Josh Stone, the promising protege of Public Enemy's Chuck D, debuted his new breakout single today titled "What They Talkin' Bout."

As a producer and CEO of his own Real Vibez Only record label, Stone may not yet be a household name, but has been immersed in the music industry for years. While originally from New York, he was set to be a hockey superstar before an injury sidelined him indefinitely from the game he loved. He turned to music as a way to cope with the stress, and ended up dedicating his life to perfecting his craft.

Over the last decade he's worked for a plethora of different labels, and has collaborated behind the scenes with some of Hip-Hop's biggest stars, from The Diplomats to Uncle Murder of G-Unit. Now, he wants the spotlight for himself, his hard hitting debut seeking to prove to the naysayers that Josh Stone is next up, and that Hip-Hop better brace themselves for his arrival. "'What They Talkin Bout' was created because I can't relate to anything being said and going on in the music industry today," said Stone. "These new artists are following trends and talking about nothing. There's a niche in the market that I'm here to fill."

Check out the single below:

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