. Zoo—in Wynnewood, Oklahoma after a judgment found in her favor.

As fans of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King will know, her long-standing legal feud with Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage, né Shreibvogel) over his violation of the Big Cat Rescue trademark resulted in a million dollar settlement in her favor. But for the most part Exotic managed to dodge paying Baskin through a series of illegal property transfers that temporarily protected his animal park from seizure.

Now that Exotic is in prison for attempting to have Baskin murdered—along with illegal animal trafficking and several violations of the Endangered Species Act—a judge has finally ruled that the park is hers, and she will be taking over ownership of the 16-acre property later this year. But Jeff Lowe—the park's current owner and the personification of a mid-life crisis—insists that there are no hard feelings, saying, "She deserves this property."

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The Rise and Fall of QAnon—the Wildest Conspiracy Theory of the Trump Era

Q-believers are finally beginning to doubt their infallible, anonymous source

If you believe the followers of the mysterious figure known as QAnon, all the elites of Hollywood and DC are implicated in an elaborate conspiracy to traffic children.

And none other than Donald Trump himself is working to take them down.

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