UPDATE 9/14/22 | Rest In Peace, Choco Taco

Enjoy that big ice cream truck in the sky

Update 9/14/22: Choco Taco Lovers will have a chance to gain one of the last of the 912 ice cream treats by completing a digital scavenger hunt on Klondike's Instagram. On Wednesday 9/21/22, the first clue will be revealed. The first 100 people to fall all the way down the Instagram-clue-rabbit-hole to the final handle will be able to open the digital freezer, granting them Choco Taco access. WARNING: Klondike has not admitted to any plans to continue producing the Choco Taco at this time.

“We know this may be very disappointing."

On Monday, July 25th, Klondike announced the official discontinuation of the Choco Taco.

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