Terry and Heather Dubrow sued by former business partner

Reality stars Terry Dubrow and his wife Heather Dubrow are being sued by an attorney friend of their accountant over a business venture gone bad.

The history behind the lawsuit is that Botched star Dr Dubrow and Real Housewives of Orange County regular Heather, claim a few years ago their long term friend and accountant, Gary Hoffman came to them with an attorney pal of his, Steve Czik, proposing a deal that was going to make them a whole heap more cash.

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An associate of both men named Jennifer Lindsay Bell planned to make a killing renting property in Brazil and then subletting it for sky high rents during the 2014 World Cup. The couple say Hoffman and Czik encouraged them to invest an initial $1.5 million, and that the two men were so convinced it was a sure thing that Hoffman even signed a personal guarantee, promising to reimburse the Dubrows if the deal didn't pan out.

Well it didn't pan out. As the World Cup got closer, they were asked for a further $250,000 which Terry Dubrow coughed up without consulting Heather (we don't even want to imagine her reaction when she found that little nugget out).

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With their exposure now at a cool $1.75 million they sat and waited for the cash to roll in—which it didn't. Apparently Bell's first check bounced so they went to Hoffman to make good on his guarantee. Caught out not doing their due diligence, they found out he actually had no money, and that the whole deal was more than a little shady.

The reality stars sued all three, and Heather has used her podcast to broadcast their side of the row, as well as putting out a Wanted For Reward call on Jennifer Lindsay Bell who is believed to be hiding out in London.

Don't piss off Heather Dubrow!

They managed to serve a subpoena on her before she fled and are dealing with their former accountant's insurance company to try to recover some of their investment. Heather says Hoffman has admitted to not knowing Jennifer Bell, making a faulty personal guarantee and fraud.

Steve Czick, the attorney, is fighting back at the lawsuit against him with his own action that sees Terry and Heather Dubrow sued for alleged extortion. He has this week filed a counter-suit claiming they threatened to ruin him if he didn't make good their losses.

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According to TMZ, he says he got an email threatening him;

"Your photo will be published in every magazine and all over Instagram if you don't pay us, how fucking stupid are you?"

The email went on to call him a "lying scum sucking asshole" and boasted that TMZ Live would cover the story.

The Dubrows haven't responded to the claims of harassment and defamation yet, but you can bet the atmosphere at Dubrow Towers is a tad tense today.

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Heather has not let hubby Terry off the hook.  She now says she had misgivings from the beginning but that she went along with the scheme because Terry was so convinced it was a good deal.  She says;

"Terry and I are relatively smart people...we fucked up.  We didn't do this appropriately.

Our accountant knew that we had all this money sitting around [after the sale of their $16.45 million house] so we were ripe for the picking.

Terry failed because he did not find out what the collateral was on this personal guarantee and he didn't show it to our attorney."

Ever heard the phrase "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is"?

Terry's going to be paying for his mistake in more ways than one!




Terry And Heather Dubrow Sued

vicki gunvalson tamra judge accident

Real Housewives favorites Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge were rushed to hospital over the weekend after being involved in a four wheeler accident in the Californian desert.

The RHOC stars were filming a trip to The Algodones Dunes in Glamis, approximately 200 miles South East of Orange County, and were sharing a Polaris RZR dune buggy on Saturday when it went out of control and rolled several times.

A buggy similar to the one the ladies were in at the time of the accident.

Vicki was airlifted to a nearby hospital and kept in overnight for observation before being eventually released on Sunday morning with no major injuries. Tamra was also hospitalized but released on Saturday. Apparently the hospital visits were mostly cautious and neither of the ladies were in any grave danger.

According to TMZ, Tamra was behind the wheel with the camera crew in the vehicle taping a segment when the accident happened.  Tamra confirmed this in a Facebook post adding that she feels incredibly guilty and lucky to be alive.

"We are both beat up but very lucky to be alive. I've never been so scared in my life. As the driver I have an overwhelming amount of guilt and just happy that the 4 of us are alive."

