MUSIC MONDAY | Chill summer kind of vibe with Megan Davies

MAY 14 | Chill this Summer with an acoustic version of "Doesn't Matter"

THE MIX | Chill Summer Kind Of Vibe

by Megan Davies

05.14.18 | "This is a playlist of what I'm jamming out to right now! Its a mix of good summer looks and chill vibes by some of my favorite new artists, with some classics that are sure to get you moving this Monday." -- Megan

Nashville, Singer songwriter, Megan Davies released her new single "Doesn't Matter." The song is about overcoming bullying and how it doesn't matter what happens. Stay strong and discover who you truly are. It is the next new song that is "Brave" (Sara Bareilles) And "Fight Song" (Rachel Platten) kind of ballad. Her debut original project, "Bad Poetry" EP, was released July 2017.

Check out the impressive Official Music Video for her song "Doesn't Matter"

Megan Davies is well-known for her acoustic covers and mashups on YouTube, where she collaborates with both her sister, Jaclyn, and some friends in Nashville community. Since then, her creative stylings have garnered her over 175 million views and 1.2 million subscribers. Her influencer status has offered up many amazing opportunities. From collaborations with the Red Cross & American Cancer Society to performing for Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendeya & the creators of The Greatest Showman and attending the films premiere in New York City.

This completely independent project has amassed over 2.2 Million Spotify streams and the title track from the EP is now playing Sirius XM's, The Coffee House station. Watch the acoustic version of "Doesn't Matter"

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