If you're a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, you know that one of the juiciest story lines in the show's history is just beginning to unfold.

The Daily Mail reported back in November that cast members Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville had a romantic and sexual affair that lasted several months. Apparently, another RHOBH cast member spilled the tea during a cast trip to Rome in late November, resulting in Denise storming away from set.

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Vicki Gunvalson Unusual Facts

"Whoop it up" with this inside info about the OG of the OC!

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson sure knows how to "whoop it up" and long for a full "love tank," but aside from her "stand by your man" mantra, how much do you really know about the Bravo OG?

She's been on the show since it began, so we've seen a lot of the California lady's antics on the small screen, but every Housewife has her secrets.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about the blond and bold grandma that will have you reeling more than hearing about a fake cancer diagnosis. Brooks, you may want to click to another page.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 1

Face Fix

As per Fame 10, Vicki had some plastic surgery on her face because she "never felt pretty enough." She had a nose job, a chin implant, and body fat injected into her face to reduce the look of wrinkles. She had all this work done prior to season 7 of the reality show. Seeing oneself on screen week after week can steer a Housewife towards the nearest surgeon's office!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 2

She Didn't Want Brooks on the Show

Not only did Vicki lose many friends on the show thanks to her lying ex, Brooks, but she almost lost a hunk of her paycheck too if she didn't agree to have him on the show with her, according to Celebrity Toob. Money beats common sense in her case, since her daughter hated the smug sneak and Vicki ended up with no man in the end. She should have dumped the chump and found a sweeter suitor to star alongside her.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 3

The Chick is Rich

As per Celebrity Toob, Vicki is worth a hot $7 million! Her salary from Bravo along with her booming insurance business makes this OC woman a walking bank account. Let's hope she didn't pay for too many dinners out with Brooks!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 4

Record Holder

As per Famous Birthdays, Vicki is the only OC Housewife to have appeared on all eleven seasons of the hit reality show. Just like a cat, Vicki's "nine lives" get more and more interesting with each passing year. Wonder if she'll make it to a full decade of fights and feuds with the gals?

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 5

Fattest Check

Famous Birthdays also tells us that Vicki is paid the most out of her cast mates. Surely the other ladies aren't pleased, but if a bigger check means a relationship with a lying snake, they'll no doubt count their blessings (and slightly smaller paychecks).

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 6

Party of Five

As per IMBD, Vicki is one of 5 children. There's Kathy and Kim who are twins, plus Lisa and Bill. With a family so large, one can see how Vicki wants to be surrounded by so many OC ladies at any given time. Plus, the longing for attention is evident at every party and dinner function.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 7

New Man in Town

Bye bye Brooks. As per Us Magazine, Vicki has a new beau – Steve Lodge, a former police officer who now works as a consultant. She'll need a cop to break up all those squabbles amongst the loud ladies of the OC!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 8

Page Turner

Did you know that Vicki is an author? According to Romper, she penned a tell-all, More Than a Housewife. Considering she's not a "wife" at all, the book must be full of what more there is to Vicki for sure!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 9

Two Ex-Hubbies

We know that Vicki is always looking for love, so perhaps the third time will be a charm for the lovesick lady. Richest Celebrities tells us that Vicki was married to Donn Gunvalson from 1994-2014 and Michael J. Wolfsmith from 1983-1991. Perhaps she should stay single and continue to mingle. Marriage ain't for everyone.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 10

Reality TV Broke Up Her Marriage

According to Celebrity Toob, Vicki Claims that RHOC broke up her second marriage due to the pressure and stress of being filmed constantly. While there is that "reality TV curse" many talk about, she can't blame the show itself. She's the one who agreed to air her dirty laundry for curious viewers everywhere. Maybe it was Andy Cohen's fault for coercing her into it in the first place!

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How Much is Porsha Williams Really Worth?

"Hotlanta" is cashing in on its "Housewives."

Hey Real Housewives fans! If you love the Atlanta franchise, then the perky, pretty, and sometimes pissed-off Porsha Williams is one to watch. She's as sassy as ever since her divorce, and her antics, fights, and feuds always spice up the weekly reality show.

All the Atlanta gals love to "spill the tea," "throw shade," and work on their style and booty beauty. All the co-stars spend lots of cash on dinners out, parties, clothing, weaves, and cocktails, and Porsha's no exception. She's got money to spend and she's doing it without her ex looking on with judgement.

Here's how Porsha makes her money (aside from the free cars she allegedly gets from her international male suitors).

While Porsha once had lots more money at her disposal – as per Wet Paint, her ex-hubby, Kordell Stewart was worth $16 million – she's still making decent dough with her various endeavors.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Porsha makes a chunk of change as a reality star on RHOA. The Bravo network pays tens of thousands per season to their "housewives," so long as they keep it real and create drama at every turn. No dinner party may go smoothly, and rainbows and sunshine must be kept under wraps. The more chaos, the more money. And Porsha knows how to stir the pot with a strong arm.