Vicki echoed her sentiment adding that she feels her late mother was their guardian angel.  She quipped that maybe a spa day may be a better choice for the next trip and shared a photo of her rescue helicopter.

vicki gunvalson tamra judge accident

The trip was to celebrate Tamra's husband, Eddie's 43rd birthday and they were joined by Tamra's son Ryan and granddaughter Ava for the filming of the 11th season. Bravo haven't said whether footage of the accident will be included in the show, so I guess we'll just have to tune in when it airs later on this year!

vicki gunvalson tamra judge accident

vicki gunvalson tamra judge accident


vicki gunvalson house orange county

Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson of Orange County, CA is a brassy broad with a big mouth and an even bigger bank account. Her financial fortune is evident by her $2.899 million Mediterranean-style home she’s currently listing for sale as per Zillow.

The 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom home is located in Coto De Caza, CA (say that 3 times fast) and was recently fully redecorated by the outspoken grandma and Bravo reality star. If you’re interested in living where Gunvalson got famous, then you’re in luck, as long as you’ve got the loot. Here’s what the OC gal’s posh pad has to offer…

House Tour Tuesday—A Sag Harbor Home Fit for A Countess/Housewife

The extravagant home is secure in a gated community, as per Zillow, and has loads of space for family and friends to stop by and enjoy the home’s various rooms and décor. The front of the home is sprawling and inviting, with well-groomed greenery and a unique entranceway.

Inside, the main foyer is open and airy, with a large staircase and arched entryways to other rooms of the first floor. The dining and living room areas are decked neutral shades with luxe furniture and decorations, with lots of room for entertaining and whooping it up, just as the vivacious Vicki would.

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The master bedroom is comfy and roomy with a master bath to match. The ceiling is vaulted and the bed is huge. Hopefully it comes with the purchase. Unless the thought of Brooks grosses you out.

Outside, there’s a huge pool, a waterfall, and a gorgeous patio with a must-have-if-you-are-a-Real-Housewife bar. The grounds are well-maintained all around the property and it’s evident that Vicki took great care of the place.

House Tour Tuesday—Yolanda Foster’s Luxurious LA Condo

Want to take a tour of the home for yourself? The buyer will be one lucky son-of-a-Gunvalson, as this place is sublime!

Photos courtesy of Zillow.

vicki gunvalson house orange county

vicki gunvalson house orange county

Gretchen Rossi appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night - for reasons we still don't completely understand - and wasted no time in bashing her former castmate Tamra Barney.

When Andy Cohen showed Gretchen and Slade Smiley a reel of the things Tamra has ever said about them, Gretchen put her psychologist cap on and proceeded to give her expert opinion on the Real Housewives Of Orange County star:

"The thing is that Tamra Barney has lost all credibility with everybody, including the viewers," Gretchen said. "She's the biggest lying, manipulating, conniving, narcissistic sociopath. And I say she's a sociopath because sociopaths don't even realize that they do any wrong. All they do is blame everyone else for their mistakes, and that's all she continues to do."

"She lies really good. She manipulates really well. She lies and tells everyone she is doing it just for the show. I think that hurts the franchise. Because when I was on the show, I was real, I was really me. I wasn't playing a character, and I wasn't doing anything to make good TV."

Apart from that totally fake engagement and proposal to Slade, right? Who she is STILL NOT MARRIED TO!

Here's the thing - Tamra is still on the show and Gretchen is not. She is only relevant because she bashed Tamra, who has the children she wants, the money she wants, the career she wants and the relationship she wants.

Stay desperate, Gretchen! Go sell some purses or whatever it is you're doing these days.

RHOC reunion drama screaming

Season nine of The Real Housewives of Orange County has finally come to a close, so in typical Bravo fashion, those crazy ladies must get together to relive and then rehash every tear, dramatic comment, and screaming match!

Host Andy Cohen kicked off the night by asking all the women how they were doing. He quickly moved his attention to Lizzie Rovsek to ask her about the rumors that she used to date Nick Lachey.

Vicki Gunvalson Thinks RHOC Creeper Brooks Drank Eye Drops To Fake Cancer Battle

The former beauty queen confirmed that she did, in fact, dated him both pre and post Jessica Simpson. Lucky little bitch. Andy then highlighted all the names that Tamra Judge referred to her as all season. These names, which included “Kentucky Fried Titties” certainly didn’t please Lizzie. Of course, Tamra just sat there with a little smirk and continued to think that her shit will never stink.

