For the young and vibrant Quinn Lewis, it's imperative that his music is vulnerable.

The Australian-native, Nashville based singer-songwriter's powerful voice and raw poetic lyrics have ear steady following since his emergence in 2017. After coming off a successful tour with Kevin Garrett, Lewis's debut singles "Only Everything," and "Hanging On" were both met with critical acclaim. "With confidence and vulnerability that welcomes listeners to look inward while appreciating the joys around them," Billboard wrote, "Lewis proves his voice is one to follow."

Now, Lewis hopes his new single, "Hurt Me Now," will catapult him to the next level. "I wrote 'Hurt Me Now' when I felt stuck in the rotation of this relationship I knew was ending," Lewis told Popdust. The single is a moving tribute to lost love and a compelling fusion of indie and electro-pop. "When we shot the video, we wanted to portray the moment of knowing you're going somewhere but feeling like it's taking forever to get there," he continued. "Not being able to tell how much time is passing, but knowing that sometime soon you've got to get off the bus." Check out the premiere of "Hurt Me Now."