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Jojo Siwa Was Right - Gay Pop is Here … It’s Just Not Her

10 Sapphic pop artists that want you to know they’re here, they’re queer — and you might be too

In the words of Renee Rapp: “Can a gay girl get an amen?”

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Your Weekend Playlist: New Music To Listen To This Week

A Growing Segment

We’re back with another edition of your Weekend Playlist…a segment where I round up all of the best music released this week and share it from my ears to yours. It’s essentially a better version of Spotify’s New Music Friday because I’ve actually listened to the songs.
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Live at Lorem: Remi Wolf on Frank Ocean, 70’s Funk, Going on Tour, and Gen Z's Favorite Spotify Playlist

We spoke to Remi Wolf at Spotify’s Lorem & Friends event in Los Angeles. TL;DR: Remi really is the coolest in the game and if you’re not listening to Lorem, you should be.

Remi Wolf and Norah Jones at Spotify's Lorem & Friends event in LA

Courtesy of Spotify

If you know, you know.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in the know, in the club. Especially when there’s no barrier to entry but good taste. And as Gen Z carves out their identity, both individually and as a generation, they’re creating digital communities by the minute.

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