Andy then asked Shannon Beador about her slightly bizarre homeopathic remedies. She claimed that she saved a nation in her past life. Well, okay then. He quickly turned to Vicki Gunvalson and asked her to explain the comment she made about how someone ”didn’t look gay”. Andy was looking for a rational explanation, but instead she rambled about all gay men looking like they just stepped out of an issue of GQ. She followed that up by telling Andy he was “all boy”.

This reunion is off to a good start.

RHOC Creeper Brooks Ayers Lied About Cancer And Vicki Gunvalson’s PISSED

A major story line of this past season was the relationships between Vicki, Tamra, and their children. Tamra’s son Ryan moved to Northern California and is marrying a random chick he met on Instagram. Vicki’s daughter Brianna moved to Oklahoma to be with her military husband. Vicki famously referred to Oklahoma as the “forgotten state”. She revealed that she has flown there seven (yes, seven) times since Brianna moved there three months ago. Tamra, who looked either extremely pissed or extremely constipated all night, made it known that she still isn’t the biggest fan of her son’s recent decisions.

We then got an in-depth rehash of the feud between Shannon and Heather Dubrow, which was quite possibly the biggest dispute of the season. Heather believes that they got off on a bad foot because she felt that Shannon quickly bonded with Tamra and Vicki. As you may recall, Heather whined like a lost puppy all season about feeling left out. Translation: the attention wasn’t on Queen Dubrow. However, she did apologize to Shannon for that and wished it never happened. Shannon firmly believes that Heather had a calculated plan all season regarding their relationship. Shannon couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that Heather kept accusing her of screaming at her during her Christmas party. Anyone with two functioning ears would be able to tell you that Shannon was nowhere near screaming though, and Heather finally agreed.

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The spotlight was back on the original housewife, Vicki. She revealed that she and her ex-husband, Donn, have finally settled their divorce. According to her, she wrote him a hefty check because he was legally entitled to half of her business. As we’ve seen all season, Creepy Brooks is still very much in the picture—her daughter still can’t stand him and we can’t say that we argue with her on that one.

Vicki and Tamra went at it yet again because Vicki can’t understand why Tamra continues to speak about their relationship. In Tamra’s defense, she’s made it crystal clear since day one that she hates Creepy Brooks, so it really shouldn’t be so much of a surprise to Vicki. Tamra stated, once again, that she believes Creepy Brooks simply isn’t good for Vicki—so when Vicki kept on questioning her, Tamra  finally fired back like a mental patient, screaming, “IT’S MY OPINION!!!!

RHOC Crazy Ladies Rehash Every Tear, Dramatic Moment, Screaming Match!

Meanwhile, the lucky old husbands of Orange County joined their women for a bask in the limelight. First up: David and Shannon’s marriage. Shannon firmly believes that Tamra is to blame for a good majority of the drama this season. If she never told Heather about the email, there would have been no issues. Tamra quickly tried to turn it on Shannon by telling her that she has a drinking problem. Yeah, that’s rich coming from the girl who says she can’t remember anything when she drinks.

Andy asked Heather about the infamous moment when she asked Shannon to leave her house. Heather claimed she “asked her to leave”; while Shannon insisted she kicked her out. Either way you spin it, Heather was a bitch. However, she apologized for how things went down and admitted to being too self absorbed to see how much pain Shannon was truly in.

Lydia McLaughlin—The Holy Spirit Told Me To Leave RHOC During Reunion!

Shannon then brought up the “Take the Beadors Down” comment. Tamra swore blind she never said it, yet Vicki confirmed that she said it to her too. Tamra said Shannon’s drinking was the reason why the comment got twisted. No, Tamra, it is because you have lied and got caught all season. Good try, though!

David and Terry Dubrow rehashed their argument during the season finale episode. Terry claims he lost two months of sleep because of David’s “spread your legs” comment. Please, Terry, be a little more dramatic. David insisted that his apology was sincere and that the comment was extremely inappropriate. Then, all the ladies started talking about how hot David is. Shannon was not pleased.

Cray Cray Cranks Up As The RHOC Broads Brawl In A Bitchy Boozy Fight-Fest 

The 3-part reunion has just started and judging by the first part it is guaranteed to be full of drama! (DUH!!!)