If you've watched the show, you may have seen an episode or two where Porsha and her sister work on their hair product line. Weaves, clip-ins, wigs, etc. are hot commodities in Atlanta and nationwide, and Porsha is cashing in on the demand for "good hair." Her hair is always on fleek, so any gal seeking a new look can trust Porsha's line to deliver. With each sale, Porsha's bank account gets a hair-raising boost!

Wet Paint tells us that Porsha's latest gig is as co-host for the popular talk show, Dish Nation. Here the hosts chit chat about pop culture, celeb living, and the latest trends surrounding the Hollywood scene. Porsha's funny and relatable, and the fans love her. This gig could pay out even better than Bravo, so "bravo" to Porsha!

Who needs a multi-million dollar ball player for a hand out when you can make your own living in the public eye? Although the fab life isn't anything to sneeze at. Surely Porsha will find love again, no matter the fella's worth. Though knowing her, he won't be a "scrub."

As per The Richest, Porsha is worth $500,000. While she's not at NeNe Leakes' level of "rich bitch-ness," Porsha is still doing just fine.

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Who Knew? Wednesday–10 Unusual Facts About Bethenny Frankel

Bitches in bed and cookies before cocktails.

She's a sassy, savvy Skinnygirl with a slew of city-slicker gal-pals/frenemies who make her reality TV experience one to tune into week after week on Bravo.

Bethenny Frankel is an open book with lots of (often unsolicited) advice to offer her co-stars and even more to complain about. She's rich as a son-of-a-bitch and fit as a fiddle.

A good mom, yes. A good divorcee, not so much. Though Bethenny's not shy about airing lots of her dirty size-0 clothing for the world to see, there's still much left yet little-known about the business mogul.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about the New Yorker that will leave even Ramona speechless.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 1

She's Been Saved By the Bell

Did you know that once upon a time, Bethenny was a production assistant on the set of the teen hit TV show, Saved By the Bell? Bravo TV tells us that she was on set during season 3 of the iconic show mixing and mingling with the cool cast. Wonder what Screech thought of Bethenny?

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny is right behind Zack Morris

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 2

No Meat for the Little One

Bravo TV also tells us that Bethenny is raising her daughter, Bryn, as a vegetarian. She said once she's older, Bryn can decide if she wants to sink her teeth into a juicy burger, but for now, no cow.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 3

Twice Divorced

Sure, we've all heard about the drama surrounding Bethenny's divorce from Jason Hoppy, but did you know she was once married before that to her ex, Peter Sussman, who she tied the knot with in 1996? Bustle tells us that Peter was her best friend, but best hubby? Not so much. Maybe the third time will be a charm for the unlucky in love lady.

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny had an acrimonious divorce from Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 4

Cookies and Cocktails

Bethenny's Skinnygirl cocktail line is a huge success, but before drinks came desserts, as per Contact Music. Bethenny had a healthy cookie company in New York called "Bethenny Bakes" before mixing it up in the world of alcohol. Sounds like Bethenny has a taste for the sweeter things in life!

bethenny frankel unusual factsSkinny muffins too!

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 5

Millions for Mixology

As per Fame Focus, when Bethenny sold her cocktail company to Fortune Brands' Beam Global, they paid her a whopping $100 million. We'll drink to that huge payout!

bethenny frankel unusual facts

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Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 6

Hilton Handler

According to Bravo TV, Bethenny used to babysit for Paris and Nicky Hilton. Must have been fun watching Paris play with toys before she played with boys!

bethenny frankel unusual factsBless their little hearts...

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 7

Bottoms Up

One may think that Bethenny's libation of choice would be a Skinnygirl margarita, but as per Bravo TV, her go-to drink is vodka on the rocks with three olives. A strong cocktail for a strong broad.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 8

Brains vs. Beauty

Bethenny told Us Weekly that she'd rather be the most interesting gal in the room than the best looking. While she's certainly not too shabby in the looks department, Bethenny must always beat out the bunch with her personality.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 9

Bitch in Bed

Sleeping with her dog, Cookie under the covers is the perfect way to spend the night, according to what Bethenny told Us Weekly. What's cuter or cuddlier than a canine companion on a cold winter's night?

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny's favorite bitch

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 10

Full Fridge

Bethenny told Parenting that the five things she always keeps in her refrigerator are Parmesan cheese, grape tomatoes, butter, Dijon mustard, and organic milk. Not sure these items would make for a good meal, but it's better than a cooler full of beer and soda.

Are you full of Frankel yet? With these 10 facts up your sleeve, you could be a new cast member of RHONY!

Woweee! Miracles DO happen!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster Hadid's recovery from Lyme disease has continued with such a dramatic return to health that Yolanda has been able to return to modeling!

As we all know, so stricken was she by her crippling disease, that Yolanda was "unable to get out of bed for two years" and spent "14 months in her bathrobe" as her health went downhill after her diagnosis in 2012 (it's so weird that she was able to film RHOBH literally running around Beverly Hills on a treasure hunt and diving joyfully off the bow of a yacht during that time though).

