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9 Movie Tie-In Video Games That Actually Don't Suck

Sometimes movie tie-in video games are...actually great?


No matter how much you love a movie, chances are good that its tie-in video game will be a pile of hot dookie.

For video game developers, movie tie-in games are not what one might consider "passion projects." On the contrary, movie tie-in games tend to be cheap rush-jobs that studios churn out for quick profit from all the grandparents who don't know what birthday presents to buy their grandkids, but then remember that lil' Brayden has a Game-chamacallit and probably saw Shrek 5. Of course, when Brayden actually tries Shrek 5: Battle of the Swamp, he realizes it sucks ass and goes right back to Fortnite.

But sometimes that's not the case. Once in a blue moon, a movie tie-in video game will actually be great, doing justice to its inspiration and, in the rarest of occasions, even surpassing it. These are those few times:

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