Season nine of The Real Housewives of Orange County has come to an end!

Following their drama-filled Bali getaway, the RHOC broads got together for yet another bitchy, boozy, fight-fueled scream fest… Hey to the yay...to the absolute cray cray!

The women are back on home soil following their trip from hell. Despite all the screaming and shouting that went down in Bali, most of the ladies seemed ready to just put things behind them. However, Tamra Judge wasn’t one of them. She revealed she hopped on an early flight home because she couldn’t handle the drama. If ya can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, right? Well, Heather Dubrow called her as soon as she arrived back in the OC, and, Vicki Gunvalson informed the girls she wanted to throw a post-Bali shindig—but Tamra was apprehensive about going.

Heather told Tamra about some of the things Shannon Beador had said on their flight home from Bali. She claimed Shannon was chirping in Vicki’s ear and saying she should not contact Tamra. Essentially, Heather made it seem as though Shannon was drawing a line in the sand to create a bigger divide in the group.

Shannon awkwardly recapped the trip with her husband David. They were sitting oddly close, trying to be affectionate, and yet, no one was buying it. However, she claimed they are now sleeping in the same bed together every night. Yeah, and pigs can fly. She informed David that he needed to apologize to the Dubrows about the “spread your legs” comment he made 2,000 episodes ago. According to Heather, poor old Terry hasn’t slept since.

Vicki’s spacious Coto de Caza mansion was decorated to the nines for the Bali-themed dinner party. Creepy Brooks Ayers was in attendance, despite the ongoing drama with Tamra. Vicki and Tamra had sat down a few days prior to hash out the nonsense that went down on vacation. Vicki made it clear that Tamra should never open her mouth about her relationship—and being typical Tamra, she made up some bullshit excuse as to why she did In Tamra’s defense though, there are a total of 0 people that care about Vicki’s love tank or how good Creepy Brooks is in bed.

The rest of the squad arrived and were escorted to the back yard. Shannon and David arrived after the Dubrows, so David immediately apologized as he greeted Heather. Terry and Heather both nodded their heads and seemed about enthused as they would be if they were watching paint dry.

They sat down for dinner and it took roughly 4 minutes until all hell broke loose. Of course, Tamra felt the need to bring up the infamous “Shag, Marry, Kill” game from the Valentine’s Day party. She put Lizzie Rovsek on the spot in front of the entire table and demanded to know if she is ever going to admit she claimed Tamra’s hubby Eddie wants to have sex with her. Lizzie’s husband Christian, who has been the ONLY levelheaded human this season, stepped in and tried to shut the morons up. Good luck with that hon.

According to Tamra, Lizzie also said she wanted to have Mexican/Italian babies with Eddie. Tamra was pissed about that because as we know she has been playing the “woe is me card” all season regarding her ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney.

But, then, Shannon reminded Tamra how betrayed she still feels by her. Naturally, Queen Heather jumped right in and told the whole table what Shannon said on the plane about Tamra. Regardless, Shannon was 100% right for being pissed at Tamra. She ran her mouth, lied, and now she has to deal with it. For the sake of ending this avenue of ridiculousness, Shannon eventually chose to take the high ground, claiming she has found personal peace and doesn’t want to fight with anyone anymore. Wow, what a refreshing statement from one of these bimbos.

However, the drama was soon back with a vengeance—and this time the spotlight fell on David and Terry—dredging up all their old issues. You may remember, a while back Terry infamously branded David a “penis” and “one of those construction guys” after he was unimpressed by what he deemed to be an insincere apology. David took it like a champ though, shaking his head and refusing to take the bait, because he may be the only one who gets just how truly crazy this group is.

Meanwhile, Vicki’s daughter, Briana, finally moved to Oklahoma, while Tamra’s son, Ryan, also moved in with his new girlfriend (who looks just like his mom...EEEWWW!!!). In addition, they are having a baby! Grandma Tamra has a ring to it, right?

In other news, Shannon and David decided to sell their Newport Coast estate and Lizzie decided to try for a third baby after her 35th birthday. Finally, Heather will be starring on a new series.

There is no denying how crazy and petty this season has been, but the drama is far from over still as we still have the upcoming 3-part finale to get through.

Oh boy!