Yolanda has strongly defended any inference from her co-stars about the severity of her disease. They (like the rest of us) we left confused by her bed-ridden, IV Instagram posts interspersed with snaps of her enjoying life to the max. She cried off a lot of Housewives events and could only manage to film a small portion of the Season 5 reunion before returning to her bed as she was so weak and debilitated from her "Lyme brain" .

And who can forget the <whisper> Munchausen's row, or the surprise of those close to her children when she claimed that two of them, Anwar and Bella, (who are managing to forge successful modeling careers) were also victims of the incapacitating disease?

It's hardly surprising that her situation was questioned when she was busted trying to manipulate situations to garner sympathy with pictures like this;

What a touching sentiment for her caring son (obviously his strength isn't compromised by his own Lyme disease). A shame that the picture from another angle tells a different story—just a fun moment between mother and son;

Then of course there was 2015 Lyme Disease fundraiser—a gala that David and Yolanda (then) Foster were honorary chairs of. Sadly they couldn't attend the event due to "the severity of her symptoms of Lyme disease".

The severity of these symptoms didn't seem to prevent her from visiting her family in Holland at the exact time of the event and posting a number of pictures in which she doesn't seem all that out-of-action. The pictures have subsequently been deleted after she was called out on on Twitter regarding her non-attendance at the event;

yolanda hadid recoveryWow—those symptoms look so severe!

yolanda hadid recoveryClearly bedridden.


Yolanda Foster Files Divorce Papers—Wants Spousal Support
House Tour Tuesday—Yolanda Foster's Luxurious LA Condo
Lisa Vanderpump's Friendship With Mohamed Hadid Is Over...For Good!

For some though, all became clear when news broke of her impending divorce from husband David Foster. Whether she was attempting to court public sympathy, get their pre-nup invalidated or just get some good old fashioned attention, the fact remains that she has made a miraculous recovery since her divorce.

As is well documented by Yolanda herself, she traveled the world trying out all manner of bizarre alternative treatments for her "chronic" condition that even doctors have come out and said is clearly fake misdiagnosed and does not exist in the form that she claimed to be suffering from.

Could it be that when David departed he took with him the cash that was funding these hugely expensive treatments? That maybe the treatments were counter-productive and confusing her to her body? Hmmmmmm....

Well whatever has happened, Yolanda was able to assure Bravo that she would be well enough to continue filming for the franchise. It seemed though, that much like the viewers and her fellow Housewives, Bravo had had enough of Hadid's illness and would only renew her contract for Season 7 if she dropped her 'battle to health' from her storyline. Yolanda refused and parted company with Andy Cohen and friends.

Fast forward a short month or so and Yolanda's miraculous recovery has continued to such an extent that she has now been able to return to her former career of modeling!

She posted to Instagram (where else?) a snap from a photo shoot, captioning it that she is getting back in action and the hashtag #GoodDay.

Thank goodness she had one of her 'good days' on a day that she had a modeling shoot booked!

Congratulations on your miracle Yolanda! Long may it continue!

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Before They Were Stars–RHONY’s Luann de Lesseps Pre-Fame Jobs

From nursing to jet-setting. Perhaps elegance is, in fact, learned.

For any avid television watcher, Luann (The Countess) de Lesseps is like, well, The Countess of reality TV.

We've watched her from the start on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York, and have been schooled by Luann in how "elegance is learned" and how to be "cool, not all 'uncool'."

We've witnessed romances come and gone, friendships made and others broken, and fabulous dinner parties and vacations most of us could only dream of.

The Countess sure seems to have it all now, but what about before we tuned into her shenanigans weekly? Here's what Luann was up to before Andy Cohen got the best of her.


Before They Were Stars—Jon Bon Jovi Pre-Fame Jobs
Before They Were Stars—Brad Pitt Pre-Fame Jobs
Before They Were Stars—Nicki Minaj Pre Fame Jobs

We know Luann wanted to care for her temporary roommate Sonja while she looked for a NYC place of her own, and Bethenny laughed at the very thought of it. Hey, not so fast, Frankel. As per Radar Online, Luann was a licensed practical nurse back in the day in Connecticut! Wouldn't you want a sponge bath from a future Countess?

Well nursing may not be glamorous, but guess what is… modeling! As per Real Housewives Sleuth, Luann was signed to the prestigious Wilhelmina Models and posed and pouted for ads and spreads. Her tall frame and wicked smile captured the lens with sophistication and style.

Modeling led to opportunity as a TV personality, and according to Reality Tea, Luann became a TV host for a show called Pressing in Milan. Her international travels and high-life living eventually led her to meet her first husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps, and the rest is history.

Now Luann is getting remarried, sells her goods and wares on home shopping network television, has written a few books, recorded some "music," and intrigues us week after week on RHONY.

From a simple girl from the states to an international jet-setter and mom of two, Luann de Lesseps is a force to be reckoned with. Just ask her cast mates!

Jon Bon Jovi

Brad Pitt

Nicki Minaj


Nick Cannon

Luann de Lesseps

Sarah Jessica Parker

Charlize Theron