The Legacy of Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

The rapper's magnum opus turned 10 years old over the weekend.

It's almost eerie how accurately Kanye West predicted his own fate when he uttered the words "I miss the old Kanye" on 2016's The Life of Pablo.

In my head, and likely in the memories of many others, there are two Kanyes: a then and a now. Both are cocky, self-important, certifiable jerks, but then, he at least still felt a marginal need to continue proving himself.

Now, he's so immeasurably detached from reality that it's a little hard to take anything he does or creates seriously—at this point, I find it difficult to even care. I don't want to explicitly cite a certain presidential election and its aftermath as the dividing line between the Kanye of then and now in my conscience, but...yeah, Kanye rubbing elbows with Trump was pretty much the last straw for me.

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The Scariest Video Games To Play This Halloween

Trying to really scare yourself this Halloween?

While shooter video games like Doom and F.E.A.R. have plenty of scary moments, the survival horror genre has remained the go-to gaming subgenre for those seeking a truly terrifying ordeal.

As we all spend this Halloween at home, now is a great time to both revisit classics and delve back into the genre's forgotten gems. The subtle beauty of the survival-horror genre is that almost anyone can pick up and play, as entries are always more focused on creating a terrifying experience rather than on fast-paced gameplay, (though, as you'll see in this list, there are some exceptions). Here are the scariest video games for you to consume this Halloween.

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The New "Sonic the Hedgehog" Trailer Is Actually Fire

They fixed it. They actually fixed it.

Sega/ Paramount Pictures

After the Internet at large rightly condemned the original Sonic the Hedgehog movie design as an utter abomination, the animators went back to the drawing board.

Now they've returned with a whole new trailer and...damn, Sonic's actually looking fresh.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

It's hard to overemphasize how much better the new Sonic design looks compared to the previous one. For those of you who forcibly removed the original trailer from your mind, perhaps through intentional brain injury, here's a side-by-side comparison.

Sonic movie before and after New (left) and old (right)Sega/ Paramount Pictures

The new design actually resembles the Sonic we've always known and loved, with his big cartoon eyes and lack of over-sized nightmare human teeth. The old one is an actual war crime.

But Sonic's updated design isn't the only spot where the new trailer shines. From the opening shot set in the immediately recognizable Green Hill Zone (the first level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis) to the clip of Sonic dashing along the Great Wall of China, the new trailer makes a convincing argument for how fun Sonic could be in the real world.

With the exception of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, the original Sonic trailer failed on every conceivable front. As a lifelong Sonic fan, I was dreading the movie's inevitable release which, I was sure, would completely bastardize a character I grew up with. I'm happy to say that my opinion has done a total 180. The new trailer made me feel hopeful in the same way I felt when I watched the first trailer for Detective Pikachu (I ultimately thought the movie was just okay, but the real-life Pokemon designs were fantastic), and it's great to see Ben Schwartz's excellent Sonic voice acting come through, too.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really looking forward to the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

The 2019 Hellboy reboot was a colossal, $50 million failure. From the script, the story, and the pacing to the special effects, tone, and acting, this movie manages to be terrible in almost every conceivable way.

hellboy clip via Lionsgate

But let's be fair: it did get some things right. They surely used an expensive camera to shoot the movie, and you can tell because you couldn't see any pixels on the screen. The actors memorized all their lines, and from the looks of it, they fit into their outfits really well. David Harbour, who plays the titular Hellboy, looks very well-fed, so the craft-service situation on set must have been A+. It's nice to know that Milla Jovovich is still able to find work after the Resident Evil series prematurely ended. Her dead, vacant eyes lend themselves perfectly to the role of the Evil Bad Lady #2. Plus, Daniel Dae Kim is hot, so the producers were smart to get him shirtless within the first hour of screen time. We can all be thankful for that. And Sasha Lane was there too! Is she the first clairvoyant millennial with dreadlocks to fight evil in a Hollywood "movie?" Probably. That's fun.

If you've Google'd "Hellboy" at any point recently, you've probably read all this. But here are highlights from five of the most reputable news sources with their take on this shit-pile of a film:

hellboy and Daniel dae kim via Lionsgate

Roger Ebert

- You will never realize how much you need Guillermo del Toro in your life until you see the reboot of "Hellboy."

- "Hellboy" stops being fun when it stops being funny

hellboy with shotgun via Lionsgate

The New York Times

- …"Hellboy" is a crack pipe of a movie.

- Marshall… directs like a dog at a squirrel convention,

hellboy 2019 clip via Lionsgate

Washington Post

- At one point, Hellboy and his colleagues must fight zombies bursting out of the ground. The actors seem to realize this scene is just filler…

- (Harbour's) dramatic scenes fall curiously flat, and his comic one-liners inspire little more than stony silence.

hellboy 2019 clip via Lionsgate

NBC News

- The new, inexcusable Hellboy movie, was directed — if that's the word I want — by Neil Marshall, whose terrific horror flick "The Descent" suggested that he might be up to the job of making a fun and scary Hellboy movie. He was not.

- "Hellboy" is not even really a movie; it's a launchpad for five different movies that will never get made because no one wants to watch a launchpad for five different movies when they've paid to watch this movie.

