11 Football Movies Better Than the Super Bowl

"This is for Rudy, Coach." *sobs*

By Anushka-Srivastav (Unsplash)

The Super Bowl is upon us, which means millions of people will be emotionally investing in the man-on-man performance of football.

Despite being a child of a die-hard sports fan whose identity hinged upon the successes and failures of his favorite organization (the Cleveland Browns, I sh*t you not–can you imagine an entire lifetime of being fanatical over the Cleveland Browns?), I don't understand the hype around football.

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Sylvester Stallone's Dream Home Is for Sale (with One Nightmare-Inducing Feature)

The whole house looks amazing, but the master suite contains nightmares

Sylvester Stallone's now Adele’s $110 MILLION Beverly Hills Mansion

Considering his career of playing barely-articulate purveyors of violence in Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables, Sylvestor Stallone's mansion in La Quinta, California is surprisingly classy.

If you don't mind the faux-Italian villa aesthetic, the four-bedroom, five-bath home has a lot to offer. At nearly 5,000 square feet, the house is appointed with vaulted ceilings, multiple terraces, pools, and fireplaces. Located in a private community with its own golf course, the home's spacious rooms open onto lavish outdoor spaces with beautiful views of California's Coachella Valley. And while the $3.35 million asking price is a lot to ask, it's substantially less than Stallone paid for the house in 2010—more than a million dollars less. It's so much less that you may begin to wonder why the house is being offered at such a steep discount.

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Rocky Premieres Music Video for “How Will I Know”

If a person treats you like garbage, they aren't showing you love.


Press Photo

Singer, actress, poet, and burlesque performer of Cameroonian descent, Rocky calls Canada home, but she's currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

Her new music video, "How Will I Know," discards trumped-up female gender myths. Rocky explains, "I am pushing back against the idea that Prince Charming will come and save the damsel in distress. With the help of her community, she can save herself. It was really important for me to include a 'shedding.' This represents shedding all the bull we've been taught about beauty and love"

How Will I Know —

With her deliciously raspy voice, reminiscent of Cindi Lauper merged with Macy Gray, over a soulful hip-hop groove, Rocky analyzes the universal question: How will I know if this love is real? "Does he love me? / Does he care?" she sings.

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