Cody & Brandi Rhodes


In many ways, professional wrestling is like a soap opera.

If you remove the spandex and suplexes, you'll find stories of hatred, betrayal, and love. While some of these romances are manufactured purely for entertainment purposes, others are genuine relationships that formed over time, since these performers are on the road over 300 days a year.

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Lars Sullivan

Professional wrestling news sources recently confirmed the release of WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan.

Sullivan (real name Dylan Miley) has been a hotbed of controversy. His call up to the main roster in 2019 as the next big monster heel seemed to be dead on arrival due to his various scandals and injuries.

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WWE's Royal Rumble pay-per-view event is a cornerstone of professional wrestling.

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Photo by Senad Palic on Unsplash

Yesterday, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that its current heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19.

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These "WWE 2K20" Glitches Are Hilariously Bad

The newest AAA wrestling romp is an absolute disaster.

The new WWE 2K20 game isn't just bad. It's hilariously bad.

WWE 2K20 is so glitchy that it's borderline unplayable. Since the game's launch, people who made the mistake of pre-ordering have been getting far more enjoyment out of watching their favorite wrestlers' limbs tangled up in ropes than anything resembling and actual match.

The issues are so bad that Playstation is allegedly doling out refunds, and the official WWE 2K20 Twitter account is trying to control the damage.

These glitches are straight-up amazing.

Here's a referee kind of humping and then literally melding into a writhing Charlotte Flair:

Here's someone trying to customize Becky Lynch, and instead accidentally ripping her entire face off:

WWE 2K20 - Insane Becky Lynch

And here's a glitch compilation wherein wrestler decompose into flickering limb piles.

Seriously, though. Stop pre-ordering games.