The Atlantic

- The end result is an R-rated slog that's heavy on bad attitude and creative dismemberments, and completely missing the humane core of Mignola's original story.

- …this film ends up perfectly laying out the case against its own existence.

via Lionsgate

Ahmed Ashour is a media writer, tech enthusiast, and college student. He has a Twitter: @aahsure

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TV News

Remember the "Resident Evil" Films? We're So Sorry

Now that Netflix is turning it into TV series, here are some of the most memorable insults to the Resident Evil film franchise.

The makers of the Resident Evil film franchise will turn their perfectly generic dystopia into a television series.

Netflix announced that it's working with Constantin Film, the studio that produced the six films starring Milla Jovovich, to create a scripted series to be released worldwide. According to Deadline's exclusive, the series will "explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus."

Originally a Capcom video game series, the Resident Evil film franchise has cumulatively earned $1.2 billion since its launch in 2002. It's earned the rank of the highest-grossing film series developed from a video game. Little information is forthcoming from Netflix about who will helm the new series. However, Johannes Roberts is said to be the writer/director of a separate reboot of the film franchise.

Considering the films' cult following and laundry list of offenses against quality film-making, according to critics, let's look back on some the most memorable reviews of the Resident Evil film series. Can Netflix surpass these critics' views on the franchise?

1. Resident Evil (2002)

"It all looks and plays like a $40 million version of a game you're more likely to enjoy on a computer." -Washington Post

"It's completely pointless" - Richard Roeper of Ebert & Roeper

2. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

"This is efficient, soul-numbing moviemaking, diverting enough for blistering September afternoons when what's onscreen is secondary to how high they've cranked the air conditioning." -L.A. Weekly

"The heart plummets at the prospects for a follow-up." -Time Out

Geek and Sundry

3. Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

"The scariest visage is that of Alice, whose flawless, airbrushed complexion is either a throwback to Mulcahy's New Romantic pop promos or something dictated by Jovovich's L'Oréal contract." -Time Out

4. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

"True to series form, plot is nearly indiscernible, but this fourth installment in the sci-fi/horror/action franchise created by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson is the sleekest so far, thanks to 3D and star Milla Jovovich's body-hugging catsuit." -Chicago Reader

"Like pretty much all of Anderson's films, this one is half-baked. The half that's baked isn't too bad, though."

Milla Jovovich GameCrate

5. Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

"Some sequels suggest that no one involved with a franchise really cares anymore." -Variety

"A zombie plague may have laid waste the world, but apparently supplies of black leather unitards have yet to be exhausted." -New York Times

6. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

"Boasting a higher body count than its IQ, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is violent, idiotic fun." -Los Angeles Times

"Promises, promises." -Hollywood Reporter

Meg Hanson is a Brooklyn-based writer, teacher and jaywalker. Find Meg at her website and on Twitter @megsoyung.

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PlayStation to Release Mini Version of Original Model

This tiny console will only be $100 and come with 20 games

Once again, nostalgia wins out — this time with the PlayStation Classic.

This new bite-sized console is only half as big as the original PlayStation and comes with the standard gray color scheme and classic PlayStation logo. The console — which is only $100 — will come with 20 classic games that'll be released on December 3. Early Christmas gift, anyone?

Sony announced that the first five games will come preloaded on the device and will include titles such as "Final Fantasy VII," "Wild Arms," "Tekken 3," "Ridge Racer Type 4," and "Jumping Flash." However, these are only teasers as they're keeping the other 15 secret — but allow us to speculate and predict which other games will be released with the Classic.

"Spyro the Dragon"


Spyro was released on Sep. 10, 1998 for the original PlayStation console — the user played as a small purple dragon that went around the world to free his friends from crystal prisons. Spyro would be transported to these worlds via portals in hopes of finally defeating the final boss, Gnasty Gnorc.

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"


There's got to be at least one game from the famous skateboarder, Tony Hawk — the first Pro Skater was released on Aug. 31, 1999 and instantly became a favorite. The player performs different skate tricks in the game, often obtaining more points for more complex tricks. Characters included Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Kareem Campbell among others.

"Resident Evil"


The first "Resident Evil" game came out in 1996 and was Capcom's best-selling debut game. The user either chose to play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as they scoured Racoon City in hopes of finding their disappeared S.T.A.R.S. team members — instead, they come across the undead!

"Tomb Raider"

Crystal Dynamics/Eidos

Released in 1996, the first "Tomb Raider" follows the adventures of Lara Croft, an English archaeologist with comical proportions. The player follows her as she picks apart the earth, uncovering secrets and discovering treasures — like the Scion in the Tomb of Qualopec.

"Crash Bandicoot"


First released in 1996, "Crash Bandicoot" is a fox-like character whose goal is to stop Doctor Neo Cortex and henchman Doctor Nitrus Brio from world domination. He also has a girlfriend — Tawna, a female bandicoot. The user can attack enemies from humps and spinning attacks and can also lose lives in the process.

These are only speculations of course, but who knows? Maybe PlayStation will put all of them in the console — old video games like Atari are making comebacks now with hipsters and nostalgic millennials so this is a pretty good business move.

Amber Wang is a freelancer for Popdust and various other sites. She is also a student at NYU, a photographer and intern at the Stonewall National Monument.

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