Tina Turner Is Still Feeling Herself at 80 Years Old

"I'm happy to be an 80 year old woman."

Tina Turner Musical - Broadway

Photo by Evan Agostini-Invision-AP-Shutterstock

Before Ariana or Demi, Lizzo or Beyonce, there was the indefatigable Tina Turner.

"As I'm about to turn 80, I'd like to think I've become wise in some ways," the Tennessee native toldRolling Stone. As a superstar who reached the zenith of her career when she was 44, she defies anyone who says there are no second acts in life. Surviving an abusive marriage to Ike Turner, the dead air of the 80s when American media overlooked black artists, and serious health complications (including a stroke and intestinal cancer), Turner is a modern icon of perseverance and triumphant talent.

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